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Paintless dent removal training By Brian Jump Giant. Huge, Massive. Ok, a bit cliche, but appropriate. I know that any decent Paintless Dent Removal tech could make nice scratch by servicing ONLY New car Dealers, For NEW CARS. I dont know why (see the term lazy) but PDR Techs overlook and dont walk/write the new cars at dealers. And new car dealers usually want these cars, uhm, new. So, they usually will approve these repairs, yet no one usually takes the time to walk them. Why? Because there usually isnt sufficient volume for a busy PDR Tech to take notice. But, lets for conversation sake, say you are NOT a busy PDR Tech with 6 days worth of business, and you could use some more business. Why not walk new cars? Go see the sales manager, and present the list (you should be able to easily find 1-3 cars at any decent suggest pricing the repairs accordingly..rather inexpensively if you are in fact hungry. Dont givethem a reason to say no..and if they have more than 4, do the next few for free. Common' car PDR is almost ALWAYS easy! The damage is usually very minimal, so the repairs wont take you but a few minutes and should be done in no time, and should net you a few hundred, and now you are off to your next new car dealer to rinse and repeat. Do a few of these a day, and you should be able to average $600-800 daily, and at that rate, you will make more than $10,000 a month! Crazy how people overlook the numbers, huh... Happy Pushing! Brian Jump

Paintless dent removal training

Paintless Dent Removal Training