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What To Consider When Looking For Flats To Rent You may be looking for flats to rent because you are moving out of your parents' home, are going to college or have been offered employment in a different city. Regardless of the reason why you may need a new flat, it is important to ensure that the property you get will meet your needs. If you intend to live in the apartment for a long time, you should research well to get a comfortable home. Below are some things that should guide you when you are looking for a flat: 1. Size of your family The size of your family should help you determine whether to go for a two or threebedroom house. If you are living alone, you may prefer a single-bedroom flat with a small kitchen. Such homes are usually cheap and are ideal for first-time professionals and college students. If you will be moving with your wife and kids, ensure that the flat will be large enough for all members of the family. Check that the kids will have enough room to play in the house. 2. Your place of work If you are looking for a flat to rent because of your employment, check the distance to your place of work. Consider the means of transport available in the neighbourhood where the flat is located. Ask yourself whether you can easily get to your place of work from the house. If you have school-going children, you should get a flat that is in a district with good schools. Consider the commuting options available in the area for all members of your family. 3. Security Security is also an important factor to consider when looking for a flat. Flats that are in neighbourhoods with low crime rates cost slightly higher than comparable flats that are in areas prone to crime.