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February 2016 Newsletter

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Join us at the 2016 Tri-City Spring Home Expo Porier Sport Complex 633 Poirier St., Coquitlam BC April 1st, 2nd & 3rd

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Colourful Kitchens Accessorizing with Colour Working with Colourful Prints Local Home Show Details

Fun furniture looks you can do yourself! Let’s give an old furniture piece a new look with fun fabrics. It’s a great way to freshen up your space and by simply adding coordinated fabric pillows and draperies your space will truly have a custom look and feel.

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Is White Right For You! The last time you saw an all-white room did you feel comfortable or did you feel timid and afraid to relax? White is one of those colors that many homeowners shy away from, as they are nervous about making an all-white room feel comfortable and welcoming. White can be the most refreshing color of the spectrum. It can evoke purity, cleanliness, but also confidence and sophistication. Before you decide that your home could never “do white” consider my points below. You may be surprised how easily comfortable white can be in your interiors. Are you worried that all white is hard to clean? Think about the rooms in a home you see most often all white, if you’re like me, Kitchen and bathroom come quickly to mind. I would say those are the two rooms in a house most likely to get dirty, but yet we accept all white in these rooms with little concern, right? Why because white surfaces in those areas are cleanable products, floors in tile, countertops etc. Why not bring the same philosophy to other rooms in the home, another words, it’s not about the colour of the products you choose for other rooms but the product itself.. You may be thinking that white upholstery and carpet is harder to keep clean or it shows dirt quickly. While this may be true, consider what product would suit the room you wish to use it in. In living and family rooms with busy traffic – consider using , tile or hard surface flooring and consider fabrics such as faux leather and faux suede’s for easy clean ability, washable white slipcovers are ideal for homes with pets and active kids. Don’t shy away from white because of the color – instead use products suitable for your home, family and lifestyle. Instead of getting intimidated by white, look at white as a fresh start to do whatever you want and go wherever your creativity will take you! White rooms are a great way to find out what inspires your room. Do you have a killer view of the ocean, trees, mountains or city? White is a beautiful canvas to use as a backdrop for your gorgeous vistas or maybe gorgeous art?. Instead of engulfing your whole room in a color, try white and see what speaks to you. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of shades of white and all of them do not look like versions of beige! Every color in the spectrum has a white version. From pinks and yellows to greens and purples, there are underlying faint hints of color in a variety of whites. Choose the undertone best suited to furniture and decor your home has already. Look to kitchen cabinets, flooring, countertops and tile in your bathroom for color cues on how to choose the best underlying colored white. There are several ‘perfect whites’ for every home. Use tone on tone white in varying shades, patterns and textures to create interest and depth. -email: - address: Unit 1 -2250 Tyner Ave., Port Coquitlam BC - cell: (604) 374-2336


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A twist on a old technique. Adding beautiful fabrics directly to furniture is an old technique that has evolved with the trends over the years. Designers have been using this trick in show homes for ever, as a way to bring a focal point or interest piece to a space. When creating a furniture makeover by applying fabric you open up many possibilities to add coordinating texture and colour to a room with accent pillows and drapery trims that match your new furniture piece. Nursery furniture is a natural match for this technique. Change tables and dresser draws covered in matching crib bedding fabric, add whimsy and fun to the space and can easily be changed up as your little one grows.

So what’s new! Recently on my trip to High Point Market I saw some beautiful fabric furniture pieces with over sized patterns and graphic prints that blew me away. My immediate thought was taking an simple Ikea cabinet and wowing it up with fabulous oversized floral prints. I also love the idea of oversized graphic prints. Depending on the graphic design you choose you can instantly achieve a industrial look and feel, or pick a fun design and create a whimsical and colourful look. Elegant and sophisticated spaces are always in trend and by simply adding textured tone on tone fabric to your furniture you can turn a plain white cabinet into to a elegant addition to your home. I think this is a great look for a living or dinning room cabinet but also see this turning your laundry room into an amazing space.

Give this technique a try! Prep the furniture piece as you normally would for painting (sand, clean, etc), paint and topcoat (wax) the frame and anywhere else that you are not going to cover with the fabric. To apply the fabric to the drawer fronts, you'll first need to measure and cut the fabric for each drawer. It helps to add a good 1/4'' to 1/2'' excess around drawers, which are later trimmed. With a small foam brush, apply a nice even coat of Mod Podge to the drawer fronts, attach the fabric panels and smooth them down all the way to the corners.

The trickiest part of the process is to get clean, smooth fabric edges on the drawers. Mod Podge dries very quickly and after the fabric is initially adhered to the drawer, flip the drawer over onto a cutting mat and trim the excess fabric with a razor blade. It helps to use the sharpest blade possible... After trimming and cleaning up the edges of the fabric, apply the Mod Podge on top of the fabric and around all the edges. It's important to apply liberally around the edges to keep the fabric from lifting and any fraying from happening. Remember that Mod Podge looks white when it is applied, but dries clear. After the first coat dries, repeat. At this point, the edges are going to feel a bit rough and the drawer fronts far from smooth. Simply take the fine-grit sandpaper or sanding block and smooth out all the edges and drawer works wonders! The matte Mod Podge leaves a nice, smooth finish that is easy to clean. Apply the fabric to the drawer fronts before painting the sides and top edges of the drawers, but the order isn't important. To add the drawer hardware after the fabric covered up the pre-drilled holes, simply poked a pencil through the hole from the inside of the drawer to mark where you need to cut the fabric with the razor blade. You don't need a to cut much... Just enough for the screw on the back of the knob to fit through. Good luck and have fun! -email: - address: Unit 5B –3160 Westwood St., Port Coquitlam BC - cell: (604) 374-2336

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Newsletter template february 2016