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Issue 13

A Welcome from our New Principal

Mr. T Ashley

Dear Reader, It is a great privilege to be the Principal of Willenhall E-ACT Academy and to be given the opportunity to work with such an outstanding group of students, staff and parents: Our vision is to see these students flourish and succeed.

Highlights Celebration Evening

Our Core Values • To deliver a high quality, balanced curriculum supported by up-todate teaching practices to fully progress our students to the next stage of their development • Produce well rounded young people who will positively contribute to society when they leave the Academy • Ensure that Willenhall becomes the best performing Academy in the area who set the standards in both teaching and learning

Adventures in Tanzania

How will we achieve this? • By working with other outstanding Academies to ensure that Willenhall students benefit from continually improving teaching standards and practices

The Wiz Sells Out

• By offering all of our students the opportunity to find their own, individual talents

Chris Grayling MP – Inspiring Law Students

• By utilising technology in its many forms to allow students to make progress before, during and after the Academy day • Work at the heart of the Community to provide a learning and leisure resource for the benefit of all during & after the Academy day I hope that you will visit us in the near future and see our biggest and best assets, our students! If you wish to attend one of our many Academy events that are advertised on the website and require any further information, please contact the Academy. Mr Ashley

Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Beauty Salon – Crisis – Homeless A small group of Year 8 students have raised money for the homeless charity ‘Crisis’. The four students, Sukhkaren Kaur, Amy Peters, Sheylee Reilly and Chantelle Caylor raised money to help homeless people this Christmas. The girls raised money by offering everything from nail painting to straightening hair. Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people. They are dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change.

Resuscitating Annie

Sixth Formers rise to the challenge in maths

Year 10 pupils training for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award have had their first experience of learning how to carry out Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). The casualty, ‘Annie’ was unconscious and not breathing, the students had to use their CPR skills to keep Annie alive until help arrived.

We have had some excellent achievements from the Sixth Form groups in the United Kingdom Maths Trust Senior Maths Challenge. The UKMT Individual Maths Challenges are lively, intriguing multiple choice question papers, which are designed to stimulate interest in maths. They cover the secondary school range and together they attract over 600,000 entries from over 4,000 schools and colleges. The following pupils achieved certificates in the UKMT senior maths challenge.

Fortunately; ‘Annie’ is not a real person but is the name given to special mannequins that are specially designed for First Aid Training. These ‘Annie’ dolls enable students to have a chance to try out their CPR abilities in a safe environment (and on a patient who would not complain if they made a mistake!). “CPR involves giving regular chest compressions to help the heart pump blood around the body and ‘rescue breaths’ to help get air into the lungs of someone who is not breathing, Luke Pullar explained. “Giving

Bronze Certificates - Calum Bray, Ryan Withnall, Jack Brazier

Learning CPR was a lot of fun and not as hard as it sounded,” added Cerys Mann. “It’s easy to learn and giving CPR could be the difference between life and death, so it’s a really good skill to have.” For more information on D of E, visit or for information on First Aid, visit www. Any pupil interested in doing a certified course in First Aid should contact Miss Kearns in the PE Department.

Silver Certificates - Rajveer Sandhu, Kyle Thorp Best in year Certificates - Rajveer Sandhu, Kyle Thorp Best in School - Kyle Thorp


CPR can help keep someone alive until an ambulance arrives.”

Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Art trip to Blackpool Post 16 students took part in an enrichment educational art trip to Blackpool to support the Post 16 cohort, ahead of their upcoming units of work themed around ‘Beside the seaside. Pupils used this experience as an opportunity to produce and collate a sketchbook of investigation from a directly their observed primary source ‘the seaside’. Pupils recorded observations, produced sketches, collected natural forms and took photographic imagery to inspire their coursework at school.

The Make It Campaign

If you ask a teenager what they want from their ideal job, their wish list often includes decent pay and being creative. Typically, these are features of a manufacturing career yet there’s a huge disconnect between the reality of working in industry and the image that people have of the sector.

The Wiz Five sell-out audiences were wowed by Willenhall’s performance of ‘The Wiz’. Special effects, stunning costumes and a cast that Steven Spielberg would be proud of made this Willenhall show one of the best yet! The production involved students from years 7-13 in a combination of song, dance and acting. The students deserve real praise for the five shows they delivered.

Well, for a group of Year 9 pupils they found out the true meaning behind the industry of manufacturing as they went along to “The Make It campaign” which aims to attract the brightest and best new talent into manufacturing by showcasing the sector as an exciting and rewarding career option for young people.


Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Celebration Evening 10 January 2014 The fourth annual Celebration Evening was again held at Walsall Football Club. Over 200 pupils, parents, staff and special guests were invited to congratulate our students on their results and progress made during the academic year 2012-2013. This year’s Guest Speaker was Lisa Potts who presented the awards and gave a very inspirational speech. Below is a list of the awards given on the evening:-

KEY STAGE 3 PERSONAL BEST AWARDS Art D&T Dance Drama English Geography History ICT Maths Modern Foreign Languages Music PE Religious Studies and D&T Science

Emma Jones Louise Freeman & Kellesse Hyde Chloe Morgan Hayden Hardwick Ashley Pegg Karam Dosanjh Zachary Webb Chloe Grice James Timmins Ellie-Faye Harrison Grace Tittley Faron Letford Bethan Withey-Tucker Summer Freeman

KEY STAGE 4 ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS Applied Business Art Biology Chemistry Dance Drama Engineering English Language English Literature Food Technology French Geography Graphics and Resistant Materials Health & Social Care History ICT Maths Music PE Physics Religious Studies Sociology Textiles


Samuel Burns & Harwinder Mann Rosie Maley Millie Thompson Brad Coward & Molly Pugh Hannah Morris Scarlett Howell & Rhys Parfitt Scott Craddock Nathan Critch Tiffany Afflick Lydia Pugh Leigh Burgess Chloe Burgoyne Kate Mullender (2 awards) Jenny Hammonds Francesca Kettles Brad Coward Kyle Thorp Abbie Bullock Robbie Cattell Alex Langford Karanveer Dhaliwall Eleanor Morris Leah Dixon


4. Kyle Thorp

2. Kirstie Mercer

5. Chanice Clarke

3. Jordan Charl

6. Shaun Wootton

KEY STAGE 5 - AS AWARDS Applied Science

Paige Yeomans

Biology & French

Rajveer Sandhu

Chemistry & Physics

Daniel Meads


Arunjit Nagra

English Language & Law

Jack Wilson

English Literature & History

Sarah Neads


Pavandeep Chanian


Abigail Storey


Jak Brown

KEY STAGE 5 - A LEVEL AWARDS Applied Science

Pardip Bangh


Lisa Kemp

Biology & Chemistry

Kiren Kauser, Katie Kingston and Natasha Raybould


Joshua Horan

Dance BTEC

James Lee & Rebecca Allmark

Drama BTEC

Kurtis Bray & Alice Stubbs

English Language & Literature

Rebecca Bush & Ellie Fisher

English Literature

Leah Green


Bobbie-Ann Jones


Grace Wilkinson


Anthony Jones

Media Studies

Karanveer Shergill


Joshua Allen


Thomas Storey


Kieran Yeomans

Public Services and Sport BTEC

Nathan Rowe


Elizabeth Park


Jack Simmonds

Sport BTEC

Nathan Burns

Willenhall E-ACT Academy


YEAR AWARDS Year 7 1. Daniel Jones

3. Megan Tonks

2. Emma Jones

4. James Fleet

Year 8 1. Jessica Allen

3. Nicholas Honegan

2. Lance Honegan

4. Teigan Jukes

Year 9 1. Olivia Diponio

3. Jack Ball

2. Abbiegale Evans

4. Joshua Whitehouse

Year 10 1. Chloe Barker

3. Robbie Cattell

2. Courtney Robertson

4. Todd Blyde


Chantelle Simpson


Idnan Choudhry


Millie Thompson & Tiffany Afflick


Rajveer Sandhu & Sarah Neads


Anthony Jones & Grace Wilkinson

PRINCIPAL’S AWARD 1. Tiffany Afflick 2. Daniel Meads

Year 11 1. Tiffany Afflick

3. Rhys Parfitt

2. Brad Coward

4. Rajvinder Sidhu

AIM HIGHER AWARD 1.    Adele Burrows



Daniel Meads

Tiffany Afflick

Lydia Pugh

Thomas Storey

Yasmin Winton

Rebeca Allmark

1. Nathan Gilbert

VOLUNTEER AWARD 1. Paminder Bains

4. Daniel Meads

2. Gregg Joesbury

5. Fiona Rogers

3. Tanya Kainth

6. Yasmin Winton


PRIDE OF WILLENHALL AWARD 1. Evie Buckingham 2. Kaya Reid 3. Elijah Reid

ENTERPRISE AWARD 1. Joshua Cross (Special mention – ) Ranveer Bahia, Beth Keatley


Courtesy of Philip Charles Photography


Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Clothes Show 2013 Year 9 and 10 Textiles students had the opportunity to visit Clothes Show Live at Birmingham NEC. The aim of the visit was to inspire our students to produce design ideas that are creative and innovative. Students watched the spectacular show which featured high street to high end fashion, they and then got to browse the many stalls selling everything from nail varnish to clothes and hair accessories. The day was enjoyed by all and students look forward to taking our inspiration back to the classroom.

Graffiti Art is the only way forward for Toni Garfield, Beth Parker and Amy Miles as they produced their own ideas for a graffiti themed bag for their Yr.9 Textiles class.

Practice makes perfect - Interviews In preparation for the world of work students in Year 10 were given the opportunity to take part in practice interviews conducted by local employers. Prior to the interviews, students had the opportunity to complete application forms which were sent to the interviewers. The interviews lasted thirty minutes and included constructive feedback. Students said that it was a useful experience which would help them later in life. Special thanks to Viv Russell- Education Consultant and Miss Butler- Head of Careers for making this event happen.

Tree of Light Christmas is a time to celebrate with loved ones, look back fondly over happy years and to remember those we have loved and lost. For many it can also be times of sadness, when the loss of a loved one is most keenly felt, a time when we particularly remember those people whom we love but, sadly, see no longer. But the Tree of Light is not only about remembering those we have lost. It is also about celebrating, a time to be glad and grateful for all of the gifts we have received and to remember how good life has been to us. A wedding anniversary, an engagement, a special birthday, a treasured friendship, the birth of a child; all of these things we can celebrate by making a dedication on the Tree of Light. A big thank you to Post 16 students who have helped raise a total of ÂŁ188 over four days for the Tree of Light project.


Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Dave Cresswell I started at Willenhall Comprehensive School in September 1976, as one of thirteen newly qualified teachers a few months after it was officially opened. Mr Dalton was head teacher at the time of a school much smaller than now. The new building was different to now as it was all open plan with virtually all teaching areas partitioned by curtains with only a few ‘classrooms’ with doors . One similarity to now was in their first year in the school students were taught by the same teacher for English and Humanities in the large open area which now houses the English department. When I first started I taught Economics and Commerce together with History. It has always been a happy friendly school where staff went out of their way to make you feel welcome and valued. I think that ethos was also cultivated in the students who came from a wide area around the school. The school has always been seen as the place to send your children, their children. I and other long serving staff have taught many children of students who stayed in the local area and see familiar faces at parents evenings. The school has always been supported by the successful Community and Leisure part of Willenhall, formerly Furzebank Community. It has always provided sporting, leisure and education classes as well as having its own public library and even a bar. Musicals, plays and other events have always been a part of the school and the community. I remember one year the school, community and actors from the area put on a big production called ‘Humpshire’ based on the local area and its lock making history, hundreds of people were in the audience. Another year ‘The American Extravaganza’ was performed which through sponsorship saw professional ballet, lindy hop dancers and circus performers work with our students in the production. Taking students on trips, whether it be to business enterprise competitions or on a narrow boat from Wolverhampton to London and back, or as guests of the Royal Air Force at Brize Norton I considered most rewarding. The one opportunity I remember most was taking the group of students to Brize Norton for the day where a possible flight in a military aircraft turned out un-expectantly into a adventure aboard an aircraft tanker on a flight across the country to circle above the North Sea to refill various fighter jets including harriers and tornados. We watched the spectacular process from the windows although some students had the privilege to go into the cockpit to see it. I have valued my time at Willenhall during its life as a Comprehensive, a Sports College and for the past two years as an Academy. I find it most rewarding to think that my work at the school has contributed to the development of a large number of students that have passed through its doors over the past 38 years. During this time I have progressed from a newly qualified teacher to variously posts of responsibility for Economics, Careers, TVEI and for the past 15 years as a member of a hard working leadership team as Assistant Principal. Willenhall E-ACT Academy wishes Dave all the best for a long and happy retirement.

Media students get a lecture On Friday 13th December, Media students got a special treat as Paula Richards and Pete Madeley from the Express and Star came in to do a talk on the media industry. Everything from marketing, journalism and social media was discussed.

Science Corner

Four students have received the Science star for producing outstanding work. They are: Ekta Chandolia Year 8 Ellie Hawkins Year 7 Meisha Gayle Year 9 Jasvir Singh Year 10


Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Utopia for Year11

In November, Humanutopia, an organisation that runs inspirational and lifechanging courses did a one day course at Willenhall E-ACT Academy to Yr. 11 and delivered a unique programme addressing many personal and social barriers to learning. The course helps young people overcome the barriers they face to unlock their full potential by; By the end of the day, students covered; • Helping students make new friends. • Helping other students understand others people’s behaviour. • Helping students be comfortable and confident in front of large groups of people. • Helping students modify and/ or improve their own behaviour. • Helping students feel more positive about the future. Quotes from Year 11 students

It was really good, the day has really boosted by confidence

Emily Butler, a former Willenhall pupil, now studying at Wolverhampton University tells the Willenhall Newsletter what she’s been up to since leaving the Academy. 1. At school, what were you favourite subjects?

6. Did you ever have Mrs Campbell for History?

History and English.

Yes I did. She was a fantastic teacher, always willing to help. I owe a lot to Mrs Campball.

2. What did your first day feel like at Willenhall?

7. As you probably know, Mrs Campball is retiring after many years of service - how much of an impact as she had on you through school? Mrs Campball was a fantastic teacher - very inspiring. I think it’s was the fact she engaged with her students that made her lessons so interesting.

‘Scary’, ‘different’, it was a shock to the system going from Primary to Secondary School 3. Why do you like History? Just because I like to see how things were, and how they have changed 4. Why did you choose University of Wolverhampton?

8. Finally, if you didn’t pick History to study at university, what other subject would you have chosen?

It was ideal, as the university was on my doorstep and it had the course I wanted to do. It had the course I wanted to study and I didn’t want to move away.

That’s a tough question, but I’d say English simply for the creative side of it.

5. What would you like to do in the future? I’d like to do my Masters, then a PhD. Then be a lecturer at university


Amazing, it’s really made me think about my future

Chloe Morgan and Cody Jukes are spending this half term, one afternoon a week, teaching Dance to Year 4 at Short Heath Junior School. They are preparing the class for the Walsall Dance Festival which will take place this term. This opportunity is allowing the girls to develop their leadership whilst Short Heath students are gaining new skills whilst having fun at the same time.

Willenhall E-ACT Academy

The Year 8 Kindle Club are currently using the books that they have been reading on their Kindles as inspiration for their own stories, which will eventually be used by the year 7’s who receive reading coaching. The material that they have been writing has been funny, sometimes dark, but always imaginative and indicative of a great amount of effort and prior reading.

Kindle Club Last term saw the launch of the Year 7 and 10 Kindle Clubs, as well as the continuation of last year’s Kindle Club into Year 8. Before Christmas the Year 7 Kindle Club were furiously working away at a Christmas themed newsletter. This included; a fabulous reworking of Charles Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol’, Christmas quizzes, a vivid description

of a winter scene and reviews of Christmassy books. Unfortunately, due to what could be described in rather boring terms as a technical error (I rather like to think that it was the work of some kind of laptop dwelling, Christmas hating Grinch) the newsletter could not be put out in time – bah humbug! Nevertheless, I would like to acknowledge the hard work that was put into the newsletter-thatnever-was here.

The Year 10 Kindle Club has taken the form of a fortnightly book discussion group. We share our favourite passages and recommend books that we have enjoyed and think others may enjoy. The sessions have played host to a wide variety of insightful conversations regarding themes, writing techniques, plot and intertextuality to name but a few. In particular, it was really refreshing last term to see one member confidently volunteering to read their own creative work out loud and in front of their peers.

Willenhall in Tanzania Karibu! Last summer Curtis and I were selected to visit Tanzania, Africa alongside members of staff, Miss Broll and Ms Haines. I had never been abroad before and neither of us had ever flown on a plane! It took a while to sink in and we had mixed emotions. Personally, I was excited but also a little nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. The time for our visit was soon upon us. After a long flight we arrived in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The airport was chaotic. We stood bemused as they checked our passports and we wondered whether we would get them back! After this, we were welcomed by our hosts who soon became friends. Our first impressions were that there was something special about this country, the way the sun shone so brightly, it was like ‘having a kiss from Africa’. It was during their winter but temperatures were similar to the UK’s at the time! Off we set in a mini bus, which became like our second home, on our journey through the city. We gazed in amazement at the scenery, the beautiful clear blue skies and fields and the bustling activity of people all around us. Some were carrying items

on their heads, others riding bicycles or approaching the bus to try and sell us bubble gum. Some were begging and there were people living on the street or with physical disabilities, we were told they would come to the city to try and escape poverty. We asked questions all the way to the hotel and practiced some Swahili: “Mambo?”; “Poa!” The following morning we set off early on a trip to Iringa. We stopped off at Morogoro where we were greeted by some of the other teachers and students. They joined us for the rest of our journey, which lasted all day (Tanzania is huge)! We talked, laughed and shared stories into the evening. There were gigantic mountains and hills surrounding us, which looked majestic in the star-filled night sky. Next morning we went to Ruah National Park- on Safari! It was a great experience and we saw lots of wildlife: monkeys, lions, elephants, zebra, giraffes, lots of impala and many more. We saw a lion cub feeding from its mother which was amazing. We then visited three schools: Mchikichini,

Kola Hill and our main school Morogoro. At all of them we were welcomed by the Head teachers, watched performances by the students and had to say speeches. At Morogoro we were shown around the building and we saw how lucky we are with our facilities at Willenhall compared to theirs. They had holes in walls, lack of space, they shared textbooks between many students and had classes bigger than ours; but they did not complain. They had pride in their work and respect for others. They told us about Street Kids, children who live on the streets and may not have any family. We saw the computers our academy donated to them and how they have helped. They put on a wonderful display of traditional dancing and singing and showed us art they had made. They then planted a tree to show the union between Willenhall and Morogoro. Then came the sad time when we had to go back home, although we were happy to be returning to our loved ones in the UK. In light of our newly found friendship, our hosts threw us a spectacular farewell party with dancing, acrobatics, singing, you name it! It was a wonderful way to end an unbeatable experience.


Willenhall Willenhall E-ACT Academy E-ACT Academy

The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP inspires Law students On Thursday 12th December Rt Honourable Chris Graying MP visited Willenhall E-ACT Academy alongside councillor Douglas Hansen-Luke. A group of budding Law students listened intently to what Mr Grayling had to say. Chris Grayling had the time to talk about his personal life, life before politics and his career. He also answered various questions from several students. Mr Grayling was interested in the students’ aspirations and helped them on their way by offering words of advice. Students were eager to find out about his career before politics. Chris Grayling worked at the BBC and Channel 4; which supported his statement of not needing to have extensive knowledge on law to work in politics. As well as talking to students about law and politics he also stated that he was about to tackle local issues involving youth

in the community. Alex Baker, from Year 12, told the group of politicians that the local square of New Invention was overrun by young people loitering and causing a nuisance. To which Mr Grayling said he would plan a visit to New Invention to try and sort out the problem. Another student got an opportunity to work with Douglas Hansen-Luke as work experience. Jack Brazier, 17, a confident young student, took the opportunity with both hands, working in the electoral campaign office and finding out about the inner workings of Politics, perhaps with a view to someday entering the world of Politics himself.

insightful. This was a great opportunity for future politicians.

After the experience students were asked what they thought. Alex Langford said “I really found it helpful and

Moira Campbell-How it all started

I came into teaching in my early 30s after a career in business management. I always enjoyed the training aspect of my career and so loved my subject- History so I decided to take the plunge and enter teaching. I have never ever regretted it! I came to Willenhall in 1984 for my first teaching practice on my Post Graduate Teaching Certificate course. In Sept 1985 I accepted the post of History teacher and have never left. In my second year I became assistant Head of Year 10, two years later, I became Head of History then later took on whole school responsibility for Talented and Gifted and then Citizenship as a Senior Teacher. I was very proud later when I was appointed Assistant Head teacher. I have greatly enjoyed my years at Willenhall and feel privileged to have worked with so many wonderful students and members of staff. I have particularly happy memories of many history lessons and visits as well as our local history work which won us four national history awards. As Assistant Head, I have come into contact with all students and staff and have been proud to see the Willenhall spirit in action. The greatest reward in teaching is to witness young people enjoy learning and to persevere exploiting their potential. I am a ‘Wednesfield Girl’ but Willenhall will always have a very special place in my heart. Thank you everyone.

‘As Historians we must …’ – Mrs Campbell It says something about how important this often repeated phrase was in Mrs Campbell’s lessons that is has stuck with me until now. That I was already a Historian, just by virtue of learning and thinking about History, was a powerful notion to the twelve year old me. It made

10 10

me realise that I could have original and informed ideas about things that I probably assumed were the preserve of grown-up conversation and television programs with Carl Chinn in them. In subtle - but genuinely inspiring - ways it broke down certain barriers to learning, giving me not

only the permission to consider myself as being actively involved in history, but a real sense of my own potential, too. Thoughts of Tom White - Former pupil and now PhD student at the University of Birmingham

Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Community Matters Children’s School Holiday Activities After such a successful Wicked Whit week, another 3 day holiday club ran during October half term. 35 students from Years 5,6 and 7 attended. The children took part in an Art– Attack workshop where they made food out of dough, trampolining session, multi sports sessions and were lucky enough to take part shooting star with circus skills in fun activities such as juggling, diablo, plate spinning & balancing feathers. Children also got the chance to have a go at stilt walking, tightrope, unicycle & pedal racers. On Friday the children visited Woodlands Activity Centre where they took part in zip wire, Archery, Assualt Course and Canoeing. Below are a few comments from the children who gave their feedback.

“Well done to all the staff that go out there way to ensure the children are kept safe whilst having an amazing time,” (Parent)

February Half Term Activities Following on from Outrageous October we are pleased to announce that we are holding another holiday camp in February half term. Fabulous February will be held from Wednesday 19th February to Friday 21st February. Children will participate in various activities such multi– sports, art, design & Technology and many more fun activities. The activities will start at 10am and finish at 3pm. On the Friday we will take the children to Sandwell Valley where they will take part in the high ropes course. (times to be confirmed) The price for all 3 days is only £15. Availability limited.

“The zip line was AMAZING!.” (Aeryn aged 10) “I enjoyed everything about the 3 days, I want to come on the next one!“ (Oliver aged 10) “I really enjoyed the circus skills and trampolining.” (Ben aged 11)

For more information and to book your child’s place please call Sian on 01902 633070 or email

New Changing Rooms! Olympic legacy boost for swimming in Willenhall Swimming pool facilities at a Willenhall school are to benefit from a £238,000 investment as part of an Olympic legacy project to open up the site more to the public. Willenhall E-Act Academy working in partnership with Walsall Council have secured £100,000 funding from Sport England’s Inspired Facilities Fund to build two new changing rooms at the academy’s Furzebank Way site. The council is contributing £75,000 towards the scheme, the academy £6,000 with further funding from among others £50,000 by Cory Environmental Trust. The new changing rooms will allow the pool to be opened to the public during the day and improve the hours the site is

currently open at evenings and weekends. Councillor Anthony Harris, portfolio holder for leisure and culture in Walsall Council coalition, said: “We want people to be more active, more often and a key part of that is ensuring that people have easy access to sporting facilities. “It is important that we do not let the enthusiasm for sport that the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics generated fade away without taking the opportunity to get more people involved and this project enables us to do just that. “I would personally like to thank Councillor Shires and others in the community who have helped drive this project forward.” Willenhall E-ACT Academy’s Community Manager Anthony Derrer said: “Willenhall E-ACT Academy has always been Willenhalleactleisureandcommunity

committed to providing sport and leisure opportunities to local people and this fantastic project will allow us to offer the community more chance to get involved in swimming.” Nick Bitel, Chair of Sport England, added: “A year on from the Olympics this National Lottery investment is helping us deliver a lasting sporting legacy in Willenhall.” The project will see new changing rooms built which will enabling the pool to be opened up to the public during the daytime when it is not being used by the pupils. Councillor Ian Shires, portfolio holder for community engagement at Walsall Council, said: “The school swimming pool is a great facility which the public have only been able to use up until now on a limited basis.

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Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Community Matters 2014 Leisure Classes Our leisure classes are going from strength to strength with classes filling up week by week. Our leisure classes became increasingly more popular when we launched our class membership for £17 per month which entitles the customer

unlimited use of all the below classes for that month. All our classes welcome beginners and we are always pleased to see new faces in the class. For more information please call 01902 633070.






Jog Walsall Jogging is one of the easiest ways of becoming more active so why not come & join in this fun session where you can run, walk or jog at you own pace with a qualified fitness instructor.




Zumba Come & try this high energy, fun, Latin based, calorie burning cardio workout!




Lane Swimming Come along to lane swim and choose from slow, medium or fast lanes. Whatever your age or fitness level, lane swimming in our dedicated lane swimming session is the ideal way to keep in shape, keep fit and stay healthy.




Body Blitz A combination of boxercise and toning exercises to get your heart rate up, improve fitness and aid weight loss! A total body blitz!




Adult Swim 7:00-8:00pm Learn to swim or improve technique with our fully qualified and highly experienced swimming teacher Chris. Can already swim? Then you can still come along and have a leisurely swim - great way to meet new people.



Step & Tone Step, aerobics and body toning combined to make a total body workout.




Women only Swim Dedicated women only swimming session.




Women only swim Dedicated women only swimming session.



For information on our fitness suite tariffs and how to join please get in touch. No contracts, memberships start from £11 per month! What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for?

Family Fusion Thanks to funding from Walsall Adult and Community College, Willenhall E-Act Academy organised a Family Learning programme designed to help parents develop their child’s basic Maths and English skills. The programme ran over 8 weeks and offered a range of fun activities with a Maths and English element, these activities were aimed at helping parents to support their children in improving these important life skills.


The programme ran in partnership with King Charles Children’s Centre, who hosted the sessions and helped with recruitment. The programme was a great success and allowed parents to design their own board games, plan family trips out, put together fun recipes to cook at home, make advent calendars and generally use Maths and English in their everyday lives to help their child’s development.

All of the activities could easily be repeated at home with their family. To finish the programme with a bang the group was taken to see Peter Pan at the NIA, this was a fantastic end to a great programme and all of the parents taking part benefitted positively from the experience. Our next Family Fusion project starts in March, watch this space for more information… Follow us on twitter for exclusive offers and deals Willenhalleactleisureandcommunity

Newsletter Feb 2014  

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