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Interior And Architectural Design William Harris - LE

Summer work

Elevation drawings (research)

Elevation drawings

Trees and people

Elevation drawings (trees and people)

Quad drawings

One point and two point perspective (research)

One point and two point perspective

Paper Models

Models from drawings

Card models

Folding models

Folding models (research)

Location: Ringwood, Hampshire

Location: Rye, Victoria, Australia

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Type of project: Private residential

Type of project: Klein Bottle House

Type of location: Origami House

Architect: AR Design Studio

Architect: McBridge Charles Ryan

Architect: OAB Carlos Ferrater

Tensile models

Tensile models (with people)

Tensile models (research)

Location: London, England

Location: Georgia, Atlanta, US

Location: Medina, Saudi Arabia

Type of project: leisure and entertainment

Type of project: Sports ground

Type of project: Mosque

Architect: Populous

Architect: Scott W. Braley

Architect: Mahmoud Bodo Rasch

Sketch up

Sketch up


will harris  
will harris