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William Cotterill OUGD301

Between The Lines Design a poster to express the following words in your own script: ‘Between the Lines’ – within the context of your World Design a Poster to express the meaning of the above phrase using your native script and language. Calligraphic or digitally created letter forms or existing fonts, or a combination of these can be used for the poster. The interpretation of the meaning of the words ‘Between the Lines’ could be any of the following: - what is not seen but hidden - to infer that is not obvious - to find a concealed meaning


Poster Development

William Cotterill OUGD301

My Main concept behind the posters I’ve designed is using the phrase between the Lines to relate to the growing issue of poverty in India. I want between the lines to represent the hunger line and draught of food. In three years time India is going to be extremely overpopulated, I’m correlating research from charts about poverty in India and turning them into gradients on a scale. These are a few of the experiments I’m happy with. Other concepts include working with mirrors to create repeat patterns, thinking about how negative space can sits in between two lines.



Inbetween the lines