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THE WORLD'S MOST ADVANCED INDUSTRY SPECIFIC, PROVEN PHARMACEUTICAL CRM SUITE Superior Data integration, 22 integrated modules, easy to use, flexible, best in class value proposition.

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An INSIGHT driven organization As a leading Life Sciences company, you have access to large volumes of data which contain massive amounts of critical information about your customers, your competition and your own workforce. Working in coordination with different departments, your goal is to succeed in the face a rapidly changing market, increasing regulation and demanding organizational goals. It’s easy to forget that all of this data can be leveraged to become a powerful tool to support you. Welcome to a wonderful new integrated environment. The eluzzion CRM suite seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, collects data from multiple channels, optimizes your Sales Force's work activities, enables critical communication between different departments, and helps you benchmark, track and measure a virtually unlimited number of key performance metrics. eluzzion CRM eliminates inefficiency and promotes effectiveness. Say goodbye to unmanaged campaigns because eluzzion CRM can help you easily and flexibly design and run campaigns to increase Physician loyalty, control budgets, optimize sales activities and focus on key organizational sales goals.

SUPERIOR Business Intelligence Experience a revolutionary new user experience that expands traditional business intelligence (BI) with planning, scenario modeling, real-time monitoring and predictive analytics. Using a limitless BI workspace that supports how people actually think and work—in the office, on the go and even at home—you can search, assemble interact with all the perspectives of your business. Built on a proven technology platform, eluzzion CRM is designed to upgrade seamlessly and to scale cost-effectively for the broadest of deployments.

With the eluzzion CRM suite you can: See results and understand what drives the numbers for a more targeted approach Access detailed, customized reports drawing data from many different sources Identify and analyze opportunities and trends Experience insight with quick and easy access to analytics anywhere you go

Deliver trusted information for a single version of the truth

Enhanced Reporting for SMARTER Business We understand that for senior executives timely access to real time data and the ability to view key reports is critical. With eluzzion CRM, your company's synchronized data is available for you, on the move, in a secure robust environment. Carry your business's pulse in your pocket and in your briefcases. Supporting multiple platforms and working across different interfaces, eluzzion CRM is available as a thick client, thin client, smartphone and tablet solution.

The latest graphical interface, built for client specific devices, allows you to allocate different dashboards and analytics for different users and choose from a variety of tables, charts, colors and templates.

Workflow driven DESIGN Our dedicated focus on the Life Sciences industry ensures that the eluzzion CRM suite's design is built around your workflow. Our 22 integrated modules seamlessly follow your campaign planning, territory management, search, planning, scheduling, detailing, expense management, travel, warehouse, accounting and other key functions, enabling collaboration and ensuring visibility across your sales organization.

With end user approval ratings of more than 98%, clients across the world such as Glenmark, Actavis, Merck, Novartis, Stada, Apotex, and Gedeon Richter among others, trust eluzzion CRM to make sure their sales organizations are fast, focused and flexible.

SEAMLESS Integration Experience the synergy of a system built right into your existing infrastructure. eluzzion CRM can be integrated with all of your internal and external systems, from ERP systems to sales and distribution software platforms, as well as regulatory mechanisms and customer databases.

We believe that seamless integration promotes better collaboration – not just within the sales organization, but company wide.

COMMUNICATION matters Our modular system enables sales teams to communicate effectively with all relevant back office functions such as Human Resources, Accounting, Distribution, Procurement, and other critical parts of your company.

We understand that information should be readily accessible across business units, teams, geographical limits, in order to compete effectively in today's world.

With the eluzzion CRM suite, you can set user privileges for different users, direct and control the flow of information across your organization for direct, realtime collaboration based on a real transparency of information.

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