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The Truth on Prop 8 V O L U M E

“It is not acceptable to ... amend the

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Obama On Prop 8 — Vote NO

California Constitution. We are against Prop 8.” — La Opinion

OTHERS SAYING NO:  California


 National

Black Justice Coalition

 National

Congress of Black Women

 MALDEF (323) 957-4741

Coalition for Justice — LA


 Latino

In response to the mailer received by African-American Californians that misrepresented the position of Sen. Obama and his running mate, Sen. Joe Biden, the Obama campaign released the following statement Friday night: “The Obama-Biden ticket opposes Proposition 8 and similar discriminatory constitutional amendments that could roll back the civil rights he and Sen. Biden strongly believe should be afforded to all Americans.” “This incredible crosssection of support comes

at the same time that Prop 8 continues to spin a campaign of lies and distortions,” said Patrick Guerriero, NO On Prop 8 Campaign Manager.

Obama is not the only one saying “NO on 8.” Gov. Schwarzenegger has said “[Prop 8] should never happen.” Sen. Feinstein urges voters, “No matter how you feel about marriage, vote against discrimination, and Vote NO on 8.”

Obama Says Yes to Equality

“Proposition 8 is wrong, and targeting certain communities with lies is wrong. Voters get it, and that’s why Prop 8 will fail on Tuesday.”

Other politicians against Prop 8 include Representative Laura Richardson, Representative Diane Watson, Supervisor Yvonne Burke, Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, and the Honorable Willie L. Brown, Jr. For a complete list, visit

MLK, Jr.’s SCLC Opposes Prop 8 “The Southern Christian Leadership Council is the only organization founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” notes its President, Reverend Eric Lee. “The entire core of SCLC is about fighting for jus-

tice for all people and against discrimination. “As a result of that – this issue about marriage equality requires that we speak out against this proposition because anytime any group of people are de-

nied the right afforded to another group of people, it is an issue of the violation of civil rights. And we need to be clear about that.” Join the SCLC, Dr. King’s organization, in vowing to vote NO on 8.



African Americans Denounce 8 “The United Church of Christ opposes Proposition 8,” reports the Right Reverend Art Cribbs, Pastor, San Marino United Church of Christ. He continues, “[T]here is no reason for any one to support Proposition 8 if they have a concern for others.” African American Community Speaks Out Against Prop 8

Rev. Cribbs understands the confusion however, “If I simply

based my decision on television commercials, I would be for Proposition 8. But those commercials lie [including the] law professor at Pepperdine University.” “My faith tells me to treat people the way I want to be treated,” he concludes. “And so I oppose Proposition 8.” Rev. Vanessa Mackenzie, who immi-

grated from South Africa eight years ago, concurs. “We are all human,” she says, “created in the image of God and all of us, in our own unique ways reflect that image. “And if we say yes to Proposition 8, we are distorting and destroying the image of God in our gay brothers and sisters.”

What Does the Bible Say? “Love thy neighbor as thyself”

— Jesus Christ Matthew 22:35

“There are no passages in the Bible regarding same-sex marriage,” says Rev. Gary Commins, Rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Long Beach. “You can scan from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation, and not see even one mention of

same-sex marriage.” “However, ” Commins continues, “the Bible does, contain three stories of loving, samesex relationships involving David, Ruth and Daniel.” So what about those passages prohibiting homosexuality?

“The word ‘homosexuality’ was first added to the Bible by the RSV in 1946,” Commins explains. “In the original texts, those oft cited passages actually, and rightly, condemn rape, bestiality, orgies and prostitution — not same-sex marriage.”

Latinos Against Prop 8 Also America Ferrera says, “Voting no on Prop 8 is ... about preserving the integrity of equal rights in this country. This is not about being gay or straight, it’s about being

Ugly Betty Stars Say “Vote NO on Prop 8!”






“Family is very important to Latinos,” said Tony Plana. “Prop 8 discriminates against families and everything we stand for.”

who are gay and deserve the same rights all of us have,” said Ana Ortiz. “Prop 8 would take away those rights and that's why we urge all Californians to vote NO. “

“Latinos have family members and friends

Join Ugly Betty in voting NO on Prop 8.


The Truth About Proposition 8  

This is a response to the "Yes" campaign's flier, which deceptively implies Obama endorses Prop 8. He explicity said he does not.

The Truth About Proposition 8  

This is a response to the "Yes" campaign's flier, which deceptively implies Obama endorses Prop 8. He explicity said he does not.