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First time visit Summary • It is a foundation • The main material is concrete and concrete blocks • The use of timber on the side

Foundation • What is a foundation? A foundation is the lowest and supporting layer of a structure. • It is a deep foundation(more than 91.44cm in depth) • With about 100cm width on all the sides of the foundation(allow space for workers to lay the foundation)

Material • concrete and concrete blocks

Advantage: 1. cheep 2. sustainability--some waste materials in other areas can be even used to make concrete(Slag) 3. high plasticity(easy to change the shape) 4. durable(can be used for long time) 5. good performance

Material Disadvantage: 1. 2. 3. 4.

large density--weight too much! easy to have cracks on it hard to be used when the temperature is low need a long time to test the performance and maintainance 5. low quality in some developing countries

What are the timber sticks used for on the sides?

The sticks are for bracing the bricks to support the wall.

The shape of the timber Why in this shape? A: the part with stick A will have smaller pressure on the wall B: the part with stick B direct touch the wall may face a larger pressure tips: P=F/A

Second time visit the space was filled by soil

Fill the space by soil

What might happen to the foundation during the week?

1. the foundation is finished 2. remove the water around the foundation and protect the foundation from water by some water-proofing materials 3. after the concrete dried and fixed, several times of "water tests" will be used to make sure no cracks produce 4. pumped out any water inside space if it has 5. fill the space by soil or something else

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