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June 2016 Newsletter

What’s New In The Design World For Summer 2016!

The Interior Decorating Trend That Will Be Your Newest Obsession….

No longer just a utilitarian space, today's bathrooms can be a place of luxury and convenience!

What you need to know before choosing your new kitchen appliances.

Wow what a great year and upcoming summer we are having. With the housing market currently so high we are seeing more clients, opting to renovate their homes then move. This is great news for home owners but creating higher demands on the suppliers and trades. So if a new fresh look to your home is on your bucket list for this year …. Start early! * email: * address: Unit 5B –3160 Westwood St. Port Coquitlam BC * cell: (604) 374-2336

Newsletter template june 2016  
Newsletter template june 2016