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“I can confidently recommend eluzzion CRM to any company looking for a thorough, dynamic software solution to support their sales force and improve their performance levels�


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oday the Pharma business finds itself asking a lot of questions about the future of the industry, the right direction to take, and the business models that will ensure flexibility and adaptability in a changing marketplace. Data3s is a company committed to helping Pharma professionals like you figure out the answers to those questions and implement solutions that support the direction your company decides to take.

That’s why our approach to every company is different, and different in every country. Even when serving national affiliates of a corporate group united by common standards, we take a case by case approach that helps customers leverage local drivers while communicating valuable information up the chain of command. Balancing local and corporate needs is one of our core strengths.

The past year has seen a lot of emphasis on the need to adopt new business models. The KAM model, in particular, has been at the forefront of the conversation. Many of our own customers have been testing their own theories of what Key Account Management really means, and how best to influence the complex healthcare networks in their different countries.

How do we do this? By making sure the technology we build is as flexible as possible to accommodate all possible scenarios; by being ready to develop new solutions quickly to satisfy our clients’ needs; by working with value-added partners in more regionally-distinct markets to make sure users can adopt our solutions without difficulty; and by putting as much control over the system and how it works in hands of our clients.

Their experiences, and their discoveries, have been far from identical. Each country is different, and every society, whether it’s cultural, national or organizational, has unique features that need to be taken into account. We’ve found that no approach can be 100% replicated from one company to another.

I invite you to take a look at our brochure and find out some of the great things we can bring to your company. Get in touch with us directly to talk about the solutions you need and how we can bring value to your organization. And most importantly, I invite you to talk to our customers. Their opinions matter to us most.

Our experience in emerging markets, especially in Central Eastern Europe and Turkey, have given us unique insights into the different demands and expectations of each market. We know the typical prescription habits, frequency of rep-doc interactions, the increasing importance of pharmacists, and the types of relationships that bring about the best physician access in these emerging economies.


Antonín Lukeš Chief Executive Officer, Data3s 03

Data Analytics

Territory Management Driver’s Log Segmentor

Expense Diary Warehouse Contracts

Transfer Orders

Sales data


eluzzion CRM? 04



eluzzion CRM is an all-in-one business solution for pharmaceutical sales and marketing units, with cross-functional support for decision-makers across the entire organization, from HR and Financials to Distribution and R&D. It packs powerful analytic and diagnostic tools inside an easy-to-use, feature-rich interface, and offers 100% data flexibility, bridging information barriers to become the

most fully integrated CRM/BI solution available for pharmaceutical companies. Based on Microsoft’s .NET 4.0 technology framework, eluzzion’s 20+ integrated modules are complemented by robust Analytic, Administration and Reporting tools that empower companies to independently manage and optimize their operations without additional vendor support.

Web Reports Homepage

Dashboards eLearning


HR Tools

Target Group

Admin Tools

Incredibly user-friendly interface with highly intuitive controls

Easily configurable & richly-detailed online reports

Each user can configure her own view of available information

Complete administration tools for flexible self-support

Provides robust analytics and complex data processing functions

Uniquely customized & parameterized for each customer

Highly flexible structure of data for sophisticated KPI analysis

License fees include a development pool & lots of support 05

The Benefits ® of eluzzion CRM There is an intense debate within the Pharma industry these days about which direction companies should take. Should they continue focusing Reps on detailing primary care doctors and specialists, or adopt a broader Key Account Management strategy? What a good KAM model looks like, as well as what it means, is a hot topic these days. The value of physician detailing and how best to go about it has been part of the conversation as long as Pharma companies have existed. Whichever way your company decides to go, eluzzion CRM will make sure you have the flexibility to deliver value to all of your key customer segments – be they individuals or accounts. From the beginning, we have focused our development on adapting to our customers priorities and needs.

At Data3s, we take a holistic approach to our clients’ business needs. We know that to support your sales teams, information must be communicable across the entire company. We also know that successful sales require the support of the whole organization. That’s why we’ve built interfaces for HR managers, financial managers, and all manner of back office roles, from accounting to distribution, right inside our CRM solution. So whether you are a Key Account Manager, Medical Representative, Area Sales Manager, National Sales Manager or any of the above, eluzzion CRM promises a solution that will work for you.


eluzzion CRM® supports

KEY ACCOUNT MANAGERS Think: What are the main responsibilities of your job? • • • • • • •

Identifying & understanding the motivations of different stakeholders & decision makers Developing realistic account plans that align with your company’s ambitious goals Coordinating the activities of multiple customer-facing roles Finding the right balance between selling and relationship building Finding the right way to bring more value to your accounts so you can get more value from them Reporting results and justifying your expenses to superiors Communicating your value, and your team’s value, to senior management

Being a KAM requires you to be a superior business strategist. First, you need complete awareness of every interaction that takes place between your colleagues and your accounts. Second, you need to make strategic decisions based on that information, with a set of achievable goals you can hold yourself, and your team, accountable to. Before the KAM model even went mainstream, eluzzion CRM supported the needs of account managers by giving them detailed insight into how relationships were evolving, who was meeting whom and with what results, and how to identify the contacts with the highest potential.

eluzzion CRM allows you to structure campaigns in a way that both supports a unified goal structure while respecting the ground realities of different regions, and coordinates all Sales Force activities around a unified account structure. In today’s highly pressurized atmosphere where doctors have too little time and you have too many competitors, eluzzion CRM helps you create better strategies to get the most from your relationships. 07

eluzzion CRM® supports

MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVES Think: What are the main responsibilities of your job? • • • • • • •

Spending all day in the field, trying to get a precious few minutes with your customers Trying to convince doctors and pharmacists that your product really is the best Reporting, reporting, reporting: activities, calls, expenses – even holidays! Knowing everything about all the products in your portfolio Keeping on budget and trying to meet your targets Identifying new opportunities and planning for them Justifying your existence to senior management – all while trying to catch a bonus (and a break!)

It’s not easy being the interface for your company’s business. Your job requires you to be fast, focused and flexible. You need a system that’s going to make your job easier and not bog you down in administrative work. That’s why we designed eluzzion CRM to help you sell better, work smarter, and streamline your workflow. First of all, eluzzion CRM is incredibly easy to use. It will not only help you plan and carry out your activities better, but it will save you considerable time and effort in the process. eluzzion CRM is designed to intuitively guide you through your work. You almost don’t have to think when you’re using it.


Searching for contacts and information is very easy, and you’ll never have to copy and paste. With drag & drop functionality, you can drag your searched contacts directly onto the calendar to plan visits with a single swipe of your mouse. It also makes it very easy to report visits with doctors and other key customers. Want to know your progress? eluzzion’s Home Page Dashboards and Web Reports tell you everything you need to know about how well you’re doing. In fact, all the information you need is presented in an easily exportable and customizable format, with lots of great graphics and visualizations so you’re always able to make sense of your data.

eluzzion CRM® supports

AREA SALES MANAGERS Think: What are the main responsibilities of your job? • • • • • • • •

Supervising, motivating and monitoring your team’s performance Coaching, mentoring and preparing your Reps for success Knowing everything about all the products in your portfolio Setting budgets and targets, implementing company goals Identifying new opportunities, threats, and planning for them Designing workable incentive schemes to keep Reps motivated Reporting great results and justifying expenses to superiors Communicating your value, and your team’s value, to senior management

The best thing about eluzzion CRM for Area Sales Managers is how much easier it makes your job. eluzzion CRM simplifies the complicated demands of sales management into an easily run process, giving you more time in the field with your Reps and their key customers. With a few clicks, you can dive deep into your Reps’ sales plans and results, measure their performance against company KPI’s and other critical benchmarks, calculate bonuses for high performers and help those who aren’t achieving better results, and make solid decisions based on information that is clearly

presented, detailed and always available. eluzzion CRM’s Financial modules allow your Reps to report every possible type of expense, unifying a myriad of cost centers for more detailed scoring and better reporting. Expense Diary covers all categories in one place, with extended cost centers in other modules for samples, transfer orders, carrelated expenses, and contracts. With eluzzion CRM, managing complex territories and multiple reps has never been easier or more effective. 09

Sales Force Effectiveness RELATIONSHIPS MATTER Our SFE methodologies are based on more than a decade of experience in direct pharmaceutical sales and Sales Force management, including the selection, implementation and optimization of various technologies designed to support both sales reps and sales processes.

Our experience also comes from our deep engagement with our customers, reviewing their sales processes and helping them implement strong, stable and sustainable strategies for sales force excellence, from performance metrics to the technology that supports them best.

How did we develop our Pharma SFE approach? Our methods are based on our own experiences setting up and implementing CRM solutions to support various pharmaceutical sales strategies and philosophies. We are able to show customers how to more effectively • • • • • • •


leverage the human resources they have to boost sales, improve market share, and deepen market penetration by devising and implementing effective organizational performance strategies:

identifying key sales drivers and building strategies around them measuring & improving customer engagement measuring & improving employee loyalty / retention identifying & distributing successful sales strategies from top performers across the force establishing clear key performance indicators (KPIs) for every sales role, measuring and improving communication practices (vertical and horizontal) improving remote training / education methods for new field reps

eluzzion CRM® supports


“We are absolutely satisfied. The system is very clear and user-friendly, comfortable for representatives and area sales managers - and very comfortable for administrators as well.” Ladislav Pavlík PR Manager, Apotex Czech Republic

Think: What are the main responsibilities of your job? • • • • • •

Supervising, motivating and monitoring the performance of the national field force Outfitting Reps and Managers with the tools they need to do their best Making sure campaigns are set properly with all the right KPIs in place Setting budgets and targets, implementing company goals Identifying new opportunities, threats, and planning for them Designing workable incentive schemes to keep the field force motivated and performing their best

With serious responsibility for the entire performance of your country unit, you need a system that you can count on to organize your sales force for ground-breaking campaigns. eluzzion CRM will do just that, and back you up with highly detailed reports with the analysis and intelligence you need to benchmarks results and push for superior performance.

From brand and product sales strategies to customer segmentation, targetting and contact frequency; from the size and make-up of your sales force to the impact of KPIs and motivation schemes, eluzzion CRM gives you actionable analytic information so you can make clear, informed decisions about what you’re doing right, and how you can do it better. 11

„ Financial Functions Introducing the first pharma CRM solution to include powerful financial tools as part of the basic solution eluzzion’s financial modules feature a comprehensive array of finance tools for reporting, tracking and managing all sales force-related expenses, transforming eluzzion

from a simple ETMS to a true SFE solution by giving companies critical insight into the real value of their Sales & Marketing spends.

Driver’s Log: An essential tool with all the metrics com-

Transfer Orders: A module that enables and facilitates

panies need to manage their cars and drivers.

the supply of company products to pharmacies in order to complete the supply function of distributors.

Contracts: Predefined templates allow you to select, fill-

Expense Diary: A comprehensive solution for reporting

in, manage, export and print all necessary contracts with customers and partners.

I can say with confidence that eluzzion CRM is the ideal tool for our sales force. Representatives appreciate eluzzion’s attractive and easy to use interface, while management appreciate the customized reports that present information in a way they can read.

Petr Kozel Commercial Director, Zentiva (part of the Sanofi-aventis Group)

and real-time tracking of all Sales Force activity-related expenses.

Warehouse: A tool for tracking all promotional materi-

als (samples, gifts, etc.) connected to each user’s stock for improved analysis of product sales profitability.

Key Benefits ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓


Reports expenses across multiple cost centers Combines cost centers for complex analysis Allows users to process expenses within each screen Enables broad-based customer value assessment Measures the value of each interaction Analyses the impact of promotional activities Allows financial managers to approve spending Simplifies recording, reporting and tracking of expenses

We believe we have received the best ‘value for money’ ratio among available CRM systems … Based on our extremely positive experience with Data3s, we can confidently recommend eluzzion as an ideal system for manager both Sales Forces and territories.

Jiří Havránek Country Manager, Glenmark Czech Republic & Slovakia

Analytic Features Introducing the first fully-integrated CRM/BI solution designed specifically for pharmaceutical companies

eluzzion CRM’s analytic functions inform your sales strategies by giving you actionable information based on a truly complex view of your sales pipeline and customer interactions. With eluzzion’s analytic modules, companies don’t need 3rd-party BI tools to perform complex analy-

ses of sales force performance. eluzzion CRM provides all the tools companies need to make critical decisions about sales strategy, customer segmentation and visit frequency, as well as the larger issues of SF size, structure and optimal KPIs for sales force motivation.

Homepage Dashboards: Dynamic home page

Sales Data: A tool for searching, structuring and pre-

reports that help reps visualize their current status and outstanding goals in order to quickly gauge their results, current progress, and distance to target.

senting sales data with dynamic drill-down possibilities and presentation-ready graphics.

Online Dashboards: Online analytic reports that al- OLAP Cubes: Online Analytic Processing for robust low users to visualize results and perform multi-criterial comparison and detailed analyses of key information.

data mining and in-depth analysis of sales, territories and expenses.

Web Reports: Fully configurable online reports with a

practically unlimited scope of reported detail which can be saved and exported in any file or format

Key Benefits ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Performance focused, P&L oriented Promotes a data-driven approach based on real BI No need to pay for costly 3rd-party reporting tools Centralized information for multi-dimensional analysis Automatically and accurately segments customers Assesses the impact of every visit Evaluates the total performance of every user Creates detailed profiles for every customer 13

„ Campaign Support Introducing a better way to communicate your value

eluzzion’s campaign modules are designed to structure each rep’s sales activities around a coordinated effort to promote the right products to the right customers with the right frequency at the right time for maximum campaign

effectiveness. The seamless interaction of modules allows for a smooth interchange of information, from profiles to planner to call reports and beyond.

Home Page: A highly customizable personalized entry

Call Report: A complex set of customer data which is

Planner: An essential tool for effective activity planning

Target Group: Allows users to set-up various target

gate to the entire system, complete with performance dashboards and a summary of information critical for users. equipped with a warning system for timely reporting.

eluzzion is very flexible and adaptable to our changes, and helps our sales force maintain a strong focus on their objectives and track their progress during campaigns. Furthermore, eluzzion’s Home Page Dashboards provide a quick and easy way for our reps to keep sight of their goals and performance. Zuzana Matoušková (Pechánková) CEO, STADA Pharma CZ

integrated directly into both the customer’s and the user’s profiles for interaction tracking and analysis.

groups, prioritize them, assign automatic alerts and schedule activities.

Person & Institution Search: A multi-criteria, full-

text search module with analytical functionalities and direct access to the Planner.

Person & Institution Cards: A “business card” presenting all relevant information about persons and institutions.

Key Benefits ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓


Helps reps sell better, improves the quality of their visits Intuitive interfaces guide workflow, lower workload Keeps users focused on key performance indicators Provides details of every customer interaction Improves visit strategies and plan fulfillment Supports coaching and double visit planning Timely warnings keep users focused on targets & plans Maintains the detailing order of brands & messages

For me the system itself, as well as fancy power point slides, can never give a comparable impression to what you feel in a discussion when professionals from our generic business are sitting across from us. And this is the most important lesson for me from our meetings with Data3s. Stefan Langthaler, Director Sales Force Effectiveness Europe, Actavis

HR Management Introducing the first the only CRM solution with true HR support built right in

eluzzion’s HR Management Tools give companies critical insight into each Rep’s value based on performance, profitability and professional growth. They do this by capturing and maintaining a comprehensive set of performance data

about each user and by providing a complex view of each user’s value to the company, as measured against Key Performance Indicators and other company criteria.

Organization Structure + User’s Card: A simple

yet sophisticated tool for searching the identities of colleagues, their territories, clients and more. A user’s card shows the entire interaction history of a given user.

HR Tools: A new CRM tool for HR managers featuring

advanced capabilities for recording, tracking and evaluating human resources - as well as the company assets associated with them. HR Tools provides a complete picture of each user’s professional growth, factoring both hard and soft KPIs - from test scores to sales skills to personal behavior and attitudes - for focused improvement.

eLearning: An online platform for advancing the profes-

sional growth of system users with advanced functions for studying, testing, and reporting.

Key Benefits ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Supports team management and team selling Users can see each other’s interaction details User data are cross-referenced with customer data Improves the quality of coaching and user evaluation eLearning tools enable remote training & testing Integrates test scores and coaching evaluations Gives HR managers a complex overview of each user Establishes a platform for employee growth programs 15

„ Administration Tools Introducing the first pharma CRM solution to give you 100% control over your SFE support tools

Because eluzzion CRM integrates smoothly with all of our back office and external systems, a broader amount of information can be accessed and compared. Furthermore, the system allows us to create and export monthly billing records, which our previous system didn’t.

Josef Roušal, National Sales Manager,Gedeon Richter Czech Republic

AdminTool: A flexible, smart-client platform for independent administration of the entire system. AdminTool lets companies to take a proactive approach towards managing both sales forces and their campaigns: • • • • • • • • •

Define each user’s part of the database & the specific data they need to see Create and allocate new users and organization units Create & amend reports Create & change campaign templates. Keep individuals and teams (organizational/geographical) updated Update both organization & cost-centre structures Manage changes without waiting for vendor support Easy-to-use tool for CRM managers or company IT support Requires zero developer intervention - no coding necessary!

eluzzion Web: An online solution for HO staff (accountants, assistants,

administrators) as well as field force and business unit managers, providing direct access to structured information in the database. eluzzion Web is a simple solution for quickly processing update requests, contracts, expenses, call reports, and whole host of other information from the system.

Key Benefits ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓


100% customer independence - no additional vendor support needed, no hidden costs Total flexibility with unlimited possibilities for configuration Implement necessary changes according to your real time needs React quickly, maintain a proactive approach of your commercial strategy - adapt with the market, not after it!

Pricing Required Functions Because eluzzion CRM can be scaled according to the specific business requirements of your company, it is up to tell us what functions you need from your CRM. Our complete package is optimally priced to provide the best value for money of any available CRM solution. However, the elimination of nonessential components can help bring our great prices even lower.

Number of Users The monthly fee for eluzzion CRM is based on the number of users, regardless of their role. That means you pay the same user license price for administrators as well as end-users.

Contract Period Our goals are to establish close, long-term partnerships with our customers. Because contract periods can vary widely, we offer special discounts and additional services for companies interested in longer contract periods.

Scope of Services In addition to the eluzzion CRM system, we offer package solutions that include a range of managed services, from HW support to remote desktop management. Depending on which services you would like to have included as part of your CRM solution, we will craft an offer that meets your budget.

CRM Managed Services • • • • • • • • •

Desktop Management Disaster Recovery (data back up) Network & Systems Management Security Audit Server Solutions CRM system HW configuration (disk image, notebooks, WAN/LAN connectivity, etc.) CRM system Help Desk Full HW support New version releases every 3-4 months! 17

One word you will never hear from us: Impossible Data3s is one of the fastest growing providers of CRM and BI solutions for the life sciences industry. Our key product is eluzzion CRM, an innovative front-to-back-office platform for pharmaceutical companies that packs powerful analytics inside one of the most user-friendly interfaces in Pharma. eluzzion CRM is a rapidly-implemented solution that covers all key areas of sales, marketing and customer support while providing critical support for back office areas such as financials, logistics/distribution and HR. With intuitive controls and easy access to a multi-system information, eluzzi-

on CRM makes your view of customers sharper and more detailed, your data easier to integrate and manage, and your campaigns more effective than ever before. Our pharma support services include pharmaceutical Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) planning and implementation, KPI scoring, business analytics, reporting services, clinical studies, as well as a full range of pharmaceutical back office solutions, from budgeting to document and data management. Our customers include leading life sciences companies who depend on Data3s to support their SFE goals with flexible and adaptive technologies that keep them ahead of the curve

Our mission is to always provide you with the highest-quality IT products and services available so that you can focus on the one thing that matters most: your customers. Our goals are simple: ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓


Giving solid advice based on first-hand knowledge of your business and its real-word experiences Providing the products and services companies need not just to reach, but to exceed their business objectives Enhancing your ability to earn and keep loyal customers through the successful adoption of mission-critical software Offering the best – by which we mean the fastest, most flexible and highest quality SW services and HW support on the market Helping our clients become the providers of choice for their customers

We make the impossible possible. 19

Data3s is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, with a global network of dedicated partners able to support customers across the world. To speak with a sales representative or to enquire about our products and services please write to us at or call +420 241 771 214

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