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User Communities A sparkling place for concentrated work

Enclosure adjusts to requirements


Swimming pool Collaboration pod Working with children nursery office

to Euston

Building components

mapping spaces onto community and capacities

A flexible frame held under tension

Articulated floor, rising through the building, accomodating different types of work space, and holding meeting pods for collaborative work with different degrees of privacy

EXPERIMENT 1 Frame composition: no of arches - 6 spacing Tension cord: connection to frame - at node Amount of tension -

EXPERIMENT 2 Frame composition: no of arches - 11 spacing Tension cord: connection to frame - at node Amount of tension -

garden frame structure experiments

A bent panel that can fit into the moving frame and open and close as the frame moves.


Steel sheets cut to size required by depth of floor

Floor covering, on top of layer of old carpet, to mintigate impact forces onto slab and sound transfer.

both sides of Euston station, and much of the interior, are clad in currugated steel sheets


reusing corrugated steel sheets to make articulated floor slab

Areas with no (or transparent) floor covering allow light to pass through the floor slab to the level below. (It may even be possible to use opaque corrugated sheets in these areas to allow near complete light penetration)

Sheets bolted together to form honey comb floor slab.

Profile of floor can be tailored to architectural requirements, without any loss to structural integrity of floor slab

Depth of floor can be varied as deptermined by structural requirements.


Finished Section

Library desk space. Meeting rooms. Resources.

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Short term occupation.


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work pattern

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enabled activities








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Hom Wor e kers

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user community group


building components

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USER community groups

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user contribution

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Workers on the Move s t n e d u St

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Concentrated work atmosphere. Access to resources. Spaces for meeting spaces

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development, or, buidling can offer different face to meet each user’s individual needs and problems...

Garden office

Eating office

Physical office

Open plan office floor with meeting pods

Child friendly workspace


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