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Write 10 short but informative statements that identify your distinctive ‘positioning’ as a Graphic Designer. Your statements should consider your ambitions, skills and areas of creative interest in relation to the market, your clients, competition and possible collaborators and should be based on the information that you have collected in response to the set tasks. You will need to compare a list of your skills and services against customer/client needs to those of your competitors, this should help you determine how your company is unique.

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When working within the design industry I feel that there are 3 main areas I would be most happy working in. Number one being the skateboarding Industry, Apparel/clothing Industry and the music industry. I don’t think I would pursue my passion for design working commercially.

The way a product or piece of worked is photographed can seal the deal when pitching and presenting work to your audience. This is something that is become very apparent and building on my photography skills is something I want to pursue.

I’m interested in working efficiently to keep the planet green and to ethical standards. If I started up a clothing company I would want to work with natural fibres and with manufacturers who pay an honest wage etc.

My passion for print is something I think I will carry with me through my design career whichever way it sways. I want to continue working with print and developing my screen printing skills.

In say 8-10 years I aspire to own a clothing brand or label hopefully in the form of a shop, I enjoy working within retail and owning my own range of apparel would .

I enjoy working on briefs corroboratively, when working professionally I aspire to work with artists, photographers, illustrators to develop a clothing company that is innovative and original.

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One of my ambitions is to work with web design, I’m really interested in the development of websites and how things work on screen in comparison to print. Working with web is an essential skill set.

Travel is one of my main aspirations, I’d love to see the world. I’m interested in European design so working in somewhere like Holland or Germany.

I want to develop my illustration skills further, I have a passion for drawing but need to find my feet when it comes to a consistent approach to illustration.

Working in publishing is something I want to pursue, my passion for print lies in the production of magazines and books so as a profession I feel I would be really happy working in publishing.

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