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IMD Information Center Quick Guide for MBAs General Information Location The Information Center is located in Bellerive 32, on the ground floor, next to your auditorium. Over two floors, it provides study seats and a comfortable reading area. You will find newspapers, journals and reference books on the ground floor. The main part of the book collection is stocked in the basement. Most of the electronic resources are directly accessible from your portal. Public computers, scanners, printers and photocopying machines are also available. Opening Hours Monday - Friday:

8:30 – 18:00

NB: During official holidays, this schedule is subject to change.

Infodesk The Infodesk manages information requests from all IMD stakeholders such as faculty and MBAs. If you require an in-depth demonstration of all information tools or just an overview of our services and products, please contact the Infodesk. An information specialist will be available to guide you through the vast array of information resources which are at your disposal. Email: Phone: + 41 21 618 0366 (internal #4366)



Databases The Information Center currently provides access to more than 25 databases. They can be accessed remotely from your portal and on campus from the IMD website. These databases provide full-text articles, brokers reports, market reports, company profiles, country data and more.

A maximum of 30 documents can be borrowed at the same time.

Books All books are located on the shelves – open access – on the basement floor of the Information Center.

The loan period can be extended if the document has not been reserved.

All suggestions to expand our collection are warmly welcomed. Reference and Statistics Books Directories, bibliographies, encyclopedia, dictionaries and statistics are considered as reference books. Reference and statistics books are shelved on the ground floor. Journals and Newspapers The Information Center subscribes to a small selection of management journals and business newspapers for you to browse. However the vast majority of our collection is electronic.

Books: may be borrowed for 30 days. Reference Books: Reference books have a “red dot” on the spine and cannot be borrowed. Journals: The latest issue cannot be borrowed. Older issues may be borrowed for 15 days.

Interlibrary loans If you cannot find a book or an article, you have the possibility to place an order via the Interlibrary Loan form available on your portal. Books are usually received within 4-5 working days and articles within 1-2 working days.

Tools Catalogue The Catalogue provides detailed bibliographical references of the Information Center print collections and helps you to locate the documents. It can be accessed from anywhere on your portal and on the IMD website. Journals Finder The Journals Finder helps you locate the full-text journals available in our databases and includes the references of those journals that we have in hard copy. You can search for journals by title or browse an alphabetical list by title or subject. This tool is accessible on your portal and on the IMD website.

IMD Information Center What We Do For MBAs General We are here to guide you in your information searches throughout your time at IMD. If you need any help then please come to the Infodesk. We will be more than happy to show you where and how to look however we are not here to find information for you, that is an important part of your learning experience.

Program Portal An Information Center page is available on your portal where you can easily access most of the databases as well as useful guidelines to look for information. To access the Information Center page go to IMD Services. You will also find a quick link to IMD Databases. These pages, including access to all the databases, will be available to you throughout your time at IMD, whether you are on or off campus.

Start Up Project

Discovery Expedition

Your Start Up Project will start on the 19th January, and it will take you a couple of weeks to figure out your information needs.

We are asked to prepare background information on your destination country and information on the companies and industries that you will visit.

At the beginning of February we would like to meet with each start up group for 30 minutes to find out about your topics; show you the databases; and make some suggestions.

Job Hunting

We would then follow up every couple of weeks or so to make sure you aren’t having problems finding information. You are of course still welcome to contact the Infodesk at any time.

The Career Services department normally ask us to prepare background folders for the companies visiting IMD. We are also asked to provide files on your favourite industries giving you an overview of the trends, market share, major players, and more.

Industry Analysis

We will distribute a guide on how to use the databases to find information to help you prepare for your interviews. With this you will be able to get the latest news, company profiles, analyst reports and industry profiles.

The information you receive for the start up project should also serve you very well for your industry analysis.

We also have guides, such as Vault Guides, with information on writing CVs and interview techniques

ICP Project


We will help with your ICP Project in the same way as for the Start Up Project: we will offer to meet with you to get to know your topic and show you the most appropriate sources; we will then follow up every couple of weeks to help you resolve any problems finding information.

As part of IMD’s commitment to Life Long Learning we always try to provide a range of services to Alumni.

This will be the first time that we’ve closely followed your group work – any feedback will be very welcome!

This collaboration will continue across the first three phases of your ICP Projects and will show you how the Information Center's resources (books, journals, databases) will help you better understand your industry, your company and the challenges ahead.

Currently MBA Alumni have access to 5 databases for at least two years after graduation; they are also welcome to visit the Information Center to use our resources.

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