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The Empire L

and of Shant is a mystical world full of peace and spirituality. Many say that it is a land blessed by the Supremes. Others tell of tales of secrets hidden within its core, like Pandora’s box, sitting silently within the universe. Truth be told, nobody really holds the answers as to what exactly shaped this world, or why it is that the Supremes have so much influence on it. On these grounds, many of the warriors that inhabit them yearn to elevate their Life Essence, better known as L.E., through physical and mental training. However, there are those who seek to achieve their goals through spells, curses and covenants. You see, in this world, there are beings able to grant incredible amounts of power, and even life itself.

Henok Pérez Writer Javier Rodriguez Pencils / Inks / Colors Will Cabrera Letters Jaime “Nero” Negrón Editor

People say that he is a tyrant mage, others go as far as calling him a god. All I care about is elevating my Life Essence (L.E.), however doing so requires extreme measures, and only he can help me.

Hey! Anyone alive in here? There are many like Sakio, searching for a path to follow. Yet others choose to forge their own. One thing is certain in the world of Shantria: It is full of dangers and mysteries beyond comprehension.

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Such impressive (L.E.) I’ve never felt this level of power before. It’s almost frightening.


Pardon me. I’m here to propose a deal that might interest you.

Your destiny has already been written. What you’ve come to propose has already been decided.

5 hours later…

Who knows what both men discussed inside the cave. That day, however, changes arose in Shant.

The time for change has


Kaest Villa Kaest Villa is known as one of the exemplary villas, due to the fact that three powerful warriors known as The Golden Warriors, who have brought peace to the villa for years, protect it. Thanks to us, Kion, our children can live and grow in peace. Just look at them run free with not a care in the world. The Heroes of this village will protect it against all dangers.

Aye, Lario, and I will fight against anything and anyone who wishes to change it. Gared, lets see who can reach the limit first!

Hahaha, sure little guy, like an Elixed can beat me

Haha! I’m winning Gared! Oomph! Oh, sorry sir.

Aagh! Insolent children! I’ve come to the villas of change to bring true change and Yamiel might be grandeur, creating the small, but he’s no insect. You’re the only first and only empire. bug around these parts!

Wretched insect, how dare you touch the king of Shant?!

Yamiel, Gared, run. Go with Mr. Juico and look for Sintia!

Even if death is all that awaits, we will fight for this villa’s freedom!

Over our dead bodies!

Divine protection, Natural Protection, grant me the armor of Justice

Then so be it. Eliminate all who oppose, but those who revere me, shall be spared. Kaytro, my god, give me what was proomiiised, Supreme beings, AAAAAAHHH!!! creators of all that

lives and breathes, give me the strength to end my opponent.

Fist of the supremes

HAAAA!!! Gared! Lario, he’s too strong. We can’t win.

Gared, my son, don’t let them control your liiiiife….

AAAH!! Kion, nooo!!! This is for Kion, and for bringing danger and death to my family’s villa!!!

Hahaha, that’s the spirit!

Now you will feel true power

Kiancy, never bow down to him.

Yamiel, my warrior, Sintia, my princess, Kiancy, my queen, I lo…

Hahahaha such a sentimental insect!

TEN YEARS LATER. In the Kaest Empire… I hope they don’t find out until we are long gone from here.

Everything is going as planned.

How’d it go with the search for the Gemini Stones?

Hey Blue, the king wants you to report to your assignment.

Stop wasting time asking questions and report to the briefing room.

Heh, I kinda like those two, Deth.


Just let me do the talking.

You worry too much. No one’s going to suspect a thing.

Yamiel, Gared, how did your espionage assignment on the 23 villas go?

We have managed to acquire a sizable amount of The Villa armies information. are gathering in the forests nearby the ruins of Tarask. Are they now? Well in that case, I’d say you were successful in your mission. Or rather, in deviating from the truth.

Why do you say that, my king? Gared Don’t humor him.

Namis, you may come in.

Which means that we have the leaders of the rebellion before us. Arrest them!!

calm down... My lord, we have found this within Yamiel’s and Gared’s belongings. They are parchments containing detailed strategies and weak points of the Empire, as well as points of entry and attack.

The penalty for high treason is


There must be a third traitor.

Namis, you may take your leave and notify my elite guards to come in.

The king requires your presence.

Deth, the king summons.

Is something the matter Namis?

It just so happens that the traitors to the crown were Yamiel and Gared. They are to be executed.

I’ve fulfilled my duties, and still I feel regret. I must find a way to intercede for their lives.


Why? Has something happened?

Juico, I need you to grab everything you can and take Yamiel’s sister far from this place.

The plan has been aborted. There’s been a great tragedy, Yamiel’s been caught and has been… …Sentenced to death. What are we to do? We can’t just leave him there.

No. Yamiel and Gared are all I have left. Lucas, don’t let anything happen to them!

I will buy them time so they may make their escape, and if I can, I will rescue them myself. We’ll rendezvous at midnight within the Forest of Wonders. If I’m not there by then, then assemble a rescue party. Hurry! I can hear the search horns. You must leave at once! Take the basement passageway below your restaurant.

Wait! I need to bring my invention.

If I die, then it shall be defending my ideals and my freedom.

They’ll be fine. I promise.

Don’t waste your life by letting them take it from you.

My Elites, I have a task for you. There is a third traitor among us. Find him.

My lord, I come to plea in favor of the lives of Yamiel and Gared.

I see. The third traitor turns himself in voluntarily.

They’re going to execute him!

If no one will fight for what’s just, then I will. Namis, Namis, Namis. Pity, you were such a good spy. Let that be an example to all of you. Find the traitor, or suffer a fate worse than his!

Deth, he was one of the best spies for the king, and look what he did to him. Do you really think it’s worth giving our lives in battle for a king the likes of him?

Tant, don’t get involved.

I was wondering when you would show. Do not resist Lucas, you are under arrest.

Arrest him!

I don’t read minds, but I can clearly see that you think you should’ve brought more reinforcements.

You shouldn’t tangle against powers you don’t possess.

You’ll have to do more than just shout orders to get me.

Take this scum back to the king.

My thanks for bringing this insect before me.

It was a pleasure.

Now, who volunteers to go after Tant, Namis, and the other two traitors. I will.

Haha they got you too Luk? I knew you were all brawn, but even that didn’t save you.

Let him be. He’s one of us.

Silence! Tomorrow’s your execution. Sleep well.

Just remember this, puppet, I’ll die a free man, while you live on as nothing more than a slave. What the hell’s up with him all of a sudden?

Hahaha! At long last I’ll see some blood! Prepare to die, Tant!



The Land of Shant #1