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•Inhale v.s Exhale Learning •Using Not Having Produces

Do What He Does With New Circumstances

How To Set Up Profiles

• Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn

How To Promote

Build Client Base Online & Offline

• Basic • Advanced

• Basic • Advanced

Social Media Ideas Your Competitors Want You To Believe • • • • • • • •

Social Media is a fad Social Media is for kids You have an option Just set it up that’s all Its Too Hard Too Time consuming Too Expensive Your clients won’t notice

Study of habits Now the fun begins

Blue Links

• Determine niche • Google Keyword Search – Free • Groups in your niche

• Current • Only in professional situations • $19.99 Facebook Special


Real Names

~ Social Media Home Base ~Like Spec Home Designed Attract ~Most Recent & News Feed ~More time spent on than Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Microsoft,

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People have profiles Business have pages Ladies use maiden Men can use nick name

Facebook Training | Management

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Best Practices

Let’s Look At Your Fan Page!

•Learn the difference New Feed or Top News & Most Recent •Good rule is 80/20 •Edu-selling •Have at least 2 other managers •Use Video (under 2 minutes) •Use Text To Like

Prices are based on camera ready acceptable quality photo, art and logos. We can provide any needed services for a complete turn-key job.

Surviving And Thriving

365 Facts In Black Economic History

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Surviving and Thriving: 365 Facts in Black Economic History By Julianne Malveaux Ph.D. Foreword by Cathy Hughes Enter Information & Receive Updates, Podcast & Economic Facts.

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Link Tweeter Main Site

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Include Alternate Contact

Cocktail Party

Professional Picture

• Phone # • Email

• High Quality • Current

Get filled out 100% ASAP!

• Makes you standout • Use niche keywords • No less than 3 recommendations

Create At Least 3 Groups

Business Lunch Other ex. Trulia, Active Rain

Vanity URL

• 2 Around Profession • 1 Personal

• Use everywhere increases Google rank for your name • Create public profile full view

Clients Like 

• QR Codes • Take clients from online to offline & visa versa

Facebook Contest & Generating Leads

Tweet Your Horn!

• WildFire • $5/Campaign • Neighborhood Group Become Go Person

• Send Home Owner Tips • Send Professional activities, niche advice, open houses

Enter Directories

• • •

Bring People Together

Create & Post Client Photo Albums

• MeetUps • TweetUps • Public Speaking

• Tag them • Add contactme tab • Use Questions App • Birthday wishes

Bonus Tips & Tools - Community Social Site – Community Social Site LinkedIn Answers – Ask & Advise Yahoo Answers – Ask & Advise Google Analytics – Measure and monitor – Add survey & contact forms Animoto – Creates Videos – Post once to many sites .Coms List here: Zillow, Zipvo, Backpage, HomeAgain, SawItOnline,

•Don’t Waste Time •Seek Outside Advice •(15” neck) •Using It Social Media, Not Having Social Media Produces

Oliver Holms

(3 hours est $150)

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Ten Reasons Why Real Estate Professionals Need Social Media: Brand Exposure (Facebook 600+ million users, Twitter 200+ million users, Linkedin 100+ million users etc) Your Competition is already there and has a following that you have to catch up to! This is how your potential clients find information about Real Estate (buying, selling etc) There are conversations being had about your Brand and Industry that you NEED to respond to! Gives consumers and other professionals a better idea of WHO they are dealing with – Transparency! You will benefit from the Community style flow of information and find out things you otherwise wouldn’t have! You will be an Industry Leader – Not Follower! Early adopters of are winning big! You will find NEW ways to conduct and streamline your business! Growing a client base and professional Network! You can call yourself the “Neighborhood Expert” and your profiles and articles will support that claim! Technology and Business Models are evolving and so must you! Lastly everyone else is doing it and you don’t want to be the one guy or gal NOT doing it!

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents  
Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents  

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents. Free ebook on fan page marketing at | Fanpageevangeli...