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PREMIUM HARDWOOD FLOOR STAIN & SEALANT Harsh chemicals make your deck look nice but are disastrous to the environment, so Top Seal offers high quality products while remaining kind to nature. The natural color palette and array of products makes it the perfect tool for any home improvement job.

HERBALLY ENHANCED DOG FOOD BY PURINA This health conscious dog food line gives your dog the nutrition he needs with the quality he deserves. Illustrations signify each herb along with a clean typographic description of its natural benefit.

ORGANIC FARM-SOURCED BLOODY BEER KIT Unlike vegetable juices from concentrate, Shandy Farms gives you rich tomatoes with fresh, hand picked herbs & spices from the garden for flavor. Paired with a farm brewed pale ale and giftable travel box, it is perfect to bring along to any occasion of two.

SUSHI GRADE FLA SH-FROZEN SA SHIMI Deep sea fishing is no easy task, and neither is keeping the catch fresh, but The Fisherman’s Quarrel excels in its preservation methods to bring you the highest quality solid fillets you’ll find on this side of the aisle.

SHAMPOO FOR THE MAN WHO DOESN’T WANT CLEAN HAIR Soft, fluffy hair isn’t for every guy, so Grit leaves you with a rough texture you don’t have to fuss with. Leave those flowery scents for the hair salon, these earthy scents will leave you fresh & natural.

MOBILE FINE DINING ON THE HIGHLINE The Highline Trainyard is a food truck located under New York’s Highline Park, offering artisanal burger and fry varieties with boxed wine from local wineries. These angular structures mimic the geometric landscape of the park, becoming part of its design while remaining mobile & handy.

BLEMISH CONCEALER FOR THE PREPPY LIFESTYLE A high style life demands high style cosmetics, and Prepdom offers as much quality to its design as it does to its product. Made for different looks and occasions, anyone may find themselves choosing Prepdom.

VODKA DISTILLED WITH GLACIER-FILTERED WATER Bain vodka is triple distilled using water that has been naturally filtered through the glaciers of the famous Évian-les-Bains. The vodka appears to float in a beautiful shard of ice suspended in the air, making the structure as covetable as the alcohol itself.

SODA BOTTLE TOY ROCKET This bottle’s cap is threaded on both sides so the empty structure can be transformed into a toy rocket, teaching kids to repurpose rather than discard, in a way that is appealing & exciting for them.


Will Haude's 2012 Portfolio.

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