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Industrial chic lighting Add metallic to your décor How to make fun Christmas crackers

Dreaming of a White Christmas!

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Metallic's are so on trend for home décor this year. Gold or copper in a room instantly adds a touch of class. Whether you go all out or just add a touch you can’t go wrong when it comes to bringing bling to your rooms. READ MORE

Ideas to brighten industrial chic spaces. Rich textures, reclaimed wood, repurposed metals, aged iron, brick, stone and vintage fixtures are a few elements that are used to form the edgy urban “Industrial Chic” design trend.

Add metallic to your Christmas invitations and cards.

Creating your own Christmas cards and invitations for an event is always a treat and so much more personal. This year add some vintage chic to your designs by using high quality 100% cotton paper (Crane’s lettra) and pair with this years trendy grays … and be sure to add a metallic envelope. Check out for more creative ideas.

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IDEAS TO BRIGHTEN INDUSTRIAL CHIC SPACES Hudson Valley Lighting fixtures elevate any space with nostalgic, period-inspired lighting featuring details such as early—electric socket holders. “Edison style” carbon filament bulbs, hug alone or paired with wire guards and metal shades, are reminiscent of factory lighting from the 1930’s.

Exposed mechanical details in your modern home If you are a fan of the industrial rebirth in furniture, fixtures, and lighting you probably already have your eye on a few one-of-a-kind pieces that you must have in your interiors. From pulley inspired lighting, to scissor accordion lighting sconces, the mechanics behind these pieces are not left to the imagination. Instead, the mechanical workings of these pieces are left exposed and are the appeal of industrial details.

A collection of industrial lighting fixtures looks great over a dinning room table. It helps add interest and texture to a vintage, traditional or contemporary space. The keys is to mix and match!

For more ways to add the industrial look check out: -email: - address: Unit 1 -2250 Tyner Ave., Port Coquitlam BC - cell: (604) 374-2336

Let’s make Christmas Crackers!

History of the whimsical Christmas Cracker Christmas crackers are a traditional Christmas favorite in the UK. They were first made in about 1845-1850 by Tom Smith a London sweet maker who had seen French 'bon bon's wrapped in pretty paper in France. However, one night, while he was sitting in front of his log fire, he became very interested by the sparks and cracks coming from the fire. Suddenly, he thought what a fun idea it would be, if his sweets and toys could be opened with a crack when their fancy wrappers were pulled in half. His expanding cracker business was taken over by his three sons, Tom, Walter and Henry who introduced the hats into crackers and he also travelled around the world looking for new ideas for gifts to put in the crackers. The British Royal Family still has special crackers made for them today! Very expensive crackers were made such as the 'Millionaire's Crackers' which contained a solid silver box with a piece of gold and silver jewelry inside it!.The Christmas Crackers that are used today are short cardboard tubes wrapped in colorful paper. There is normally a Cracker next to each plate on the Christmas dinner table. When the crackers are pulled - with a bang! - a colorful party hat, a toy or gift and a festive joke falls out! The party hats look like crowns and it is thought that they symbolize the crowns that might have been worn by the Wise Men.

Make your own Christmas Cracker Materials: Paper crowns, cracker snaps, cardboard tubes, wrapping paper and ribbon. Step 1: Take your wrapping paper, a snap, and the cardboard tube. Add glue to the end of the paper and then roll up tightly and seal. Step 2: Remove one side of the cardboard shaper and tie off the end with ribbon. Leave the shaper in while you tie to help the end keep its shape. (Some people add the cardstock to help keep the shape but I prefer it not looking so “stiff.” ) Step 3: Fill with prizes and toys and candies, don’t forget the paper crowns. Step 4: After the tube is filled with prizes unattach the shaper, but keep it in while the last side is tied off. Step 5: Once the cracker is made be sure and glue the brown snaps securely into each side of the cracker. Step 6: Serve on dinner plates, guests must grasp each side and pull to tear open. Wear the paper crowns while eating! -email: - address: Unit 1 -2250 Tyner Ave., Port Coquitlam BC - cell: (604) 374-2336

All that glitters‌ Is not gold...that is certainly true for this holiday season and moving forward into 2015. Shimmer and shine will be popping up on everything for your home both inside and out. From pretty drum tables that move effortlessly from garden patio to living room, divine wall papers with silver and gold pizzazz to a copper free-standing tub that just calls out for bubbles and a good book; Metallic's will shine at center stage. No matter what your metal colour preference may be, you are sure to find the perfect piece to brighten your day and your space.

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May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wishing you lots of love, joy and happiness. Merry Christmas! Ronnie & Louise -email: - address: Unit 1 -2250 Tyner Ave., Port Coquitlam BC - cell: (604) 374-2336

Newsletter December 2015  
Newsletter December 2015