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Acid Reflux: Foods to Avoid If you have acid reflux eventually you will have to give up some of your favourite foods especially if one of your most favourite foods is a major acid reflux trigger. Well it also depends on how worse your acid reflux is. If you have acid reflux there are foods you must avoid. Some people only need to take foods that are a major acid reflux in moderation in order to recover from their reflux. Others however can’t even take a single bite of a major trigger food before the acid starts flowing back up to their throats. Unfortunately there are foods that really aren’t allowed or recommended for people that suffer acid reflux. As it can make their situation worse than it already is. Here are the following foods to avoid for people who suffer acid reflux:             

Chocolate Coffee Tea Curry dishes Jalapeno Chilli and chilli powder Lime fruit and lime juice Lemon fruit and lemon juice Orange fruit and orange juice Black pepper Alcohol Garlic Tomatoes

 Tomato sauce  Tomato ketchup  Anything that has tomato in it (if you happen to eat any dish with tomato in it, it will make the acid more intense and more painful as it flows up to your esophagus  Pineapple juice and fruit  Carbonated drinks like coke, sprite, root beer, seven up  Fizzy or bubbly drinks  Cauliflower  Beans  Broccoli (will create gas in the stomach)  Dairy  Sugar  Fatty foods  Oily foods  Chips (in any flavour)  Daily intake of meat (especially large chunks of beef)  Chicken (especially if its deep fried or curried)  Donuts (too oily and sweet)  Sweets  Too salty chips  Mustard (too acidic)  Cranberry juice  Grape juice (because it is acidic and it can aggravate your stomach acid) Learn how Wayne Mathison got rid of acid reflux in less than 30 days Permanently!

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