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WILLENHALL E-ACT ACADEMY newsletter In Pursuit of Personal Best

Issue 12




up for the challenge

Last half term pupils from years 8, 9, 10 & 11 competed in district athletics meet against; West Walsall Queen Marys Barr Beacon Joseph Leckie St Francis Aldridge St Thomas More Pool Hayes Walsall Academy Our best results were; Year 8 Girls

Dannielle Smart 1st in 200m Courtney Phillips 2nd in Shot


Year 9 Boys

Kyle Hunjan 3rd in 100m Jack Bradley


Lewis Green Josh McFarlane Kyle Hunjan 2nd in 4x100m Relay Year 9 Girls

Abbie Evans 3rd in 100m Abbie Evans 2nd in High Jump Keisha Gardner 2nd in Javelin

Kindle Club

Year 10 & 11 Boys

Troy Gardner 3rd in High Jump

Year 10 & 11 Girls

Millie Clarke 2nd in Shot

Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Welcome Dear Reader

Welcome to our Academy Newsletter for this term. Once again, this term has been both very busy and very positive for us. Since our last newsletter in the Summer Term, our students have received the results of their public examinations. We are delighted that so many of our students celebrated so many ‘Personal Bests’. We are very proud our A level results and thrilled for our students and staff. Our sixth form provision is growing from strength to strength and is offering a fantastic array of subjects. This year’s results are a credit to the teaching and learning from both students and staff throughout the year.

61 students in all from Willenhall are now studying at universities around the country this term. Sir Bruce Liddington, Director General of E-ACT, said: “I am very pleased with the results at Willenhall E-ACT Academy sixth form this year and would like to congratulate all the students and staff on their achievements and hard work. E-ACT is extremely proud of the sixth form provisions at Willenhall E-ACT Academy and is pleased to see the positive impact it is having on raising students’ aspirations and levels of attainment. E-ACT’s goal is to provide local centres of excellence in Post 16 and ensure students are given the best possible chance of moving on to top quality university, training and employment opportunities. I wish all those students moving on the very best of luck.” At GCSE too, there were many students who achieved their Personal Bests and it was a real pleasure to welcome so many of them back into our sixth form to begin the next chapter of their education The following students gained top grades and are worthy of special mention:

Andrew Boyd (1A*, 2 grade A) who is now at St Peter’s College, Oxford University to read Mathematics. Very well done to Andrew!

Sifiso Dhinda (1 grade A*, 1A, 2B) is now at Bath University studying Pharmacology,

Rajveer Sandhu Amandeep Pahal Sarah Neads Alannah Cossey Paminder Bains Pavandeep Chanian Jack Wilson Lucy Rowley Jack Brown Connor Pitt

Ravi Dhaliwal (2 grade A, 1B) is now at Manchester University studying Biology,

Ruth Pitt (3 grade A, 1B) is now at Birmingham University studying English and Creative Writing,

Very well done to everyone who achieved their ‘Personal Bests’ in this summer’s exams. We are very proud of you!

Hardeep Rattan (3 grade A, 1B) is now at Birmingham University studying Chemistry,

Luke Wood (2 grade A*, 2A) is at Nottingham University studying Mathematics.

Amongst these great results is a 99% pass rate at A level with 13 grade A* and 53 grade As! Worthy of a proud special mention are:

At AS Level Anthony Jones achieved 4 grade As! Well done to all students!

So Proud Of My Nephew

My nephew, James Griffiths, is a former Willenhall student. He is 22 years old and has worked extremely hard to pursue his career in renewable energy. James went to Kings College London to study Physics. He achieved a 1:1 which is a 1st Class Honours Degree. He was then accepted at Cambridge University, Darwin College on a Postgraduate Master’s degree course in Physics and Engineering. The studies he did were based on research into renewable energy. James graduated in October of this year and he is now continuing his studies at the same campus studying for a PhD in Physics.

1A, 4A, 6A 4A, 7A, 8A, 6A, 6A, 5A, 7A,

This term, once again our students have been involved in a number of very wide ranging and exciting enrichment activities, reports for which appear in this edition of the Academy Newsletter. Enjoy the read!


However, for James to get into Cambridge to undertake this course, James had to sit two exams and have an in depth interview prior to acceptance. When he finishes his PhD he hopes to stay on at Cambridge University and carry on doing research in renewable energy. He is currently the secretary of Cambridge University’s Green Society. Our congratulations go out to James who is living proof that with hard work and dedication anything is possible. (Of course, he gets all his brains from me!!!) From a very proud Mrs Lewis


9A*, 7A*, 6A*, 4A*, 2A*, 4A*, 3A*, 1A*, 2A*, 1A*,

Need Careers Advice? Not sure what to do after Year 11 or Sixth form? Need some information on your options and career ideas? Then come and have a chat with me, Parveen Sidhu, your Careers Adviser. I am in school on Fridays based in the LCC. To book an appointment please complete an interview request slip and insert it in the red ‘careers interview box’ in the LCC. Alternatively see Ms Butler, Ms Haines, or any of the staff in the LCC, to book an appointment. I also run a break and lunchtime dropin service open to ALL YEAR GROUPS - come and see me!

Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Solar Power at Willenhall E-Act Academy

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, Willenhall E-ACT Academy have successfully bid for and received over £100,000 to install a Solar Thermal water heating system and a Solar Photovoltaic Electricity system on the roof of the swimming pool. This system will utilise the power of the sun to heat the water in our swimming pool and provide free electricity to be used to run computers and lights. The system will not only save the Academy money by reducing the amount of fossil fuels we use as a school, it will also make us eligible to receive ongoing payments from the Government through the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. The funding received has come from three separate sources; The Community Sustainability Energy Programme (Lottery Funding), Cory Environmental Trust in Britain and EDF Energy’s Green Fund.

BIMA D: Day (Media Challenge) “On the 10th of October we were very proud to hold a regional event where fourteen of our fantastic Post 16 students competed against hundreds of other schools and thousands of students nationally in a media design competition. We were very privileged to have the person running the national competition for the company, Andrew Henning, to choose our school to personally host the event at! Andrew travelled some distance to be with us and proved to be an invaluable guide and asset to the groups of students as they worked their way through gruelling tasks.

The system has now been installed; you may be able to see the panels on the swimming pool roof when you walk through the quad. We have been creating our own electricity since August and the Solar Thermal system has been heating our water since Friday 23rd November. Energy display meters are currently being installed throughout the school in the Community Reception, Main Reception, Dining Hall and the Year 7 School. These meters will show how much energy is being created and saved by the system; the information can be used by subjects such as Maths, Science and Geography to look into the impact of renewable energy.


Recycle: Does anyone have or know anyone that has any unwanted or unused musical instruments that they would like to donate to the music department at Willenhall? We would be very grateful if anyone has anything they would like to give to the school to help us support the students’ musical talent and help them develop.

Students began the day by having an introduction to the media industry and an in-depth look at the newer ways social media in particular is having an impact on society and day to day life. After this, students then broke into three groups and each tackled separate activities related to the industry. One group looked at the development of a mobile phone app for fashion browsing & purchasing, another group looked at the development of an app for detection & tackling of home burglaries and the final group looked into the development of a media system for multiple devices about seeking employment. With the day being such a massive national event, there were dedicated social networking feeds and websites running up to date information on what was going on across the country and they showed that at other schools, like it was at ours there was so much fun and learning taking place wherever it was being held! Many of our students commented on how much they both enjoyed and learned a great deal from the day itself. We are still awaiting the results of the competition from BIMA but we are very hopeful to be in the top 10 percent of the country (or even win it!..) Either way, our students did us proud and showed the media industry that in the future there are plenty of potential candidates for the media industry from Willenhall E-ACT Academy!”


Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Cakes prove a big hit

This half term Year 11 were set the challenge of raising money for this year’s School Prom. My form 11IM was incredibly keen to get on the case right away, and decided to organise a Cake Sale. Tillie Chamberlain, Emily Smith, Eloise Walker, Laura Hudson and Thomas Bradley purchased all their own products, made the cakes and promoted the event completely independently. I don’t think the group anticipated the amazing response they would receive from students and staff and the sale was a huge success. The students coped really well during the sale and served their customers politely and efficiently. I am extremely proud of my form and very much look forward to the next event!

Pupils ready for the


Children Hospice Following their fundraising for “Acorns” on 9th June at Morrisons, Willenhall, raising £447.37, the store manager and his deputies allowed Natalie Horton (Yr.11) and her twin- cousins Katie and Sarah Hurmson – both aged 11 from a nearby primary school to again do a two day weekend bucket collection for “Acorns” Hospice for Christmas. All three girls collected for five hours each day and achieved a collection of £982.08 in total. Their fundraising this year now totals £1,429.45 for the charity “Acorns”.

world ofwork

In preparation for the world of work students in Year 10 were given the opportunity to take part in practice interviews conducted by local employers in the LCC. Prior to the interviews students had the opportunity to complete application forms which were sent to the interviewers. The students learned how to communicate correctly within interviews. The interviews lasted thirty minutes and included constructive feedback. Many students said that it was a useful thirty minutes which would help them later on in life.

Year 11 pupils runners up

in US election competition

Pupils: Pavandeep Chanian, Daniel Meads and Alannah Cossey, now in year 12, tell the story: Last academic year we were unexpectedly approached by Mr Webster who asked us if we’d be interested in taking part in a competition relating to the then up and coming US elections. Without hesitation we accepted the challenge. Mr Webster then briefed us on the details of the competition which required us to make a video portraying our own views about political issues as well as showing our knowledge of politics in both the US and UK. We also had to compare the two political systems in an unbiased way. The prize was an all-expenses paid trip to Washington DC and Florida to take part in a US political campaign. We set to work on our video. We gathered a large quantity of background information on the different political systems and prepared scripts to present to the camera.

Alannah, Pavandeep, Daniel & Mr Webster


Their description of the event; “we had an enjoyable time at Morrisons, the staff, managers and customers were supportive. At lunchtime we were allowed to use staff restaurant and the store manager, Steve Murphy treated us to lunch and made a donation for the children at “Acorns”. “The deputy managers and customers encouraged us and gave generously. Police officers and firemen who came into the store were kind and gave donations. But, overall, the weekend was about helping children at “Acorns” this Christmas and hope to do it again at some time in the future”.

Life Skills Article On Monday 1st October 2012 Year 9 Life Skills held a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Nurses. Students baked and sold cakes raising £150. The cake sale was used for part of their ASDAN Qualification. Well Done!!

We now had to prepare to deliver a presentation on the theme of ‘change’ and be interviewed by two representatives from E-Act. In the interview we were both excited and nervous. We all delivered our speeches on the theme and answered the questions to the best of our ability. A couple of weeks later, we were told by Mr Webster that we had unfortunately not won the competition but were runners up and had won the opportunity to attend a political training day at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster where we would learn campaigning skills and meet people that worked in politics and campaigns. A couple of weeks later we arrived at the Houses of Parliament and were taken through security. During our visit we met pupils from five other schools who had also been involved in the competition. We spent the day in a grand chamber and one of the highlights was meeting former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. She gave us an insight into her experience of political campaigning and she was followed by a number of other inspiring presenters. Overall the competition was an amazing experience from making the video to the trip to London. We learnt a great variety of skills regarding politics, campaigning and film making.

The judges at E-Act and the Transformation Trust liked our video and we were through to the next round. We were delighted as Mr Webster had informed us that lots of other schools had also taken part in the competition. Pavandeep, Alannah & Daniel with former Home Secretary Jaqui Smith

Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Elected Forum


Forum Elections

A Success

Key Stage 5 Forum • Joshua Smith – Chair & Year 13 Whole

Willenhall E-Act Academy kicked off the new academic year with our annual elections for the new School Forum. Around 120 candidates put themselves forward for election and in some cases the winner was decided by just one vote. The School Forum provides pupils with the opportunity to tell us their views and concerns regarding life at Willenhall as well as make suggestions for improvements. The forum is based on the philosophy that pupils work together and take action to improve our academy. The Forum focuses on the following five key areas: - Teaching and Learning, Environment and Facilities, Fundraising, Social Issues and Extra Curricular Activities. There are three separate forums. The Key Stage 3 forum is made up of 22 pupils from years 7 and 8 each representing their form. The Key Stage 4 Forum is made up of 9 pupils, 3 from each of years 9, 10 & 11. The Key Stage 5 forum is made up of 13 members of years 12 & 13. Each Forum meets twice every half term to discuss various issues related the day to day running of our Academy. It was a long and challenging process for candidates to be elected. They first had to fill in an application form and get a recommendation from a member of staff. Next they had to go through an interview with Mr Webster to Nathan Whitticase – Key Stage 3 Chair Person

Key Stage 3 Forum

ensure that they understood the role and were up for the challenge. Finally they had to create a manifesto outlining why they should be elected to help pupils make their decision about who to vote for. The elections took place over two days with every pupil in the school casting their vote at the polling station. A number of volunteers from year 9 and 10 helped coordinate the day by collecting pupils from lessons, crossing their names off of the electoral role and supervising the voting booths and ballot boxes. Each forum has already had its first meeting of the year and decided who should take responsibility for important positions such as Chair Person, Secretary and Press Team Member; a full list can be seen. We have already begun to look at how we can make our school environment more pleasant and what additional activities we can introduce during break and lunch times. The Forum also played a key role in planning our activities for Anti-Bullying Week In the next issue of the newsletter, the forum will report back to you on their achievements so far.

Lucy Pritchard – Key Stage 4 Vice Chair Person

Jack Brazier – Key Stage 4 Chair Person

• • • • • • • • • • • •

School Forum Representative Allanah Cossey – Year 12 Whole School Forum Representative Tom Storey Joshua Horan Karanveer Shergill Daniel Meads Jagjeet Johal Jaspreet Dhanda Kira Holden Simran Kaur Natalie Evans Kiren Kauser Emily Pritchard

Key Stage 4 Forum

Year 11 • Jack Brazier – Chair Person • Ryan Jagpal – Year 11 Whole School Forum Representative • Ellie Pursglove - Secretary Year 10 • Lydia McGann - Secretary • Sithabile (Star) Mhlanhla – Year 10 Whole School Forum Representative • Lucy Pritchard – Vice Chair Person Year 9 • Rhys Woodward – Press Team Member & Year 9 Whole School Forum Representative • Olivia DiPonio – Press Team Member • Sarah Owusu – Press Team Member

Key Stage 3 Forum

Year 8 • Nathan Whitticase – Chair Person • Talia Winton – Secretary & Year 8 Whole School Forum Representative • Adam Wilkes - Secretary • Trinity McFarlene – Press Team Member • Pace Stanford • Niamh Cadman • Pheobe Bray • Tashoy Chin • William Westwood • Natasha Adamson • Courtney Foster Year 7 Liam Riley-Stewart – Vice Chair Person Abigail Higgins – Year 7 Whole School Forum Representative Lana Mills – Press Team Member Sarah Debney – Press Team Member Megan Tonks - Secretary Monique Dacre Luke Smith Demitri Verley Rebecca Butcher Chantelle Caylor Chloe Homer


Willenhall E-ACT Academy



On the 21st November, six of our Gifted and Talented students attended the creative writing masterclass Starting to Write at the University of Birmingham, alongside other schools from the area. The session was delivered by Deborah Catesby, an experienced writer who has written plays for Radio 4. Having provided the group with several sentence beginnings, Deborah encouraged us to free write, disregarding grammar, subject matter or the desire to self-edit or pause for thought. We then spoke about the potential of such writing to produce stark and unusual imagery and associations and used our favourite of these to create something a little more crafted. Issues of form were discussed, prompted by an analysis of Last Words, a poem from Simon Armitage’s most recent collection (Seeing Stars) and the seemingly oxymoronic genre of prose poetry under which this collection falls. After the session we had the opportunity to speak with Dr Elsa Braekkan Payne, a lecturer at the University who answered questions about the English and Creative Writing degree and the opportunities that it provides. Student Comments- What was best about the presentation? Alannah Cossey-“It was great and I really enjoyed the master class.”

Aston Uni make a call @Willenhall Delegates: Year 13 - 26 students from the disciplines of Science, Psychology, Business and Law were given a presentation on university life by three student Ambassadors from the University of Aston. Then each Ambassador led an informal discussion and answered our student’s individual questions on the application process to UCAS, personal statements and the interview process. Our pupils were impressed by the three ambassadors and found the talk very informative and aspirational. Student Comments- What was best about the presentation? Kiren Kauser-“ Talking to the undergraduate students to gain an insight into university life.” Alex Powis- “Discussing placements years in our group and finding out you can do that in the degree.” Joshua Horan- “The fact that we could ask questions 1 to 1.”

Masterclass: Conference on Healthy Lives, Healthy People Location: University of Aston Delegates: Year 12 G& T Our Year 12 Health and Social Care students attended the conference at the University of Aston on the 18th July 2012. They were given key information on aspects of healthy living by the lectures from the ‘School of Life.’ Later they had an opportunity to visit stalls run by both academic staff from the university and professionals from the Health Services where they participated in experiments. The pupils got an excellent insight into the health care profession.

Master class Conference: Physics - Astrophysics Location: University of Birmingham- School of Physics Our G&T students were fascinated by the presentations and talks delivered to the students. It was a fantastic insight to astrophysics. They were then also given a project on which they had to work for the rest of the day. Student CommentsAnthony Jones “We were able to carry out our own short project with resources we wouldn’t have been able to use anywhere else. We also had a chance to ask the professor currently involved in research in this field questions. The whole day was great!”

Master class: Psychology Conference Location: University of Aston Delegates: Year 12 Psychology Students On the 27th September, year 12 students attended a conference on how Psychology is important in avoiding or treating health conditions such as heart disease and asthma. The presentations were delivered by individuals who were experienced at different levels from first year undergraduates to professors. There were also interactive stands where students could find out about ethics, motion capture, driving behaviours and reading micro expressions. They students were also given a brief history of the science leading up to principles of how modern neuroimaging methods exist focusing on MRI machines.

Biology Conference Origins and History of Microbiology Location: University of Aston Delegates: Year 10 G& T – 15 students On the 20th September, fifteen lucky triple award biologists spent the whole day at the University of Aston at the conference. They came back buzzing and commented on how superb the conference was. They were given information on sexually transmitted infections in the 21st Century in young adults and factors that influenced transmission. They were able to give information on decoding DNA. They also participated in an interactive workshop on how long term genetic storage code (DNA) is translated to make proteins. Comments by Pupil- Sukraj Bhandal- It was great. We got fantastic information. I now know I want to go to university to study Biosciences. I loved every moment of it and it raised my aspiration to study in a university like Aston.


Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Science A fascinating master class was presented to our Triple award scientists on “Genetics and how Diseases are inherited” By Dr Paul Hooley of the University of Wolverhampton. The students were inspired by the dynamic and enthusiastic lecturer who introduced the students to the topic of genetics and linked it to his family. He then led onto how genetics can be used as a tool in crime and DNA fingerprinting. Students were given problems to solve and there was an opportunity for questions. Dr Hooley was “very impresses by the students interaction and the questions they asked.” The master class was interesting and insightful. Comments by Students Jack Wooldridge- Informative and easy to follow. Best thing about the workshop was? Rhys Parfitt=- Learning about genetics.

-Heliose Tudor- Connections of genetic information to general life. - Francesca Kettles- Being able to see what chromosome looks like when a person has a particular disease. -Rosie Maley - wanted a longer talk - Chloe Burgoyne- Looking at pictures and figuring out what was wrong? - Phoebe Williams- Seeing ancestors and how they looked as they grew up and to see features they inherited. How genetics can be used in murder case.

Master class: Spectroscopy Location: University of Birmingham- School of Chemistry Delegates: Year 13 G& T – 6 students Our year 13 students were given a rare treat when they were able to use expensive equipment used by the undergraduate students in the School of Chemistry. They had access to infrared spectrometer in the undergraduate laboratories at the university. They normally just read about them in text books and they were able to get hands on experience and they produced a spectrum of their compound. They were made to feel like undergraduates and spoke to post doctorate students who showed them how to use the instruments and who they could questions about chemistry career pathways. They were also give a tour of the analytical labs as well so saw many more instruments that they need to know about and were allowed to see the £0.5 million pound n.m.r. spectrometer and how it worked.

Yr. 7

Gifted+Talented Here are the new gifted and talented pupils of Year 7. Here is some pupils’ feedback about making it on to the G&T list

“Amazing” “I want to do my best” “I really like it” Elissa Campbell F 7DT Lana Mills F 7DT Luke Pegg M 7DT Katie Barker F 7GF Brody Bartle M 7GF Rebecca Blythe F 7GF Abbie Cooke F 7GF Lewis Ellis M 7GF Louisa Freeman F 7GF Abigail Higgins F 7GF Tayze Hutchins M 7GF Sukhmuni Jagpal F 7GF Matthew Jones M 7GF Kimberley King F 7GF Ellen Kruczek F 7GF Kieran Marsh M 7GF

Surjevan Moore M 7GF Samuel Page M 7GF Daine Parry M 7GF Nathan Peach M 7GF Charlotte Saville F 7GF Ella Stanley F 7GF James Timmins M 7GF Niamh Watkins F 7GF Darian Bayley F 7KY Lauren Butler F 7KY Ekta Chandolia F 7KY Many thanks ariya Choudry F 7KY Amy Cox F 7KY Connor Jones M 7KY Ammun Khan M 7KY Jaspreet Meetka F 7KY Monique Dacre F 7WO

Student CommentsPerry Godfrey—Best thing about the materials was “being able to see the equipment in person because it helped me to grasp the concept of all different types of spectroscopy.” Anthony Jones – “Best thing was using the infrared spectrometer as we got hands on experience of a topic we are currently studying.” Alex Instone- “Loved to use the expensive university equipment.”


Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Kindle Club The desire to actively ‘encourage a love and passion for reading’ upon which the Kindle Club was built was satisfied, if temporarily, on Wednesday 14th November, a date which signalled the first meeting of the Year eleven Kindle Club cohort. A preliminary Kindle Club session on 11th October saw members of the Senior Leadership Team talk animatedly about their own experience of reading, the genres that enthral them and the impact that reading has on their lives. Having listened intently, members of the club were then encouraged to choose books to be uploaded onto their newly acquired Kindles, which have been provided especially by Willenhall E-Act Academy for this purpose.

Willenhall hit new heights On 22nd November three Year 9 students Levi Richards-Jones, Anthony Littleford & Joshua Whitehouse went to Shire Oak School for a GA (Geographical Association) Geography quiz. The students represented Willenhall to the highest standards and came 2nd out of 8. They were awarded medals and certificates. We are extremely proud of them as they beat Shire Oak who have a quality mark awarded by the GA.

The students were then allowed to take their Kindles home to enjoy at their leisure, and were invited to attend a session one month later on Wednesday 14th November to feedback on their experience.

Tom Palmer

Visits Willenhall!! By Abigail Higgins, Charlotte Saville and Kieran Marsh (7GF). On Wednesday 21st November in periods 2 and 3, Tom Palmer, a famous author, visited our school to do a workshop with 7GF and 7KY. Tom Palmer is an author who writes series of books based on football and mystery. In the workshop, we had a quiz about football which leaded into a penalty shootout. Many people answered questions correctly and therefore had the chance to attempt to score a goal past the goalie, Connor Boden. Susan Edwards was the only girl who managed to get through to the semifinals! Well Done Susan! Out of the 15 people who tried, the best competitor was; Matthew Jones, the 7GF comedian, who won the penalty shoot out trophy! Congratulations Matthew! Thank you to Connor for volunteering to be the goalie! What we enjoyed the most is actually meeting an author! What a brilliant experience our two forms had! We also had a chance to buy books and get them signed by Tom Palmer himself! Thank you to the people who organised this visit, everybody enjoyed it!


On 6th November our form 7PC were given the responsibility of hosting the year 7 assembly. We decided to focus on The Poppy Appeal as we feel that it is a very worthwhile cause and all people should wear their poppies with pride. We organised ourselves into two groups, one group were incredibly brave and chose to talk to the whole year at the front. This group included; Ryan P, Charlie, Ryan H, Zoe, Darnell, Leah, Sharif, Tadi and Spencer. They spoke about the wars, they read out the poem called Flanders Fields by John McCrae that was written in 1915 and they explained how the donations from The Poppy Appeal help our soldiers today. There were images on the projector that matched what each of the readers was saying and Luke and Jack was in charge of this. And then Jake helped them too.

I wrote at the outset of this article that the desire to ‘encourage a love and a passion for reading’ was only temporarily satisfied; to hear the enthusiasm with which the students entered into discussion on the 14th November was to desire to hear the same enthusiasm expressed throughout the school - each and every member of the club reported that they had read more than they would have read normally. The discussion centred around what the students had enjoyed the most about their chosen books. Recommendations were made with passion, and the conversation flowed through ideas of genre, of writing style, of the potential of books to contain a moral message. The session concluded with several students reading aloud from their favourite passages.

Willenhall got the Poppy feeling

The second group was led by Ebony Alcock who had to give each person in the whole year a poppy to write on. They had to write one reason why they believe that everyone should wear a poppy. MacKenzie, Graham, Jodee, Shannon, Beau, Bethany, Harry, Abi, Chloe and Owen had the job of dishing all the poppies out and then waiting for five minutes until they needed to collect them all in. The rest of our year group did this very well and wrote down some lovely and respectful things about our service men and women. Connor and Mya were standing at the front with the poppy box and collection tin just in case at the end of our assembly anyone from year 7 wanted to buy one. We think our assembly went very well as now, 3 days before Remembrance Sunday, all of the poppies that we were given by The Royal British Legion have been sold, and there are still some students who want to buy one, but we sold out. Hopefully next year, they will know how respectful we are at Willenhall EACT Academy and give us more to sell! We are now going to wait until they send us our postcard informing us how much money that we raised. We will let you know in this newsletter as soon as we know!

Lest We Forget! By Ryan Peakman, Ryan Hackett, Graham Bayliss and Bethany Street 7PC

Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Interview Experience

As part of the Careers Curriculum, pupils in Year 10 were given the opportunity to prepare for and attend a mock employment interview. This enabled pupils to understand what is expected of them when they attend an interview and allowed them to develop the skills required to be successful in finding future employment. Gifted and Talented pupils were given the opportunity to attend an interview outside of the school at Walsall Council. Once she had done this we were Robbie Cattell explains his own personal experience of the day: taken into the room and told to go For our practice interview we first had to fill in an application form. and sit by our interviewers. It was On this we had to state what job we were applying for, our personal 9:30 and my interview began. The details, contact info, any past or present work experience and our lady began asking me questions interests and hobbies. We also had to write down our top three about myself and discussed what favourite job prospects. Finally, we had to complete our personal my interest were, marking me on statements in English explaining why we were perfect for the job. how appropriate my answers were. We were now ready for our interviews. The interviews took place After half an hour my interview was complete and I left the at Walsall Council. We were each sent a letter with the time of our room feeling confident in what I had done. I am now confident that I interview and also the date. The interview challenged pupils to ring can attend a job interview in the future and be successful in gaining to confirm that they were going to the interview and make their employment in my chosen career prospects. own way to their interviews making sure they were on time and ready. I arrived in Walsall at 9:00; my interview at 9:30. I entered the building and approached the receptionist, he then directed me to Conference Room 3 were the interviews would take place.

It was 9:15 and I waited for the lady from the interviewing board to take my name and register me in. The lady came from the room and took our names.

All pupils in Year 10 should be congratulated for their positive behaviour and attitudes presented to the interviewers; the Academy has received many positive comments about the mock interviews. Year 10 should be extremely proud of themselves for their behaviour, attitude and conduct of the interviews. Well done!

SPORTS Ellison, up for the challenge On November 25th, Ellison entered into the NOGI British Championships; it’s his first competition since breaking his arm. Ellison fought really hard against some top opposition and managed to come away with the gold medal. Ellison Tipton, who has already been the British Champion three times and hopes to become champion once again. Ellison has also entered into the European championships in Portugal next year; the dates are 23rd January 2013 till the 27th January 2013. He will have to train five to six days a week to get full fit for the competitions. The European championships is a massive competition with the best kids not only from Europe but from around the globe, so it a massive achievement that Ellison has been asked to enter this competition, but he has now got to train extra hard and extra hours to prepare for the competition. Ellison also hopes that in the near future he will become European and World Champion. Ellison also tells me that he hopes to one day enter the UFC.

Bridie Shaw


On Sunday 2nd December at Wolverhampton University (Walsall campus) Bridie took her black belt 1st Dan grading. After five years of training and hard work, early starts and late nights and an eight hour grading she passed ‘with merit’. Next year she will continue to compete nationally, as well as in Ireland and Europe. She has also been invited to train with the E.K.F. (England Karate Federation) ‘A’ squad; this is from where England selection takes place.

FOOTBALL The Girls at Willenhall E-act Academy have set about showing that Football is not just for the boys. When the Girls Football started on the 1st training session a year ago we had a grand total of 2 players! Since then our numbers have grown significantly. Last week we had a total of 33 pupils training from across the School. These girls have shown a fantastic attitude and motivation to not only improve but also enjoy playing football. Last year, we had great success and this year has been no exception. The Year 9 and 10 Girls Football Team has recently been knocked out of the 3rd round of The FA Under 14’s National Cup. The girls were absolutely fantastic, but unfortunately came up against a very good side in Madley Academy. Nevertheless, we have also been on a trip to Bescot Stadium where the girls watched an England Vs. Croatia European Cup Qualifier and took part in a Football festival where the girls had lots of fun getting their faces painted holding the Women’s version of the Premier League trophy, meeting England mascots and playing football in an inflatable football area.

Wado uk Karate Champioships

I am very proud of these girls and the progress they have made not only in football, but by challenging gender stereotypes. I believe that these girls have cleared the way for other girls in the school to get involved and enjoy Football. The year 7 and 8 girls have also recently just finished 3rd in the Walsall U13’s Football League. The girls have tried very hard and shown lots of potential. These girls also had the fantastic opportunity of meeting a former star pupil and England International Rachel Unit. Rachel came to watch the girls, give out certificates and tell them about her fantastic career. All the girl footballers from across Walsall schools at the event listened and asked questions to Rachel and enjoyed having their photo taken with her. I hope the girls are inspired by their own actions and the words and career of Rachel Unit


Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Olympic/Paralympics Over the summer, the Physical Education Department sent 34 pupils to watch the Olympic and Paralympic games, organised by Mr Powers. This included two trips to the Paralympics and two trips to watch Olympic Football matches at the City of Coventry Stadium. For the Paralympics we took two groups of very deserving pupils, a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit London 2012 the Paralympic Games! The top 20 pupils in each year group were entered into a draw to win the race for this amazing opportunity. Both days started very early at 4am in the morning! Both trips were blessed with beautiful sunny days and this just added to the epic sight before us. The Olympic Park was out of this world and incredibly jaw dropping. The trips the pupils had won were to watch Paralympic athletics in the Olympic Stadium. In the stadium, we all got to see and walk passed the iconic Olympic Flame in all its glory. Pupils got to watch amazing events such as blind triple jump, blind long jump, and many track races from different Paralympic categories, as well as many field events. Walking around Olympic Park itself was also a truly once in a lifetime experience, being a part of the crowd, feeling the national pride and the Olympic Buzz!

I thought the Paralympics visit was an inspirational and a once in a lifetime opportunity, which we will never get again. The Paralympics games inspired me that if you practice and keep trying at something, you can achieve. The spirit at the games was amazing. The visit also inspired me to grab opportunities, and reach for your goals! Overall, it was a great experience that I will remember forever. Nicholas Honegan Year 8

The Football trips rewarded the Olympic Legacy trust pupils who had given up a lot of their time to attend meetings organise and promote events within school. We also rewarded some of our hardworking sixth formers. These trips also provided a once in a lifetime opportunity.

My day at the Paralympics was amazing. It was very inspirational! It was a once in a lifetime experience and I spent the day with lots of amazing people. I would just like to thank the P.E department for allowing me to go! Chloe Cope Year 8


Pupils from both trips where rewarded for their effort and handwork which enabled them to reach their personal best. This trip truly inspired some of our most deserving pupils, showing them with great effort and motivation, no matter what your obstacles and challenges you can achieve your personal best and anything you wish to accomplish!

Willenhall E-ACT Academy

pic 2 Paralym ndon 201 experience, o L to it Our vis mazing was an a helming. athletics as overw as when w re e h p s w o y a the atm f the d rite part o ic Park. I also u o v fa y M mp ir at the Oly thletes trying the I arrived ea th l. a g d in e e m e s t enjoyed importan me an in that all o best to w ed me lots to bec be at ay pir m s in y, a s a d h e It mer on im w s . s ic p ic Olym Olymp or 2020 Rio 2016

ar 8 olland Ye Brooke H

I thought that this event was sensationa l, and a great time to ha ve fun. It has inspired me to carry on with sp ort and it doesn’t matte r who you are you ca n always be a star! I had a great time supportin g and encouraging ou r team. Grace Tetle y Year 8

My time at the Paralympics was inspirational, I thought that the day was brilliant and a very good opportunity and a once in a life time experience. The games were fantastic and inspired me in my future career; and a big thank you to Mr.Powers & Mrs.Ball for all your hard work :) Olivia Di Ponio Year 9


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Olympic October half  term fun week!  DAY 



PRICE Book & pay for 5 classes  & receive the 6th week  for FREE! 




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£3.50 A CLASS 




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£3.50 A CLASS 



1‐Step Aerobics  2‐Timed challenges  3‐Bums& Tums  FRIDAY 



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CHILD = £1  ADULT =£2 



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Boot Camp only £20 for  a 6 week block!  1st  week only £1.  

For informa�on on start dates and bookings please call 01902 633070. 

Last October half term WIllenhall leisure &  community hosted a week long Olympic fun  week for children aged 9‐14years old.   Professional external spor�ng clubs a�end  the week and delivered taster sessions to  the children in a variety of different Olympic  sports. Ashton’s badminton club and  Wednesbury Rugby club were 2 of the clubs  who a�ended. The children also took part  in, tag rugby, cricket, dance, football,   basketball, athle�cs, table tennis, dodge ball  and rounders. There were a total number of  28 children who a�ended from local   primary & secondary schools. All the kids  really enjoyed themselves and said they  would return!    

Keep an eye on our website  www.willenhalle‐ community for more Informa�on on our  forthcoming events for children.   


      Children’s Ac�vi�es  

Children’s swimming lessons 

Holiday Fun Weeks – Join us for a fun packed week of spor�ng    fun for girls & boys! 

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All lessons are 30 minutes and must be paid for in 10  week block. Only £25.00 for a 10 week block.  

The Rachel Uni� Soccer Academy   




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CONCESSION PRICE  (Students, OAP’s &  16 to 17 year olds) 

Personal training sessions  available to all members.  

Only £24  for 6  weeks 

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Girls only Soccer Academy for 7 to 14 year olds.  Fancy being coached by the one and only Rachel Uni�??  Former pupil of Willenhall Rachel Uni� currently plays as  a le� back for England Womens and for Birmingham City  Ladies. Alongside coaching with Rachel will be Andy  Marlowe UEFA B qualied and  Ex Spurs player!  Monday Evenings  6‐7pm 7‐10 years old  7‐8pm 11‐14 years old   

Please enquire for availability.  For more informa�on call 01902 633070 or email   sianking@willenhalle‐ 

Willenhall E-Act Academy Newsletter Issue 12  

Willenhall E-Act Academy Newsletter Issue 12