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Why No Freephone? – Jim Shon

– Petty Elliott

– Jason Moynihan

– Jim Shon

– Craig Money

– Rizal Iwan



52 Living in Jakarta 54 Which Watt & Why? 57 Profile: Leonardo Theosabrata 58 Creating Your Home Sweet Home 62 Let’s Go Hunting 68 Should I Bring My Dog to Jakarta? 69 Stylish Traveller 70 Cool Outdoor Play 71 Indoor Edutainment 72 Searching For Home – Alistair Speirs

– Rob Doddemeade – Ayudita C. Ajani

– Susanna Tjokro

– Ayudita C. Ajani

– Dameria Hutabarat

– Dameria Hutabarat

– Dameria Hutabarat – Dameria Hutabarat

– Ayudita C. Ajani & Dameria Hutabarat

-- John Paul

– Richard Oh

Painting the Disappearing Interiors of the Rimba People’s Homes – Amir Sidharta – Alistair Speirs

– Made Wijaya

– John Aglionby


Cover photo: iwannagohome! @ Pacific Place, photographer: Adha Togi. 4 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

iwannagohome! @ Pacific Place

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Your August Calendar





SAT,1ST-SAT,8TH 4th Jakarta International Video Festival 2009 at Galeri Nasional. Incorporated with Ruang Rupa and OK, the festival will discuss about humor through non-narative video, and audio visual manipulation, experiment, and reconsturuction. Exhibitions, Discussion and Awards will be held at Building A, C. Curator: Aminudin TH Siregar. For more info call: (021) 348 33954 or email galnas@ indosat.net.id. MON, 10TH Dance Performance “The Party is not Over” by Sanggar Maniratari at Erasmus Huis. The Erasmus Huis presents this dance, the forth choreography of Siko Setyanto from Solo, which is about a group of dancers getting ready for a performance at a party. The movements of the dancers potray them getting ready both physically and mentally for their upcoming performance. The performance starts from 17:30-onwards. For more info, please dial (021) 524 1069 or email: Erasmushuis@minbuza.nl. WED,19-SUN,30TH Online Art Archive Launching (Expo & Seminar) at Galeri Nasional. “iCLICK!IVAA: A Multimedia Showcase of Indonesian Contemporary Art History”. Curator: Farah Wardani, Incorporation with: IVAA (Indonesian Visual Art Archive). For more info call: (021) 348 33954 or email galnas@indosat.net.id. 6 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

August is a special month for people in Jakarta. It is the month where Ramadhan, the fasting month, starts and Indonesians are celebrating their independence. Take the opportunity to take an Egyptian Cooking Class in Four Season and enjoy paintings visualing daily activities of the people who celebrate Indonesian Independence and Ramadhan at Sidharta Auctioneer ArtFordable Auction. These, plus much more in a busy month. Have fun!

SAT, 29ST Zoo Rangers in South America at Erasmus Huis. Bring a child to see this adventurous movie about ZOO Rangers who save the South American rainforest from total destruction. Starting from 13:30 and 16:00 at Erasmus Huis, please contact Erasmus Huisat (021) 524 1069, or email erasmushuis@minbuza.nl.


THURS, 6TH Folk Pop Acoustic Concert “Get Free Sense”. ONMEITRA is a modern chambre music group with the members: Henry (a leader, composer, piano and acoustic guitar), Meidia (drums and percussion), and Saputra (bass). Starting from 19:30-onwards at Erasmus Huis. For information and reservation: Henry-0813-883 34494; Yonni (021) 9588 7208; Eki (021) 9209 7499.


SAT, 1ST – SUN 9TH Sidharta Auctioneer ArtFordable Auction. Celebrating Indonesian Independence 17th August 2009, Sidharta Auctioneer holds a painting exhibition at Kemang Village, Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 36, South Jakarta. The exhibitions will be held from 1-8 Aug, starting from 11.0020.00. Auctions will be held on Sunday, 9th August 2009 starts from 14:00-onwards. For more info and registration, please contact: (021) 72788366, 72788334, 72788368 or email info@sidharta-auctioneer.com, www. sidharta-auctioneer.com

SAT, 1ST-WED, 12TH The Complexity of Simplicity Exhibition by Dutch Graphic Designer Max Kisman at Erasmus Huis. Max Kisman (Doetinchem, 1953) is a Dutch graphic designer and a pioneer in the application of computer techonology. Erasmus Huis presents this exhibition in the frame work of 2009-2012 Dutch International Cultural Policy: Dutch Design, Fashion and Architecture). For info, contact Erasmus Huisat (021) 524 1069. TUE,11TH-WED,19TH A Photo Exhibition “Mosque of Rome”. Images of the biggest mosque of Europe” at Instituto Italiano di Cultura. The mosque was built in 1984 on the project of Paolo Portoghesi. Many thanks for the Ambassador Mario Scialoja and Gabriele Tecchiato of the Islamic Cultural Center of Italy to make this exhibition possible to be held. The inauguration will be opened by His Excellency the Ambassador of Italy to Indonesia Roberto Palmieri on 11th August 2009 at Istituto Italiano di Cultura, 11am. A visual presentation on the architectural features of the mosque by Avio Mattiozzi will follow. Further info, please contact: 021 3927531-32. WED, 12TH- SUN, 30TH Art exhibition “25th Edwin Gallery” Living Legends to Tribute to Maestro”. This exhibition is curated by Suwarno Agung and Farah Wardani at Galeri Nasional, building A B. For more info call: (021) 348 33954 or email galnas@indosat.net.id.




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5 FRI, 7TH- TUE,18TH The Royal Cuisine of Yogyakarta. Experience refined and sophisticated Culinary Art of Yogyakarta Royalties at Hotel Borobudur. Original recipes, passed on for generations, are unveiled and authentically prepared. For more information, please dial (021) 380, 4444, 383 5000 ext. 73400/73441


SAT, 1ST-FRI,14TH A Culinary Journey with Chef Deden Suherman at Oakwood Restaurant & Bar, 3rd Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta, and stand a chance to win one night Stay in 1 Bedroom Deluxe Apartment in the raffle draw. Daily dinner buffet from 6 PM to 10 PM, Rp 90,000 net per person. For enquiries and reservation, please call (021) 25542300or email: csr. cozmojakarta@oakwoodasia.com

WED, 29TH Egyptian Cooking Class with Chef Hossam Saeed Mahmoud at Four Season Hotel. He will reveal the secrets of the exquisite Egyptian taste for only Rp.300.000++ per person. All classes are inclusive of cooking materials, recipes, apron and voucher for breakfasting buffet. For more information, please dial Seasons Cafe at (021) 252 3456 ext.7199

SAT,1ST-WED,19TH Journey to Italy: Roaring Modena at Rosso, Shangri-La Jakarta. Modena is world famous for its balsamic vinegar, an essential ingredient in true Italian home cooking. From the freshest tortellini and tagliatelle to cannelloni and the sweet ciambellina, Chef Alessandro Santi brings guests the special flavour of Modena. Time: 11:30 a.m to 2.30 p.m (lunch) and 6:30 to 10:30 p,m (dinner), restaurant reservations at (021) 574 8168

WED, 19TH IABC Members Gathering. Register your invitation to IABC Secretariat to Dhoni Ibrahim at (021) 521 1540.

SAT, 1 -MON, 31 Durian Tart at Borobudur Gourmet. Made from butter, sugar, fresh durian Monthing, dry coconut and eggs, Durian Tart is the Cake of the Month at Borobudur Gourmet. Rp 220,000 net per cake. For more information please dial (021) 380 4444, 383 5000 ext. 73620/21 ST


SAT,1ST- MON, 31ST Australian Wagyu at Miyami Restaurant, Nothing compares to the exquisite marbling and texture of the affordable Prime Wagyu Beef imported from Australia. Chef Takaishi will present his very own version of Wagyu Beef dishes for you. For information, please dial (021) 380 4444, 383 5000 ext.73100 8 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009


FRIDAY,21ST Java St. Andrew Society Whisky Tasting. For more information, please email: events@javastandrewsociety. com TUES, 11TH EKONID’s Summer Party. Let’s celebrate the summer and get to see and be seen!. Venue: Pavilion Ramayana Bar and Lounge, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta. For more info and registration, call Ms.Lisna/ Ms. Wina at (021) 315 4685


SAT, 01ST – FRI, 14TH 20 % off on Selected Treatments at Spa Borobudur Happy Hours. Jump

up to Spa Klub Borobudur from 11:30-16:00 hours to spoil your self during hectic hours. For more information please contact Klub & Spa Borobudur at (021) 380 4444, 383 5000 ext. 74220-1


SUN, 9TH Self Healing & Transformation Through Yoga, Meditation, and Diksha at Anahata Wellness Center. Coached by Kadek Sumbara, the workshop will teach you how to take control of yourself and be happy with your life. Time: 14:00-19:00. Investment: Rp 450,000/ person and Early Bird (before 1st August): Rp. 400.000. For more information and registration, please dial (021) 255-4055 or email sm@anahatawellness.com


SAT, 1ST-MON,31ST Team Building Programs for fun games, company gathering, and team challenge program at Borobudur Hotel. The program is highly interactive and incorporates games and exercises to engage participants both mentally and physically as team and as individuals. Program & Package: Fun Games, Ice Breaking, Night Fun Games, Racing Games, Family Gathering/Outing, Backyard Games, Treasure Hunt, etc. For more information please contact Club & Spa Borobudur at: (021) 380 4444, 383 50000 ext. 74220-1 MON, 10TH-TUE, 11ST Disney Keys to Excellence@Grand Hyatt Hotel. Two days Training with Disney Institute at Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta from 8 AM to 5 PM. Learn the advantage! Should you have further queries, please contact (021) 631 5986, (021) 93591862, E: seminaredupro@ gmail.com

For more information on these events and others, please visit www.WhatsNewJakarta.com.

NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 9

Another senseless tragedy.... Sadly, I have to start to write this column again after the tragic event’s of Friday 17th July when two bombs were cynically exploded in two of Jakarta’s leading hotels.


I have had to endure two phases of senseless bombing in my life, the first being in London where the IRA perpetrated a vicious and cruel spate of bombing which included the taking of innocent lives in Harrods luxury store and even the Lifeguards parade horses. Nasty, heartless and violent as it was at least the British knew what they were up against and why, with the IRA taking responsibility in their fight for independence from UK. But these bombings come with no warnings, no threats, no chance of negotiation. This is terrorism at its most cynical, with no demands attached, no-one taking responsibility, and no positive results expected or wanted. Just death, horror, shock and fear. But think again, whoever is behind these pointless horrors, how can even the most ardent nationalist support you for political power if that’s what you are after, or the most faithful religious follower support you if the “cleansing” of Indonesia from Western pollution is your aim. You are cowards who dare not show your faces and evil-doers who cannot be respected for your “religious” beliefs. You lose on both counts. My column was dedicated to the good things in life to be found in Jakarta, and indeed the rest of this magazine is still full of how good life is here, but this column is now dedicated to you: the visitor, the expat, the resident of Jakarta. My message is simple: don’t give up. Indonesia has 200 million wonderful people, don’t let them lose their livelihoods or hope, don’t abandon them in their time of need, let’s all work together to defeat evil, by not letting these bombings phase us or chase us away. Show no fear –be very careful yes – but no fear. Let’s support this great country and put the terrorists where they belong. Behind bars –permanently. ALISTAIR SPEIRS

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Who’s Contributing NOW!

Adha Togi With his distinct passion in fashion, Adha Togi is bringing his unique and edgy style to sharpen NOW! Jakarta photographically.

Amir Sidartha is a very well known art curator and art critic whose writings on art are greatly respected. His “affordable” auctions have brought art into the lives of many aspiring collectors and his perspective remains balanced and independent.

Craig Money

Craig’s passion for music is astonishing and only matched by his knowledge which somehow manages to encompass pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, techno, fusion, blues and some genres we haven’t even heard of. Reading his reviews is like discovering new depths to the music.

Jason Moynihan is a fanatical sportman, Jason leading the Aussie Rules team, “the Bintangs”. He’ll keep us up to date on who’s playing where and when in their respective sports. We’ll add golf news and other sports as they happen.

Jim Shon is a long term resident of Jakarta and an expert cameraman, photographer and editor. It is no wonder that his professional skills can transform the everyday objects around us into fascinating photographic studies. Read his astonishing tale on the Urban Chat section.

John Aglionby

is the former chairman of the Jakarta Foreign Correpondents Club and the correspondent for the Financial Times, one of the world’s most respected newspapers. John has created a column on his life and views on Indonesia which is highly popular with readers. His is The Last Word.

12 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

John Paul (JP)

A young man with a passion, JP is dedicated to music. He plays classical guitar but his musical tastes go much wider. He ensures that we know not just what is coming up in the concert world but whether it’s worth going to or not, since he knows the performers’ works very well.

Richard Oh is an accomplished author and film maker who is deeply involved in the artistic scene in Indonesia. His book reviews have graced many magazine pages but for NOW! he writes a column Oh Really? which includes restaurant reviews and his personal view on life, as well as literature.

Rob Doddemeade.

Made Wijaya only

Rizal Iwan

Steve Barber is a fanatical sportmen, Steve leading the Indonesian Rubgy Union. He’ll keep us up to date on who’s playing where and when in their respective sports. We’ll add golf news and other sports as they happen.

needs a little introduction in Bali, where he is a well known figure there and having been a resident there for many years. His landscape designs are legendary and his writings on Bali Society are equally famous in his Stranger in Paradise Colum. For NOW! Jakarta he brings us the insightfull Travel Diaries column.

There’s nothing better than a smart film critic and Rizal’s passion for movies comes through in everything he writes. His encyclopedic knowledge of the film industry and his incisive comments leave us in no doubt as to what to watch.

Petty Elliott is a cook with a natural sense of balance and proportion. Having her Manadonese roots combined with her lengthy stay in England have given her a unique style of cooking which is delicious. A winner of the coveted BBC Master Chef competition, Petty brings her recipes to our pages every month.

A journalist, author, and film director with more International creative awards than we could list here. Rob is a founding director of Indonesian’s premier academy of film, television and drama studies. His column on design focuses on all designs that affect our lives, not only architecture and interior design.

Susanna Tjokro

A professional writer with a personal touch, Susanna gets inside her subjects – and enjoys them – allowing her to clearly express her knowledge and appreciation. Her stories on shopping and culture are always insightful.

august2009-jktNow_half_sent.indd 1

NOW! Jakarta7/23/2009 - August6:00:17 2009AM | 13



Living in Jakarta


owever we haven’t changed the text since we believe that life will go back to “normal” soon. So our great thanks go to Susan Whistler the Chairperson of British Woman’s Association (BWA) and Kelly Ginley the President of Austalia New Zealand Association (ANZA) both of whom were overall most positive about life (at that time). NOW! Jakarta’s Alistair Speirs posed the questions. AGS What to you are the best things about living in Jakarta? SW The people, the weather and the friendships. KG The great friends you make within the close expat community and the pampered lifestyle (especially having help with young children!)

AGS And the most challenging? SW Achieving so little in a day, compared to UK. KG Traffic and the unpredictability of everyday life. In Jakarta, you need to learn to relax and accept the cultural differences in the way things are done.

14 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

This month’s interview is a “dual” interview of two ladies who are at the heart of the expatriate community. Sadly these conversations perhaps do not reflect the ladies current thinking since they took place before the tragic bombings that have interfered most terribly with many resident’s perspectives on life in Jakarta.

AGS What do you think about houses and apartments Jakarta? Acceptable standard? Good? Barely acceptable? SW I feel the rent is too high in Jakarta and the properties deteriorate very quickly, due to the humidity. The standard of finishing is not particularly good. However, houses tend to be light and airy. KG The houses and apartments are fantastic. Where else can you afford a house that the kids can ride their bikes inside! Although housing does age quickly and you need a good landlord that will take care of everyday maintenance. AGS When you first arrived and settled in, how difficult was it to find the right furniture and interior decorations that you wanted? SW We had every intention of renting a house fully furnished, but made a deal with the landlord that he would lower the rent if we furnished the house (excluding white-wear). So, I was on a mission, I had a house to fill and was on a budget. I was not buying

furniture that I intended taking back to Scotland, but I wanted to create a comfortable home for the next couple of years (that was eight years ago) I walked up and down Jl. Kemang Timur until my feet hurt! I went round shopping malls and markets to find good buys. Not difficult but time consuming. I am not sure I would like to do it today, with the present traffic situation! KG No more difficult than back in NZ, but things have really improved over that last 8 years here and the good thing about Jakarta is what you can’t find, you can have custom made. AGS Is shopping in Jakarta a challenge or a pleasure? Why? SW Both, the challenge is getting from A to B and then discovering they don’t have what you are looking for. Then you have to go from B to C… The pleasure is the vast choice (sometimes too much) and all the unusual things you see on the way. Even with the inflation, the cost of most items tends to be a lot less than at home, definitely put that one in the ‘pleasure’ column.

Susan Whistler, Chairperson of British Woman’s Association (BWA)

KG Now shopping is a real pleasure in Jakarta as there are so many new shopping centres with international brands. You don’t miss out on anything (apart from the odd time imported products disappear of the supermarket shelves) AGS Have you developed a taste for Indonesian design? If so who and why? SW Although I did not particularly like Indonesian design when I first arrived, I have definitely developed a taste now. I love wood and the different ways it is carved, it reminds me very much of Norwegian carving. I don’t like the too shiny wood carvings of horses, etc. Batik is also a form of art that I have learned to appreciate. AGS What about food? What’s your favourite dish and are you able to make it yourself (or at least in your kitchen?) SW I have yet to tire of Indonesian cuisine. There are so many dishes that I enjoy that I have a hard time choosing a favourite. I have an excellent maid

Kelly Ginley, President of Australia New Zealand Association (ANZA)

that makes it for me, however your question has prompted me to ask her to teach me! KG Ummm. Something with lots of Chilli. Why cook when there are such great restaurants or you have a cook at home. I also love that most places deliver! AGS In terms of culture, what activities and venues do you enjoy? Are you into orchestral performances, jazz, dance, theatre? Please tell us your best experiences. SW I occasionally visit jazz bars but have to admit I don’t find/make the time for much more. Something else I will try to change. KG With young children it’s more about Waterbom and Kidszania or the movies. (Movies are so affordable here) AGS Where are your favourite places for a wonderful dinner? SW I love going to Kinara with friends and also just with my husband. With friends we can relax, take our time and share delicious food and friendly

service. When there is just the two of us, we hide away in a booth and take the time to talk and put the world to rights. Great when there is no distraction! Lan Na Thai is also a favourite, for much the same reasons as Kinara. KG Loewy’s is a favourite. Just love the atmosphere and the cocktails. Also the 5 star hotels do the most amazing Sunday Brunches! AGS Have you developed a favourite place to relax outside of Jakarta? Please share with us! SW Yes, Bali. My husband and I bought a fabulous villa a few years ago. We still pinch ourselves when we sit and look at the ocean and breathe the warm, clean air! KG Karama Kandara in the Bukit of Bali is our home away from home. So relaxing, clear water, great private beach, fab food, blue skies and 5 star facilities! We go whenever we get a chance. Thank you ladies and we hope that life will return to normal again soon. [NOW]

NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 15




Why no FREEPHONE? The whole process of customer care and the notion of after sales service have been hijacked. Once, some clever human came up with the idea of shifting support services and call centres across the various global continents to save a buck or three then the whole art of customer care systems was refined to a point where many have simply accepted it as a bit of light entertainment. When this is a 0800 number, then there can indeed be an entertaining and funny side to it. by: JIMSHON


thers it seems have cleverly seen the opportunity to actually increase revenue from their own failures. How? SYNERGY. If you happen to be an internet provider, for example, and as part of your extensive conglomerated relationships and inter-company synergistic partnerships etc, etc, happen to also be the phone company as well and, of course, get paid every time a customer is forced to call the help service! Refine this further and let’s assume that you choose not to provide a free-phone service number, clever. Let’s further suppose that you set your system up to ALWAYS accept calls, even when the main server facility is less than 5 feet of water crocodiles and no one in the country is getting internet, even cleverer. Now hire two service assistants and set up the system such that it always requires a check on customer information at every call. Getting the picture, yet? So you’re all set, but wait, make sure that your central office is totally understaffed and requires the patience of a Shaolin priest to visit. Right that’s it, you’re ready for business.

16 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

Typical Internet Advert

Our internet connection is so fast you’ll have read the page before it loads! Subscribe for service unlimited access, 7 days a week 24 hours a day service. A bit more expensive, but hey, unlimited access, super high quality product, must be a good deal, sign me up brother. Adverexaggerating (yes, I know it’s a madeup word)

Press 7 for service in Ancient Greek

Alas, problem with service I can’t download email, can’t browse nothing! Nada! Kosong. Neit! I know, I’ll phone customer care. Welcome...for service in English press 987234599943212, for service in Polish press 3456, for service in Egyptian, northern dialects only, press 566, for a detailed and concise explanation of the meaning of life press 1, for information on our other 66 products including, blah blah blah.

Press the number 987234599943212

Welcome…for your particular service press 454 and wait. “Sorry, all of our customer

care representatives (all two of them it appears) are busy servicing other clients. “Mohon ditunggu sebentar.” Recorded message kicks in: “We are committed to providing you with a better service and the following sixty product ranges are now available in addition to the one that you are regrettably experiencing difficulty with and which, as will by now have now found out, could never possibly have met the advertised specification in the first place anyway.” Five minutes and fourteen brainnumbing adverts plus five more pledges of caring for your every whim and a commitment to servicing you better? Later! Sorry all of our customer care representatives are busy servicing other clients. Mohon ditunggu sebentar. You tunggu a bit. You tunggu a little bit more. You get fed up tungguing and hang up.

Here it comes!

You have just participated in a very clever little sales effort and not even realised it. You’ve just paid for that call, which of course is very good news for the company which is the same one providing you with

the broken service for which you paid for in the first place. So not only have you paid for the service that is broken you’ve just added to their considerable bank account, thank you very much. Assuming you ever get through “Bisa dibantu?” (That’s the English service option by the way) Yes, my service is not working. Who is calling? And then they address you by your name, “Jim, I understand your frustration” No you don’t. I have even had one call line individual actually refuse to address my problem unless I gave them my name so I did and became Roberto for the day. “Well Roberto, I understand your frustration. What is your customer reference number?” You give it and then, “Mohon ditunggu, I have to check your details.” Click, so you hang on the line, paying for the call, remember. Why do you want to check my details? I just want you to fix the service for which I give you money each month. No, no, no, no, no, Roberto, you can’t beat the system. “Sebentar”. Click, recorded message “Mohon ditunggu,” you’re paying for this call.

Eventually, you get angry. “Can I speak to a supervisor please?”, “Tidak ada.” “Can I speak to someone who can get this fixed? What is the head office number?” “Tidak ada.” So let’s get this clear, you have customer service personnel who are entirely unempowered and there is no way for your highly valued customer to talk to anyone who is? Nope and you’re still paying for the call, thank you very much. “You can go in person to our head office if you like, Roberto.” I did once and after two hours gave up. Now the service personnel, it must be said, are very nice and very helpful but totally without power and therefore generally become the receptacle for all customer anger and frustration thereby ensuring that senior executives are kept blissfully unaware of any problems. I visualize a RANT button. The customer care officer simply presses it as the complaining customer ramps up to his crescendo of angry abuse and soft music is switched to their headphones. An oscilloscope panel indicates when the audio profile of the customer has returned to a normal state of mind and automatically

reconnects the assistant who compounds the frustration with. “I understand your frustration, Roberto.” Do you think this is intentional? In fact the beleaguered service personnel could really be replaced by an automated system, a machine. Insert customer ID Now 3333, Insert problem code 1-totally goosed, 2-not goosed, but not very good or 3-intermittently goosed…other. “Thank you, a technician will review your account and possibly fix it in the fullness of time.” Click, done. 4 seconds. So why don’t they do this? And why do they continue to accept calls knowing full well that the entire global internet is broken anyway? Why not? Here’s why not. It’s too quick, it’s too impersonal and doesn’t engage the customer. It doesn’t make them feel wanted and appreciated or warm and fuzzy. It doesn’t use their name and empathize with their problem nor incidentally present the opportunity to provide them with other useful information on the latest product lines. But most of all, it doesn’t keep them hanging on the line, paying! And adding to our profits. So, why no 0800 number? [NOW]

NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 17

18 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

Now & Then is our section dedicated to events, both upcoming (now) and recently passed (then). NOW! Jakarta is supporting Salihara Community, visiting Tour de France Culinaire, and cheering the new Jakarta’s luxurious ride. Check them out.


Let’s Support The Freedom of Expression

eld on the same day as the Indonesian president election, on 8th July 2009, Hasif Amini, Director of Festival Salihara 2009, said, “In the morning, we celebrate our freedom for democracy, but tonight at Salihara, we celebrate freedom of expression and imagination,” as he opened the Festival Salihara 2009 that was held to commemorate its first year anniversary. Komunitas Salihara was launched on 8th August 2008 and until this day, they have been organizing programs that include music, dance, theatre, literary readings, discussions and public lectures. Working with many foreign cultural centres in Jakarta, the festival included some performances of artists like a prominent choreographer and dancers Eiko & Koma from New York, one of those named in the book Fifty Contemporary Choreographers. In co-operation with Goethe Institute Jakarta, there will be Dieter Mack and his Selisih Ensemble from Germany. Local artists, such as, Teater Lungid, Trio Ligro, and I Wayan Sadra and his Ansambel SonoSeni also support the art festival. As an opening, Wiwiek Widiyastuti & Laboratorium Tari Indonesia Jakarta presented Kembang Lambang Sari (The Essenece of the Flower of Life), a performance that tells a story about humours and problems in a family life. Using dances, pantun (traditional poetry consisting of the couplets that

are sung and recited), and Betawi traditional music, the performance is hilarious yet entertaining. Another performance held at the same day was the Jazz duo of Dewa Budjana and Tohpati. Skillful and communicative, the performance got a great applause. The duo did not only play songs from their own work but also from Indonesian traditional songs such as CublakCublak Suweng and Keroncong Kemayoran. During the opening, Salihara Community also invited the audience to be Sahabat Salihara (friend of Salihara) to express support for the arts and creative freedom in Indonesia. By being one, you will receive information and updates about many art events and performances held in Komunitas Salihara and other art centres. Sahabat Salihara can also enjoy special discounts from Sahabat Salihara’s partners such as bookstores, magazines, newspapers, restaurants, bars, hotels, fashion & accessories, beauty centres, fitness clubs, and many more. So, what’s stopping you? Let’s support Komunitas Salihara. For more information about Festival Salihara 2009 and Sahabat Salihara, please contact Komunitas Salihara, Jl. Salihara 16, Pasar Minggu T: +62-21 7891202 F: +62-21 7818849, Reservation and Information: Natalie: 08170771913 Tiko: +62-21 9610 2632 www.salihara.org [NOW]




NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 19

Jakarta’s Luxurious Ride

Dragonfly in the House

It was history in the making in Indonesia, when Blue Bird Group introduced Mercedes-Benz C-class for the first time as its premium taxi called Silver Bird since 2007. After a successful collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Indonesia and Blue Bird Group, this time Silver Bird will add to its executive fleet by using the beautiful Mercedes-Benz E-Class. There will be more than 400 units of MercedesBenz E200 Compressors operated by Silver Bird from mid June 2009. Complete with GPS and a payment facility using E-payment for BCA Flazz and Debit, this premium taxi is both convenient and luxurious. Silver Bird Mercedes-Benz E-Class will be easily found in most five and six star hotels, Soekarno Hatta airport, and the high end malls of Jakarta. For more information about Silver Bird, please contact 24-hour call center: +62-21 7917 1234, 798 1234 or www. bluebirdgroup.com. [NOW]

Party people in Jakarta, it’s time to rejoice the hottest news in town! Finally, the iconic House music club in the Capital, Dragonfly, will officially launch Dragonfly in the House, an essential dance music CD compilation made by the world’s most renowned House music label, Defected on the upcoming 14th August 2009. For the past year, Dragonfly has been continuously hosting several highly anticipated Defected parties and recently, the two have decided to pair up for one-of-its-kind music project to be ever done in Indonesia by releasing an electrifying double CD as a part of Defected in The House compilation series. Since it was first opened in 2003, Dragonfly has became identical with tasteful House music, polished interior, beautiful crowds, and bizarre party experiences. It is just effortlessly represents the perfect home for Defected. “Dragonfly is Indonesia’s finest clubbing destination; a sublime cocktail of music, fashion, and glamour. Hosted by music and party aficionados, it has all the special ingredients required for a perfect club. Travelling the world we are privileged to cross paths with likeminded knowledgeable dance music enthusiasts and playing in Jakarta for the first time proved to be another of those magical occasions,” says Simon Dunmore, Defected label owner. A string of launch parties which are titled Defected in the House Tour featuring Simon Dunmore himself and Indonesia’s best local DJs is scheduled to rock four major cities in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali) in mid-August 2009. So all of you die-hard clubbers, embrace yourself and please welcome Dragonfly in the House! [NOW]

Marina Bay Sands Topped Out its Hotel Towers Wednesday, 8th July 2009. The most awaited integrated resort in South East Asia, Marina Bay Sands, successfully topped out the three 55-storey hotel towers and NOW! Jakarta was on site to witness the important occasion. The ceremony was attended by approximately 120 regional and local media, members of the Singapore government, the construction team, and several distinguished guests. In the press conference, Chairman of Las Vegas Sands Corp., Sheldon G. Adelson proudly announced, “Topping the hotel towers at Marina Bay Sands is a milestone in an exciting construction and engineering project. We’re pleased to be another step closer to delivering on our promise to Singapore and we remain committed to creating the landmark premier integrated resort in South East Asia.” NOW! Jakarta also observed first-hand the actual progress being made in the construction site through an extensive “Hard Hat Tour” of Marina Bay Sands Project. NOW! Jakarta can easily say that this remarkable integrated resort, which was designed by the visionary Moshe Safdie, will definitely bring new excitement to people in the region. In fact, Marina Bay Sands Hotel will offer 2,600 rooms and suites where each room will overlook either the sea and the upcoming Gardens By the Bay or the Marina Bay reservoir and the city skyline. The hotel towers will be topped by the 1,2 hectare SkyPark 20 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

which will be longer than the height of Eiffel Tower and at one end, will have the world’s longest cantilever at 66, 5 metres long. Moreover, about 75,000 square metres of luxury retail space featuring the most luxury and cutting-edge labels in the world as well as fine dining space offering celebrity chef restaurants and the hippest bar lounges will be established inside Marina Bay Sands Shoppes. But two most important features will be the Sands Casino with its true Las Vegas style gaming experience and the Sands Expo and Convention Centre that covers 120,000 square metres and possesses the biggest ballroom in Asia. Here, you can have a giant event for 10,000 people or a smaller occasion for only 100 guests. There are over five floors of space, 250 meeting rooms, and the grand ballroom can also be configured into 16 separate rooms. In short, a mind-blowing development of massive proportions! See you at the Grand Opening of Marina Bay Sands at the beginning of 2010. [NOW]

Belitung Dream at Jiffest

Beauty Captured

After successfully breaking box office records and winning five awards nationally and internationally, Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops), has played in various international movie festivals, including Berlin International Film Festival 2009 and Udine Far East Film Festival 2009. On 25th June 2009, at Pendopo Solo, Kemang, Riri Riza, Laskar Pelangi’s director, along with Miles Film and Mizan Production crews announced and celebrated the making of Sang Pemimpi, a movie that was adapted from the second novel of Andrea Hirata’s tetralogy novels (Laskar Pelangi, Sang Pemimpi, Edensor, and Maryamah Karpov). The shooting process was started on 1st July 2009 in Belitung Island, Jakarta, and Bogor, and it is scheduled to be finished on 21st August 2009. The post production process will take place in Jakarta and Bangkok. Sang Pemimpi, has also been chosen as an opening film in Jakarta Film Festival (JIFFEST) 2009, on 4th December 2009 and the movie will be the first Indonesian movie to open JIFFEST after eleven festivals held. The movie will be screened all over Indonesia starting on 17th December 2009. For more information about Sang Pemimpi, please contact Imelda Achsaningtias, Publicist, Jl. Pangeran Antasari 17, Cipete Selatan, Jakarta 12410. T:+62-21 7500503, F:+62-21 7581 7755, E: imelda.achsaningtias@gmail. com [NOW]

Bondan Suryaning Tias was presenting the beauty of Javanese and Balinese traditions and the charms of daily easy going life of the people with subtle humour and compassion in his painting. The management of Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta in cooperation with Duta Fine Arts Gallery present the Painting Exhibition that display his works of art at the Lobby area of the Four Season Hotel until August 10th 2009. “Honestly, when I paint common people, I paint myself,“ said Bondan. Attractive and colourful, the paintings bring sincerity to anyone who views it. For more information about Bondan Suryaning Tias Painting Exhibition, you may please contact Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, Sisa Primashinta, Public Relations Manager, Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Jakarta, T: +62-21 252 3456, F: +62-21 252 0287. [NOW]

Networking at Ekonid Tour De France Culinaire Le Meridien Executive Chef, Thierry Guineau and his “brigade de culinaire” were showing their skills and knowledge by presenting Tour de France Culinaire in Jakarta. Inspired by the famous cycling race in France that was held from 4 to 26 July 2009, La Brasserie Restaurant in Le Meridien Jakarta was serving authentic food in line with each region that passed by the cycle participants. The delicious dishes came from the following 10 regions and two countries (Switzerland and Andorra) which are Provence-Alpes Cotes d’Azur-on the first day, and then Languedoc-Roussillon, AndorraSpanyol, Midi Pyrenees, Limousin, Centre, Lorraine, Alsace, FrancheConte, Switzerland, Rhone-Alpes, and Ile de France. Delicious and educating, Tour de France Culinaire that was held in collaboration with Centre Culturel Francais (CCF) Jakarta showed the diversity of France’s cuisine to French food lovers in Jakarta. [NOW]

The friendly ambiance of EKONID’s monthly event, “Get Together” has always made everyone feels comfortable to network after office hours. Last month, the gathering was successfully held on 7th July 2009 at Wine and Tapas bar, Intercontinental Jakarta MidPlaza Hotel. Among the guests were Mr. Collin Chan, Director of Sales & Marketing of Hotel Kempinski, Mr. Georgios Maskalidis, Finance Director of BMW, Dr. Andreas Kleine, Deputy Head of Division Renewable Energies of German Embassy, and many more. An arrangement of buffet dinner with delicious food, free flow of beer, wine, juices, and not to mention a selection of fine European cheeses brought pleasure to the guests. At the end of the gathering, EKONID’s member, Mr. Holger Bormann from PT. Deutsche Far East and Mrs. G. Gamboa Higgins from Asian Tigers Lane Moving and Storage were entitled to a voucher of Sunday Brunch at Scusa Italian Restaurant, Intercontinental Jakarta MidPlaza Hotel. For more information about EKONID Get Together and to join the event, please contact Mei Tobing at mei.tobing@ekonid.or.id or T:+62-21 3154685. [NOW] NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 21

The InterContinental Bali Resort’s Support InterContinental Bali Resort proudly sponsored MRA Bali International Triathlon that was held in Jimbaran on Sunday, 28th June 2009. The prestigious event saw 350 international athletes undertaking a serious combination of ocean swim, bike ride, and run. The total distance covered was 51.5 km. The race got off to an early start at 7.00 am as athletes entered the ocean waters at the Four Seasons for a brisk 1.5 km swim along the coastline to the front of InterContinental Bali Resort. The Resort’s Spa Garden was utilised as a transition point for participants to collect and deposit their bikes for cycling and running sector of the race. General Manager of InterContinental Bali Resort, Mr. Kamal Chaoui, commented, “The Resort was delighted to be involved in such a prominent international sporting event, especially as it was centred around Jimbaran Bay. The overwhelming success of this year’s triathlon was largely due to the dedicated efforts of the organising team who managed to attract a sizeable contingent of world-class athletes.” For more information about InterContinental Bali Resort, please contact InterContinental Bali Resort, Jl. Uluwatu 45, Jimbaran, Bali, T:+62-361701888, F:+62-361701777, www. bali.intercontinental.com [NOW]

Calling Top Tour Players! Tamarine Tanasugarn defeated Yanina Wickmayer 6-3 7-5 in the final of the Ordina Open in Hertongenbosch in 2008, making her the first Asian player to gain a place in the Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champions to be held in Bali from 4th to 8th November, 2009. Tanasugarn and other top WTA Tour players are joining the race toward glory in the tournament to be held at Westin Resort, Nusa Dua Bali in which the players will compete in an innovative 12 women round robin single format. The Commonwealth Bank Tournament is offering US $600,000 in prize money in addition to an incredible $1 million bonus that will be paid to any player who can win three of the 30 International Series events and the Tournament of Champions. No doubt competition will be really tight. Commonwealth Bank has stepped up its sponsorship in keeping with the launch of the revamped Sony Ericsson WTA Tour effective in January 2009. For more information about the Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champions, please visit www.commbanktennis. com or contact Kora or Kathryn, Media Relations and Promotions, Travel Works Communications International, T: +62-361 284095, F: +62-361 270189, E: info@travelworks-bali.com. [NOW] 22 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

Beating The Odds Against Cancer The Jakarta RACE is back again. Organized by Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta in partnership with PT. Roche Indonesia, Adidas Indonesia and HSBC along with many other corporate sponsors, the race aims to raise public awareness of childhood cancer as well as lung and lymphatic cancer. The Jakarta RACE 2009, scheduled for 25th October, 2009, is expected to draw 6,000 participants and to raise Rp 700 million. The money raised will be donated to the Indonesian Cancer Foundation for cancer research, cancer awareness programs and direct financial aid for cancer patients. The Jakarta Race Against Cancer Everyone (RACE) 2009 pre-registration for individual runners is open from 24th August to 24th October, 2009 at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta and online through the event’s website at www. jakartarace.org. The official RACE T-shirts, provided by Adidas, can be picked up at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta from 1st October onward. The registration fee for the event is Rp 80,000 for adults, Rp 60,000 for children under 12 and Rp 250,000 for a family of two adults and two children including a T-shirt and refreshments. Participants can opt to either walk, jog, run or rollerblade along the five kilometre route or take the more challenging 10 kilometre route. Don’t miss it! For more info, please contact Sisa Primashinta, Public Relations Manager, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Jakarta. T: +6221 252 3456, F: +62-21 252 0287 or check out www.jakartarace.org[NOW]

The Joy of Shopping After good response from the customers of GrandLucky SCBD at Sudirman, now GrandLucky is opening their branch on 20th July 2009, the new GrandLucky Radio Dalam, Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No. 9, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. The opening of GrandLucky Radio Dalam is celebrated by giving 20% discounts for fruit and vegetable. Standard Chartered cardholder can get 30% discounts for fruit and vegetables starting from 20th to 31st July 2009. Both superstores are trying to give their best to make shopping experience more convenient in this town by offering â&#x20AC;&#x153;One-Stop-Shopping Solutionâ&#x20AC;? and providing local premium products as well as imported products with reasonable prices. The superstores are also offering various kinds of vegetables, fresh fruits, spices, and other necessities. Monthly shopping routines should not be boring anymore. For more information about Grand Lucky Sudirman, please contact: +62-21 515 383. For more information about Grand Lucky Radio Dalam, please contact: T:+62-21 739 8368. [NOW]

NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 23

fX Turns One With its vibrant and striking interior, fX lifestyle X’nter has not only becomes a cool hangout destination for Jakarta’s young crowd, but also marks itself as a strategic and cosy meeting place for many yuppies and executives. fPod, the edgy meeting rooms in fX, have been a popular choice for many business people who believe in “real business is done outside of the office” slogan. On Wednesday, 1st July 2009, a big celebration bash was held at fX lifestyle X’nter’s main atrium to celebrate its 1st anniversary with several top local performers and a fashion show as the main attractions. Around 8 pm, Panji (a wellknown local radio announcer) started the party with a series of witty and clever rap renditions from his debut album. Then came the ultrachic fashion show which displayed unique and colourful clothes as well as accessories from several fX fashion outlets, such as Milksoup and Clementine. The models’ makeup and hairdo were carefully done by BIANCO Hair Salon –a highly recommended salon by many local celebrities at fX. Finally, The Groove, one of the most popular Pop Jazz band in Indonesia took the stage as the prime highlight of the evening by performing an upbeat “The Groove Reunion” concert. Happy birthday, fX! [NOW]

The Hair Spa Imagine pampering yourself by simply giving your hair natural treatments from herbs and authentic Indonesian traditional care. What a great feeling and yes, you can do it yourself without having to go the spa. Recently, Mustika Ratu is launching a series of hair relaxation & revitalization products which includes: t )BJS0JM$FN$FNBO which contains of virgin coconut oil to prevent dull hair and keep your hair shiny. t )BJS$POEJUJPOFS#JMBTBO4BOUBO, a conditioner made from coconut milk mixed with oranges and vitamin E to nourish and keep the hair moisturized. t )BJS5POJD made from quinine, urang-aring herb, and oxygen complex to enhance the hair growth and prevent baldness. t )BJS.BTL$FN$FNBO"LBS8BOHJ, the latest product from Mustika Ratu made from aromatherapy roots and coconut virgin oil. It functions as hair mask to fight dandruff and strengthen hair roots, giving a healthier and shinier look to your hair. The products are available at Mustika Ratu outlet all over Indonesia. For more info about .VTUJLB3BUV)BJSUSFBUNFOUQSPEVDUT, please contact: Customer Service Centre: 0800-1-888-555, Hotline Service: +6221 831 2323 or click www. mustika-ratu.com [NOW]

24 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

New Ford Everest: Sophisticatedly Strong At end of June 2009, PT Ford Motor Indonesia released the New Ford Everest with its stunning contemporary design which features several fresh style elements, including the stylish new chrome grille. As the ideal family action SUV, the New Ford Everest was specifically designed and built for a safe, comfortable, tough, and reliable drive experience. “With the best torque in its segment, the New Ford Everest offers a smooth and comfortable drive with the aid of its innovative 5-speed automatic transmission and Duratorq next generation common rail engine. Its new design gives a luxurious feel with a spacious environment and most importantly, it provides security for its occupants, thanks to its dual front air bags,” says Will Angove, President Director of Ford Motor Indonesia. The computer controlled Duratorq TDCi engines in this seven-seater vehicle are also well-known for the excellent fuel economy. Equipped with the 2,5-litre TDCi, the New Ford Everest achieves a fuel economy of 8,8 litres per 100 KM and an effective range of 678 KM. Other than its economical yet powerful engine, the spacious interior of the New Ford Everest also provides a total comfort for the whole family with Ford’s Synchronic one-touch flip-fold system to configure the vehicle for all kinds of potential uses. You can also flip forward the third-row seat for a generous rear storage area which can hold up to an impressive capacity of 1433 litres. Music entertainment in the New Ford Everest has MP3 capabilities with a new AUX input jack in the centre to connect popular MP3 players, such as the Apple iPod into the audio system. “The New Ford Everest is perfect for our customers who love thrilling action yet wants to travel in style,” says Angove. True, indeed! [NOW]

The Burger King Supports A crowd of children, kid-movie lovers, and people who work in movie industry, such as Mellisa Karim, an actress and a dubber for a Chinese dear character in Meraih Mimpi, along with Nia Dinata, one of Indonesia’s best known film director and founder of KidsFest were attending the press conference of KidsFest at Burger King, Senayan City at 7th July 2009. “This festival was born out of our frustration for the lack of quality of the children’s film here. Local films were scarce and Hollywood animated blockbusters dominated the cinemas,” said Nia Dinata. According to her, through KidsFest, children can widen their horizons by watching thoughtprovoking and highly enjoyable films. Children have the right to dream and enrich their imagination and be creative. Everyone clapped in agreement at the end of the press conference and were treated with a great meal from Burger King afterwards. For more information about Burger King Supports, please contact PT 4BSJ#VSHFS*OEPOFTJB, Wisma BNI 46 Lt. 7 Jl. Jend. Sudirman. T: +62-21 574 5808 ext. 464, E: Saiful.Anwar@burgerking.co.id. [NOW]

Sweet Temptations at Gran Mahakam The rising temperature during Ramadhan month is the best reason to find pleasure in tasting Mahakam Lotus Iced. This month, Hotel Gran Mahakam proudly presents its new Indonesian beverage on the menu. Mahakam Lotus Iced consist of dry longans, lotus seeds, jelly, lychee and crushed iced with selected syrup. What makes the experience uniquely refreshing is the drinks’ ingredients are served in a special bowl made from an ice carving. During this holy month, Hotel Gran Mahakam also offers a wide range of tajil (the sugary snacks and drinks consumed to break the fast) served in Le Gran Cafe from 21st August to 20th September 2009. A choice of authentic Indonesian tajil, such as Lumpia Basah, Kroket Tape, Srikaya Ketan Hitam, Kroket Tape, Putu Bambu, Pancong Kopyor, Cenil Keranjang, Putu Mayang, Bubur Sumsum, and Cete Manis are served to indulge your appetite. For a familiar taste, guests can also pick Strawberry and Banana Crepes which are sweet and crunchy in every single bite. Check out the Hotel Gran Mahakam Ramadhan Celebration Promo: 21st August to 20th September 2009. Venue: Le Gran Cafe, Mezzanine Floor, Iftar (Break Fasting Menu), price: Rp 178,000++/adult, Rp 89,000++/kids. Venue: AOKI Japanese Shabu-Shabu, Iftar, price: Rp 149,000++ For more information about dining at Hotel Gran Mahakam, please contact: )PUFM (SBO .BIBLBN, Jl. Mahakam I No.6, Blok M, T: +62-21 720 99 66, F: +62-21 725 20 11, www. granmahakam.com. [NOW]

The Intimate Horizon Experience Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta is reopening its Horizon Club Lounge. After going through an extensive refurbishment and renovation programme, the Horizon Club Lounge is now the largest executive lounge of its kind in the city. Four meeting rooms are available, seating six to 10 people. Several 65-inch flat screen monitors and high definition video conferencing equipment are also available. An Internet corner containing five HPTM touch smart workstations and an Apple i-MacTM with individual printer and scanner at each station is available for guests use. To celebrate the reformation of the Horizon Club Lounge, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta offers guests an Intimate Horizon package that is valid from 22th June to 30th September 2009. Guests may stay in a Horizon Club Room for USD220++/night for single occupancy or USD235++/night for double occupancy. The package includes a set dinner at the hotel’s Italian restaurant –Rosso Restaurant and Lounge– for two persons and a massage treatment at 30 per cent off for one person. Guests also enjoy free access to the Horizon Club Lounge. For more information about the *OUJNBUF)PSJ[PO&YQFSJFODF1BDLBHF and )PSJ[PO$MVC-PVOHF, please contact: Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Kota BNI, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1, T: +62- 21 570 7440, F: +62-21 570 3530, www.shangri-la.com [NOW] NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 25

Education Charity by The Park Lane Jakarta

JIMS’ New Building “Celebrate good times come on,...” sang a student from JIMS. It was the 1st July 2009, Jakarta International Multicultural School (JIMS) was celebrating the soft opening of their new school building. The school will now be located 200 metres from the Situ Gintung Lake and stand on 1,5 hectares of green land, away from the noise and pollution of Jakarta’s busy roads. The school is committed to educating its students on caring for the environment. Through practical activities, such as the construction of a greenhouse, JIMS students will continue to develop their understanding and knowledge of environmental issues affecting the world today. The new campus offers state of the art facilities including a swimming pool, computer and science labs, indoor gymnasium and a soccer field. JIMS will start the new academic year at its new location on Wednesday 5th August 2009. For more information about Jakarta *OUFSOBUJPOBM .VMUJDVMUVSBM 4DIPPM +*.4 , please contact: JIMS, Kampung Pisangan Barat Cirendeu, Ciputat Timur, South Tangerang, T: +62-21 7444864, E: info@jimsch.org, www.jimsch.org. [NOW]

The Park Lane Hotel is proudly committing themselves in a yearlong charity program to help raise funds for the Sampoerna Foundation starting from 1st July 2009. Through “A Dollar for Scholar” program, the Sampoerna Foundation is expecting to help more than 6 million students aged b e t we e n 1 3 – 1 8 years old who cannot continue their studies mainly due to financial matters. Hotel guests can contribute to the program by purchasing a coupon for Rp. 10.000,- at the Reception Desk and Cafe One. All donations will be forwarded to the Sampoerna Foundation every month. Hopefully with this thoughtful initiative, The Park Lane Jakarta can make a positive difference in the lives of less fortunate Indonesia’s young generation. Two thumbs up for their effort! [NOW]

Great Movies For Children For the first time in Indonesia, an international children’s film festival, KidsFfest, was held to mark Indonesia’s Children’s Day celebrations. Organized by Kalyana Shira Foundation, 25 films were screened at cinemas in Blitz Grand Indonesia and Pondok Indah 21 (PIM1) from 17th July to 26th July, 2009. The festival was held in collaboration with cultural institutions and the embassies of Iran, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France, Australia, Finland, Italy, Denmark and the United States. The event was also endorsed by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) with sponsors including Manulife as the main sponsor, Lifebuoy and Paddle Pop as supporting sponsors and FedEx and Burger King as strategic partners. KidsFfest held several pre-events in April and May such as subtitling and short film workshops and competition. Nine finalists (four from the KidsFfest & UNICEF category, five from the Lifebuoy category) were selected and screened during the festival. Children also took part in judging six films: Geng: The Adventure Begins (Malaysia), The Happiness of Kati (Thailand), The Letter for the King (Holland), Mia & the Migoo (France), Niko and the Way to Stars (Finland), and Teo’s Voyage (Mexico). A group of jurors were selected through children’s forums based on their achievements in film and cinema goers also voted for the Audience Award after viewing the films. A portion of the ticket sales will be donated to UNICEF. For further information, visit www.kidsffest.org. [NOW] 26 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 27

Your Childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s No. 1 Safeguard Studying abroad could be one of the best, most positive and rewarding experiences for your child; however, you should prepare for lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s uncertainties.


our childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s safety and health is important to you. These concerns will increase with distance. The further they are away from home, the more important it is for them to have support services. In this time of increased focus on health issues, safety and security, it is vital that you are aware of the safety issues in your childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s country of study and are prepared for medical emergencies. One key solution should be to have a comprehensive international private medical insurance cover for your child when they are studying abroad.

grown up in a country with a free health service, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have become familiar with it from your own school days, and may have used it for medical treatment. But in many countries there is no public health service to fall back on & private treatment can be very expensive. Private medical insurance is a fact of daily life in many parts of the world where there is little or no support from public health services. So as your child embarks on foreign travel, are you sure you have adequate cover for those unexpected mishaps that happen to students abroad?

Studying Abroad? Get Insured!

Much More than Medical

With all the excitement, optimism and pure hard work going on in your life as you make plans for your son or daughter to attend school, college or university overseas, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s understandable that you might well overlook some vital aspects. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve

28 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

InterGlobal is a UK-based company thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s well known as a provider of international private medical insurance to people living and working all over the world. For students, we offer an International Students plan, designed specifically for students studying

abroad, with benefits that include cover for: t *OQBUJFOU BOE 0VUQBUJFOU NFEJDBM treatment in the country of study t &NFSHFODZ&WBDVBUJPO t 1FSTPOBMMJBCJMJUZ t 1FSTPOBMBDDJEFOUBOECFMPOHJOHT t $BODFMMBUJPOPGUVJUJPOGFF This level of assistance in a single policy is not common in our industry, but InterGlobal has the infrastructure and ability to make it happen. We know that insurance is probably the last thing on your mind right now, even if those who have experienced foreign study are urging you to consider it. You may even be concerned about the costs for something that may never be needed. Well, InterGlobal are among the most affordable insurance providers around. And itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s difficult to put a price on peace of mind!

With extra security assistance for students from

Studentsâ&#x20AC;Ś Make the right choice. We specialise in international PMI We have offices worldwide providing a local service to students studying abroad Choice of products and benefits to suit your needs All this and an award winning company for service and value. We want to hear from you â&#x20AC;&#x201C; please contact us on +62 21 5290 1519 or visit us www.interglobalpmi.com T: +62 21 5290 1519 E: interglobal@ramains.com InterGlobal is a trading name of InterGlobal Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom

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SKAL Club Returns to Jakarta! Founded in Paris in 1934, Skal International was established as an ideal association for professionals in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality industries. Now, with around 22,000 members spread across in 500 Skal Clubs throughout 90 countries worldwide, Skal International has been brought back to life in Jakarta after a long period of hiatus. In December 1934, Jakarta was actually the first Skal Club to be officially opened outside of Europe and was quickly known as “Skal Club of Batavia”. A few months ago, a committee comprising of Jakarta travel

and hospitality industry’s prominent figures who had previous Skal connections was formed to resurrect the Jakarta Club as part of Skal International’s 75th Anniversary celebration in December 2009. Skal International Jakarta Committee consists of John Wasser of The Sultan Hotel as the President, Joe Rajadurai of Qatar Airlines and Riana Bismarak of Waterbom Jakarta as Vice Presidents and Jim Weston of Viva Asia Magazine to be in-charge of Membership Development. Rounding out the committee are Robert Hogenstein of Le Meridien Hotel, Les Williams of Golden Bali Tours, and the publisher of this magazine, Alistair Speirs. Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta was chosen to be the host for the inaugural luncheon meeting on Wednesday 3rd June 2009. 75 guests and Skal members (some even had travelled from Bali) of various travel and hospitality backgrounds attended the celebrated event. This marked as the first regular event which will be held on every first Wednesday of the month. The second luncheon was held at Intercontinental Mid-Plaza Hotel on 1st July with guest speakers from Bali and Sweden Skal Club sharing their great Skal moments in front of more than 50 attendees. Any travel and tourism professionals wishing to know more about Skal International Jakarta can contact Les Williams at 0816 23988 or email to SKAL_Jakarta@ goldenbali.com. [NOW]

The Jababeka’s Expatriate Gathering

IABC Manufacturing Gathering

An “Expatriate Cocktail Party” was held at President Executive Club at Jababeka on 3rd July 2009. Eighty expatriates from all over the world (England, French, Japan, Singapore, India, Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, and many more) and thirty local entrepreneurs were present during the event. The cocktail party was opened by PT. Jababeka, tbk’s President Director, Setyono Djuandi Darmono and also Mr. Paul Preston and Mr. Yoann Bertrand. Guests came to exchange information and business cards. Free flow of wine and beer and snacks gave a friendly atmosphere during the meeting. There are more than 1400 multinationals and local companies in Jababeka area and there are 2000 expatriates who live in the area. Therefore, similar gathering from PT. Jababeka, tbk is expected to be held monthly. For more information about +BCBCFLB&YQBUSJBUF(BUIFSJOH, please contact Tania Susilo at 081219198089, E: tania.susilo@jababeka.com. [NOW]

Indonesia Australia Business Council (IABC) members held a gathering on Wednesday 22nd July 2009 at Indo-Chine-FX Lifestyle X’ntre 8th Floor. The theme of the month was manufacturing. During the gathering, the drinks were free flowing from 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm. Members and non-members of IABC also had a chance to taste Jakarta’s best Indo-Chinese cuisine. IABC encouraged Australian members to invite their Indonesian friends along and vice versa. In every gathering of IABC, each corporate member is entitled to invite up to two guests and pay the member’s price at Rp. 160,000/person. The gathering was sponsored by APP, HermanMiller, and IndoChine. IABC members gathering will be held again this August. Anyone who is interested in attending this month gathering can contact IABC Secretariat at *OEPOFTJB "VTUSBMJB #VTJOFTT $PVODJM, World Trade Centre 11th Floor, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 29-31, T: +62-21 521 1540, F: +62-21 521 1541, E: functions@iabc.or.id. [NOW]

30 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

Salon for Gym Goers

Special Breakfast For Early Riser

It is not usual to find a fitness centre that provides a salon & spa as part of its facilities. But in Jakarta, the Celebrity Fitness VIP has the C Salon & Spa where members can pamper themselves with various types of treatments. From cut and blow dry by its professional hairdressers, manicure, pedicure, massage and many more, the salon is excellent when it comes to pampering. C Salon and Spa is also supervised by an experienced salon & spa manager to ensure the quality of the services. Discount promotions from July to August 2009 are given to the customers who wish to look good even after a hard work out. On Monday and Thursday, there is a 20% discount for selected treatments meanwhile on Tuesday and Sunday from 3 PM to 9 PM, 20% discounts are also applied for selected treatments. Now, having a healthy lifestyle and looking beautiful can go hand in hand. For more information about Celebrity Fitness VIP and the C Salon & Spa, please contact: Celebrity Fitness VIP, fx (Lifestyle Xâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;nter) level f3 and f4, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Gate 1 Senayan T:+ 62-21 2555 4288, F:+62-21 25554289, www. !"#$%&'"(#)*+,)-+#.%"/01...23)43+5...46)-67-.89 [NOW] celebrityfitness.com

Oakroom Restaurant & Bar is offering a special break-fasting package from 20th August to 19th September 2009. Throughout the month, Oakroom offers various dishes in its breakfasting Ramadhan package including hot beverages. The month of Ramadhan is the right time to taste authentic Indonesian traditional sweets, such as kolak pisang (a sweet compote made of starchy fruits, such as cassava and banana stewed in coconut milk and sugar). Indonesian cool desert made from ices such as Es Campur, Es Cendol, Es Kacang Merah, Es Cincau, or fresh fruits are also served. Reasonable and delicious the the breakfasting promotion menu is available for only Rp 45,000 net per person and is available from 5.30 am onwards. For enquires and reservations, please call +62-21 2553 2300. For more information about Oakwood Restaurant & Bar, please contact Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta, Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan, Blok E4.2 No.1, South Jakarta 12950, T: +6221 2554 2300, F: +62-21 2554 2400 E: sales.jakarta@oakwoodasia.com, www.oakwood.com [NOW]

NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 31

Restaurant Review

Downtown’s Exquisite Wine Spot In Jakarta, when we say “downtown”, we are usually referring to the Sudirman - Thamrin Business District. And that is exactly where Apéro Wine Lounge and Bar is located, inside the Citylofts Sudirman building to be precise. Unlike many other wine lounges which focus more on the ambience and interior décor to draw the crowd, Apéro distinguishes itself with an impressive wine selection of 400 types of wine from 11 different countries around the world. Here you can savor Apéro’s exclusive wine collection from Australia, France, California, Chile, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Germany and Canada. Wine aficionado and Apero owner T.L. Lie is also the owner of one of the first wine lounges in town, Connoisseurs. Lie guarantees that Apéro offers highly competitive prices. “We can assure you that our wines are still within the affordable price range, especially for the premium brand selection,” Lie explains. “We have Grand Cru Classe from France, Vega Sicilia from Spain, Gaia, Sassicaia, and Ornellaia from Italia, Opus One from California, Vinedo Chadwick and Don Maximiano from Chile, Penfolds Grange and Eileen Hardys from Australia as a few examples of our extensive wine menu,” he adds. As for the wine cocktails, there is Lychee Sangria and Apéro Signature which easily suite everyone’s taste. The oh-so-relaxed and inviting ambience and modern minimalist décor blending effortlessly with easy listening Jazz as soft background music makes Apéro a perfect after-work meeting place. The service here is quick and friendly, the staff attentive and well trained. Aside from wine aficionados; yuppies and business executives are encouraged to learn more about wine by asking questions to Apéro’s well informed staff. “Everybody is welcome to join our regular wine tasting event on the first Friday of each month from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30

p.m. After all, Apéro is not a typical wine lounge but also a place for wine communities to interact and share their passion,” explains Lanny Permadi, chairman of Apéro Wine Lounge and Bar. At Apéro, the great wines combine well with the sumptuous food they serve. For appetizers, we recommend homemade Beef Cannelloni and Apéro Croquette, followed by Seared Dory Fish with Olive Oil or Tender Lasagne as the main course. Apéro uses only imported meat and fish, such as Norwegian salmon, Australian Dory fish, lamb chops and steak. Once again, you will be delighted with the price tags. So, what remains to be said? Enjoying wine just doesn’t get any better than this! [NOW] "QÏSP8JOF-PVOHF#BS Citylofts Sudirman Building, Ground Floor, Unit 8 Jl. KH Mas Mansyur No. 121, Jakarta T: +62-21 255 58950 F: +62-21 255 58951

A New Concept in Casual Fine Dining Situated in one of the last remaining residential areas in downtown Jakarta, Pastis at the Kuningan Suites, Setiabudi, describes itself as a semi fine dining restaurant, which specializes in delicious homemade pasta served by a very attentive and welcoming staff. A must-try is the Taglietelle del Pastis, a plate of homemade Taglietelle pasta with Lamb Bolognese Sauce which is rich in flavour yet still light enough to make you savor it until the very last mouthful. The portion is pretty generous for Rp 55,000. A glass of cold Fruit Punch --an instant lift-up beverage-- makes a satisfying companion for the dish, but if you are a cocktail person, then a glass of Apple Martini is the undisputed choice! We would even go as far as to argue that the Apple Martini is the best in town. The smooth full-bodied Martini blends perfectly with just the right amount of apple flavour. For dessert, try the Tiramisu with its generous ricotta cheese cream and fully-soaked-in-rum cake. Such sweet and delightful treat! Of course, as a semi fine dining restaurant, Pastis has a beautiful interior and a welcoming ambience. When you enter the restaurant, you will instantly be transported back to your kitchen, with white cabinets standing neatly in the middle of the room and various cooking utensils hanging safely from the ceilings right next to the open kitchen area. Everything here is mostly white, from the furniture to the doors, windowpanes, and walls, except for the big, plush brown sofas, which are placed in one section of the restaurant. Although Pastis takes its inspiration from the French Colonial era for the furniture and interior, unique contemporary paintings also adorn the walls. Overall, the interior is very airy and projects a quiet, serene tone --a perfect getaway after a hard day’s work. There is also an outdoor dining area called the Backyard with wooden art deco furniture for those of you who want to enjoy the downtown breeze. The adequate, free parking area is one of Pastis’ strong advantages for customers. Guests can easily park their vehicle and stroll happily into the restaurant in minutes. But on weekends, we recommend making a reservation at least a day before, because like many other talked-about restaurants in Jakarta, people are eagerly lining up to have a Pastis experience. [NOW] Pastis Kitchen & Bar Jl. Setiabudi Utara, Kuningan, Jakarta 12920 T: +(62-21) 526 0260 F: +(62-21) 526 0285 32 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 33



It is not hard to see why NOW! Jakarta readers voted them as the best restaurants in town. This month, save up your precious time by ordering a “Quick Lunch” menu at Nadaman Japanese Restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel. Then, have a relaxing afternoon break with the famous Xiao Long Bao (dumpling) at Din Tai Fung. Later on, visit Rosso Restaurant and Lounge at the Shangri-La Hotel for a wonderful Italian dinner!

Fast and Delicious

Mr. Yang’s Secret Ingredient

Jakarta’s fast paced and industrious life has made speed a necessity. Enough said! Time is money in this city that never sleeps. At Shangri-La Hotel, Nadaman Restaurant answers the demand for speed by providing healthy, delicious and authentic Japanese treats with its “Quick Lunch” menu. The various Japanese dishes arrive on a large tray, and the serving itself takes no longer than 10 minutes. Suitable for business luncheon, guests can choose from six menus: King Salmon Zen, Tempura Zen, Ooebi Zen, Saikoro Steak Zen, Sushi Moriawase Zen and Gindara Teriyaki Zen. All of the menus include an appetiser, chicken soup, steamed custard egg, steamed rice, pickles and ice cream. Prices range from Rp. 108,000++ to Rp. 135,000++ per set. For your convenience, you can choose in which area you would like to hold your power lunch or business gathering. Nadaman’s main restaurant has 56 seats. Other areas include three tatami rooms that seat a maximum of 18 people per room, four teppanyaki rooms that can seat a maximum of 11 people each, two Western-style private dining rooms that can seat a maximum of eight people each, and the sushi rooms have space for a maximum of eight people each. It is a great place to impress your colleagues and clients. For more information about Nadaman Restaurant, please contact: Nadaman Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.1, T: +62-21 570 7440, F: +62-21 570 3530, www. shangri-la.com. [NOW]

In 1972, Din Tai Fung started as a small restaurant selling I (dumpling) in Taiwan. Now, Din Tai Fung restaurants are located around the world and voted as one of the Top 10 Restaurants in the World by The New York Times. Also located in Jakarta, Indonesia’s Din Tai Fung also serves Xiao Long Bao (the Din Tai Fung signature food) just like the other Din Tai Fung’s overseas. Mr. Yang who built the first Din Tai Fung, toiled for years to refine the secret recipe of Din Tai Fung’s Xiao Long Bao. The end result is a delicious soup filled with dumplings with at least 18 delicate folds. All of the Xiao Long Bao are handmade, weigh 21 grams each, steamed by a non-fuel, computerized steamer, not forgetting the fresh ingredients used everyday which makes it healthier to consume. Let’s just say, you will never taste anything like these special dumplings unless you have been to Din Tai Fung. Tofu lovers must also try the restaurant’s homemade tofu. Mixed with three freshly picked mushrooms and cooked together with sauce, the cooking process frees the original aroma of the three types of mushrooms. Din Tai Fung is also known for its seafood menu. Try the Soft Shell Crab with Mango Thai Sauce from the menu for instance, and enjoy the malicious sauce which reveals the fruity mixed flavours of seafood in every bite. With food that is literally mouth watering and delicious, guests will experience the joy of dining authentic Taiwanese food in a special atmosphere and style. For more information about Din Tai Fung, please contact Din Tai Fung, Plaza Senayan Arcadia, Unit X 101-103, Jl. New Delhi No.9, Jakarta T:+62-21 57901288, F:+6221 5790 1279. www.dintaifung.com.tw

34 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009


The Italian Culinary Journey Rosso means “red” in Italian and boldness, passion, and excitement is what Rosso Restaurant and Lounge at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta represents. The characters are detailed through the decor and ambiance. The main dining room exudes a colourful, vibrant yet sophisticated atmosphere. Two semi-private rooms are available with one private room attached to finishing kitchen. Here, guests are able to preview the final touches placed to the preparation of their meal. Chef Allessandro Santi of Rosso Restaurant and Lounge brings gastronomy adventures to the guests through his works. He presents a culinary trip from five of Italy’s most celebrated cities and regions, which are Milan, Modena, Venice, Bologna, and Florence. After the culinary adventure, step into the Rosso Lounge that offers great cocktails with an inventive twist-served frozen, with foam or stirred and authentic Italian wines and New World Wines. Exclusive labels of Barolo from 1961-1990, Giacomo Borgogno, and a rare vintage 1945 Brunello Di Montalcino are waiting to be tasted by you. For more information about Rosso Restaurant and Lounge, please contact Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Kota BNI Kav.1, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Jakarta, T: +62-21 5707440, F:+62-21 570 3530, www.shangri-la.com [NOW]

NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 35

Restaurant Review

Don’t Be SHY For those who have not been before, it is rather daunting. The entrance is through the ultrachic, glass and steel Papillion building and up the lift into a seriously elegant series of rooms. Most likely there will be rather elegant people there, chatting in the bar area or already seated at crisp white tables stylishly prepared with candles and flowers. But now, I have prepared you there is no reason for concern, this is not a Parisian restaurant where the diners are somehow inferior beings to the maitre d’hôtel, nor even a London chic-ery where you have to be known to be fed, this is a delightful friendly restaurant perched on top of a Kemang building ready to serve you with some of the best food in town. Enter Alex Ensor, young, affable, highly presentable and highly confident. He’s done his learning and trials in some top-rate Australian restaurants, he’s found his niche in classic French techniques with modern twist and is more than determined to make his mark. His menu is original, varied, stylish, fun and delicious. But I get ahead of myself. Let’s go back to cocktails. There’s no point in going out to SHY if you are not going to make a night of it, so start with some of their signature cocktails. The signature SHY Martini with Chocolate Liqueur and Vanilla Vodka is a certainly a way to relax and get started. The music is jazz, the lighting subtle, there’s even a view over the city. The wine list is impressive, even more so the waiter’s knowledge and helpfulness. We decided to stick to the house wines to see if they would be acceptable and both white (House White Wine by the glass/Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2008) and red (House Red by the glass/Barossa Valley Estate Minor Shiraz 2006) passed with flying colours. Yes, there are some awesome wines on the list but if you don’t want to push the boat out, you will be perfectly safe on these. No not safe-happy! Now on to food. Basically there’s only one thing to take: the Menu Degustation or the tasting menu. Chef Alex has selected six of his best dishes (see below) and made delicate and beautifully presented courses which follow in a sequence of subtle tastes. From the first fresh bite of tuna sashimi I was hooked (not the tuna) and if my aging memory serves well, there wasn’t a morsel left on any plate. Alex’s Merlot reduction to make the sauce for the beef which took litres of fine wine to produce is an indication of his dedication to perfection. For a special night...or to make a night special, I can highly recommend the re-energized SHY. P.S.: There’s now also “Upstairs at SHY” which is another adventure for another time. [NOW]

36 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

Here’s the menu... - Blue fin tuna sashimi with green apple, cucumber sturgeon caviar and vanilla banyuls. - Cured salmon with grapefruit and crème fraiche roulade, caviar and toasted brioche. - Poached lobster medallions, carrot and tomato pearls, wood ear fungi and a ginger shallot nage. - Steamed crispy skinned duck with sweet potato fondant, beetroot glaze and mandarin juice. - Seared beef tenderloin with a tombé of chanterelle and morel mushrooms, shallot confit and a merlot sauce. - Cheese platter, a selection of French cheese available from the cheese board. - Cashew nut semifreddo with caramel sauce and saffron candy floss.

NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 37



Red Snapper

from Taste of London

superb range of restaurants is just one reason why London is one of the greatest cities in the world. Imagine you have the chance to sample their menus in one afternoon at one location. Welcome to the Taste of London. Over four days in June this amazing food and beverage event was held in a corner of beautiful Regent’s Park in the heart of the city. This was a rare opportunity not only to sample so many dishes but listen to experts on food, to meet leading internationally recognized chefs, explore some unusual combinations of beverages and food, even learn some new skills and experience state of the art cooking equipment. There were 35 of London’s best restaurants represented and over 170 exhibitors of beer, wine, spirits cheese, breads, organic products, ice cream and endless choices in chocolate, confectionery, cakes, savouries and canapés. But you would be wrong to think this is solely about British products, this was an international event in every sense. Endorsing this was a very effective effort from our neighbours. The Malaysian Tourism pavilion was impressive, but an entire section, the Taste of Thailand was a show stopper. Led by the Royal Thailand Embassy as a key sponsor were four London’s best Thai restaurants, Blue Elephant, Busaba Eathai, Benja, and Nahm. Demonstrations of Thai cuisine both traditional and modern were accompanied by live performances by dancers flown from Bangkok for this special event. I did not find an Indonesian pavilion or any stall promoting Indonesian food and ingredients. Such a disappointment! Back to the show action, one of the highlights of my visit was to taste the creations of leading Michelin Star Chefs, Alain Ducasse with his Scottish Salmon cooked in

Petty Elliott with Vivek Singh

38 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

its own stock with green olive emulsion, Tom Aikens with his seven hour braised Daylesford organic lamb shoulder, balsamic caramelized onion, vanilla and raspberry mousse with raspberry jelly. Head Chef Brian Hughson of The Grill at The Dorchester with his Ballotine of ham hock, apricot chutney and country toast, seared scallop with sardine and cauliflower pure and chocolate crumble with cocoa bean custard. Every ticket to the show includes booklets of coupons that can be spent on sampling these incredible tastes. The biggest highlight was when I met Vivek Singh by accident, the chef of Cinnamon Restaurant, fusion of Indian and British Cuisine who I met last year in Jakarta when he visited Ritz Carlton Pacific Place to show his genius culinary expertise in creating modern Indian cuisine. Cinnamon Kitchen was one of the participated restaurants at Taste of London. Vivek and I did not have much time to catch up as he was busy but I have used his idea for this month’s recipe. It has a modern taste of India and it is easy to make. The original recipe uses Black Bream (an English type of white fish). I have replaced it with Red snapper fillet which is local and easy to find. I hope you enjoy it.

Seared Red Snapper

With roasted aubergine, tomato and potato crushed and kachumber Serves: 4 The simplicity of this dish makes it great entertainment because much of it can be prepared in advance. 4 1 2 4

fillets of Red Snappers tablespoon vegetable oil roasted aubergine, cut lengthwise into half and place in a colander with some sea salt. Leave it to drain of any bitter juice for 30 minutes. Rinse and dry well. large tomatoes, halved into two, season with salt and black pepper and olive oil

Great atmosphere at Taste of London

2 large potatoes, boiled and roughly crushed 2 tablespoon of olive oil Juice of 1 lime Kachumber: 1 small cucumber, deseeded and cut into 3mm dice 1 small carrot, cut into 3mm dice 1 large tomatoes, deseeded and cut into 3mm dice ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon sugar 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon, finely chopped coriander Juice of 2 limes Marinade: 1 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon fennel seeds 3 fresh curly chillies or you can use bird eye chillies if you like spicy food, chopped finely

– –

Re-heat the oven to 180˚C. Place the aubergine and tomatoes in an oven proof dish, season with black pepper and olive oil and cook in the oven for 15 minutes for the tomatoes and 30 minutes or until soft. Set aside to cool. To make the kachumber. Place the diced cucumber, carrot and tomato in a mixing bowl. Whisk together the salt, sugar, lemon juice, olive oil and coriander to make a dressing and mix it with the diced vegetables. Check the seasoning. Scoop out the flesh of aubergine, place into a mixing bowl and discard the skin. Scoop out the seed of the tomatoes and discard it. Sliced the tomatoes into 5mm dice, add into the bowl with the aubergine and add the crushed potatoes. Mix roughly, Season the mixture with salt and black pepper, extra virgin olive oil and lime juice. Mix together all the ingredients for the marinade, rub them over the fish and set aside for 5 minutes. Heat oil in a large, non-stick frying pan, add the red snapper fillet, skin-side down and seared for 3-4 minutes, until well coloured underneath. Turn and cook for another 2 minutes or until just cooked through. To serve, place the mixture of aubergine, tomato and potato crush in the centre of each plate and the fish on top, and then drizzle the kachumber around the plate. Garnish with some green leafs and grated carrot. Serve immediately. [NOW]

The best ginger beer in the world

NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 39

Sport by: JASSON

Alan Taylor Junior Football Carnival & Launch of AFL Indonesia The Bintangs held their inaugural All-Indonesian Junior AFL Carnival â&#x20AC;&#x201C;the Alan Taylor Carnival in late June. It comprised of a number of junior teams from various parts of Jakarta and Depok. The carnival was sponsored by the Australia-Indonesia Institute and named after the late Alan Taylor, a highly respected former Australian Ambassador to Indonesia and dedicated sportsman. In a surprising result, a team from Setiabudi (whose players had only been playing AFL for the past year) beat their older and more experienced rivals from Bogor. The winning players were very excited and all of the young Indonesians who participated had a great time. The three AFL clubs in Indonesia, Jakarta, Bali and Balikpapan, are now looking forward to working with the AFL in Australia.


40 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

9!Kvmz.26!Bvhvtu!311: EB OD F - ! M J U F S BU V S F - ! N V T J D - ! QV C M J D ! M F D U V S F U I F BU S F - ! W J T VB M ! B SU T

Bali Geckos Game The Bintangs Senior team also played a depleted Bali Geckos team (bolstered by the inclusion of some Indonesian players and an ex-AFL star Craig Starcevich) in the afternoon after the junior Carnival. The Bintangs managed to win comfortably in an enjoyable match.

16 July-15 August, 10:00 a.m.-07:00 p.m.

Odq`mf+J`s`c`mQto`; art exhibition by Aminudin T.H. Siregar, Chandra Johan,

Jopram, Jumaadi, Mujahidin Nurrahman, Putu Sutawijaya, R.E. Hartanto Jompet Kuswidananto, Teguh Ostenrik, Ugo Untoro, Wayan Suja, Wilman Hermana, Yustoni Volunteero

Opening: 16 July, 07:00 p.m.

31 July-01 August, 08:00 p.m.

SnkrsnxĂ&#x201D;rVhed:monologue theatre by Jennifer Claire, Australia

Bintangs Tour to Manila Also, on 27 June, the Bintangs senior team headed to Manila for a tour against the Philippines Eagles. The Bintangs, with only 3 players on the bench, faced a Philippines side missing a number of players and managed to rack up a record score against the Eagles, winning by 22.11.143 against 1.3.9. Best players included Chris Bandy, Jason Iten, the Captain, Butcher and Lofty, who almost kicked a goal.

02 August, 08:00 p.m.

Ltrhbby Dieter Mack & Selisih Ensemble, Germany

07-08 August, 08:00 p.m.

Gnknb`trsQhrhmf:theatre by Saturday Acting Club, Yogyakarta

11 August, 08:00 p.m.

A`mi`q`mJ`qm`:short wayang by Ki Dalang Purbo Asmoro, Surakarta

Upcoming Events In August, the Bintangs will be busy preparing for the 2009 Asian Championships to be held in Kuala Lumpur on 5 September. The team will be hosting the Singapore Wombats in a home game on Saturday 1 August and will be playing a number of intra-club games at their home ground at Cibubur. Regular Bintangs training for the 2009 season continues. The senior team trains on the same field with an ever-growing number of Indonesian junior players. Any new players, men and women, are most welcome, including those who have never played AFL before. Training starts at 6:00pm Thursday nights on the hockey pitch at Senayan (enter opposite Taman Ria and turn right at the t-intersection). The team also trains on Sundays from 4pm, at the Cricket oval within the Scout Complex in Cibubur. For further details on any of the above, please contact the Bintangs Coach Matt Jolly on jolly.matt@hotmail.com. For all other club news, head to www.bintangs.com [NOW]

12 August, 08:00 p.m.

I`yyQnbjLtrhbby Trio Ligro, Jakarta

14-15 August, 08:00 p.m.

Uhr`:theatre by Teater Lungid, Surakarta RSVP & Information: Natalie 0817-077-1913 Tiko 021-9619-2632 (Every Monday-Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 07:00 p.m.) Jl. Salihara 16, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan 12520, 021-789-1202 | www.salihara.org

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42 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

Urban Chat!

REAL COPIES and FABULOUS FAKES Last month, having made it all the way to Tanah Abang, Jim Shon was waylaid in a Chinese temple and lost all track of his intended targets: the fakes and counterfeiters of international brands. So this month he is back to logos and counterfeits, fakes and falsies, copies and rip offs.

NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 43

Urban Chat!


actually wonder if there is such a thing as a real counterfeit any more in so far as those items, not necessarily originating at the premises of their namesake, which purport to be Gucci or Armnee (Spelling Ex Bandung) i.e. counterfeits …are they not now part of the product’s attraction?…that someone might want to copy the very clothes or the bags or even the knickers that you’re wearing? And if you accept that notion, does copy stuff not actually consolidate a specific brand’s position or desirableness... worthy of copy? What a good tagline! You may have noticed, or if done well, not actually noticed, that marketing is pretty clever at times… supermarkets which continually shift their products are a good example, why do they do that? Can’t they make up their minds where to stick the sugar or something? Shifting the sugar to aisle four on a Monday and back to aisle six on a Friday, bread, tea and other staples to isle seven on a Wednesday and let’s swap them back to nine on Tuesday…making sure of course that everyone passes Special Offer “Scrubby Dubs”, two for the price of one, on aisle three.


Are logos and brand names still as clever? As the apparently insatiable hunger for designer clothing, designer perfumes and other assorted designer non-essentials, keeps right on growing, then the counterfeiters will counterfeit some more and rub there hands with glee. If everyone only bought originals could the manufacturers even keep up

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with demand and would they even choose to? Or, as is the case with diamonds, would they simply choose to limit the supply and therefore drive the price up, relying on the notion of exclusivity? Bank vaults filled with Gucci handbags and Jimmy Chew shoes conjures up a pretty picture! Does it actually matter? Realistically many people simply can’t afford to buy the sometimes overpriced originals but are apparently more than happy to buy the cheap copy or even pay considerably more for the “better quality” copy like at the handbag shops in Manggadua specialising in good, Korean made, best best number one copies Misteeer, of famous handbags...all are still copies. Does this mean that the logo itself, rather than the product, is what has now become valuable or desirable. If this is the case then is it simply a natural progression for manufacturers and designers...a sign of success? Our products are copied! Well the twisted irony is that by copying something you may indeed provide enhanced value to the original. “Is that a copy?”, “Goodness no it’s an original.” Some rely on phrases like Technology Japan to hook us when in reality the product is as much Japanese as the Chinese factory which spewed the item out by the gazillion at a fraction of the cost of making it in Japan. Hmmm... I suppose you could argue that the crime is that the buyer has been cheated into buying something that it isn’t… but if carried out knowingly by the purchaser then is there a crime?

One person I spoke to a while back have these words of wisdom “when counterfeits are no longer sold on shady corners by shady men but in your face from brightly lit display cabinets they cease to be fakes, in the true sense of the word, and rather they become rather clever artistic impressions.”…your honour! At first glance the manufacturers and designers might appear the victims do they in fact contribute to their own demise? Making designer or exclusive products in some of the world’s poorest manufacturing centres, to boost profits, in places where their product costs around a month’s salary for most of the folks who work there anyway.what do they expect? Are they really saying “sorry none of these poor chaps may have our shirts?” Get real...they will copy it. Another example of this is that famous purveyor of coffee and atmosphere who bulldozed its way into many a local market distorting prices beyond reality and then wondered where the entire local lower-priced look a likes suddenly came from. Who gave all the Amazonian Indians on the Discovery Channel the Burberry hats and are they real? (the hats silly). So if you’re out and about and happen to be in Tanah Abang then students of the above and philosophers alike, might like to venture into an interesting area which specialises in selling everything you need to make your very own fake branded T-Shirts, training shoes, handbags or whatever. Here, the badges and trims and labels, from the most well known of brands, and many I didn’t know, are stacked up in rolls by the thousand …like little soldiers standing to attention in their brightly coloured eye-catching uniforms.

The effect is quite stunning in the right light. No suggestion of bootlegging here! No label beyond touch, nothing sacred in this little counterfeit haven. This is commerce…pure and simple…at its best! You want your own brand? No problem, ready for next week and minimum order of 20,000 pieces.

The true value of branding and logos

But what happens when we lose trust in the words on the label? Items made in Country X, characterised by cheap (read poor) labour, shipped to somewhere else across the globe to have a label sown on which then allows the item to carry the proud boast and commensurately high price tag, of having been “made in Y”, which the marketing people hope, is a more attractive product origin. The problem with the above notion comes when you buy your toothpaste which then poisons you or the halfstrength…full price antibiotics or fake baby food which can do far worse. That is where the real crime is. Certain Trademarks and Brand Names and logos are essential and do undoubtedly serve to provide the purchaser with a feeling of comfort and trust that the product is of bespoke quality. Brands who is very name alone deservedly invokes a sense of trust and belief that the item is of superior quality, pure, or perhaps produced to a more exacting and consistent standard, somewhere in particular, as opposed to its cheaper alternative made in a sweat shop in downtown wherever. Who would knowingly buy copy medicine? No one, but who among you has ever bought a Gucee handbag or a Tomy Hilfinger T-shirt or Lois Vitong bag then? [NOW]

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Don’t Wait For Change One of the few places we have always been able to find inspiration is within the four walls we consider “home”. Here we are free of judgment, unburdened to outwardly project our sense of style, design, and aesthetic.


ur very notion of such space is defined with how we create our sanctuary. Our personalities shine and we speak volumes of our individuality as if the walls could shake loose our moral fiber. The walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, light, furnishings and furniture all tell a story as narrative elements to develop a functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing cocoon for its user. When being welcomed into such a nest we in turn succumb to our own personal response of acceptance within this foreign environment. Often we are in awe, in other instances, shocked, but every single time, we connect a greater understanding of how influential space is to create character and a way of making meaning toward our most basic human needs. The key to peeling back the layers of interior design is how attuned we are to our own personal details of what matters. To me, the gravitas of a music collection or lack thereof is the single defining piece that complements any space. As one of our most visceral senses after vision, the manner with how we choose to listen within a given space ultimately connects our experience within it. This month, I urge you to give yourself a gift: take out a nice, crisp white sheet of paper. Sharpen a pencil. And then start writing about the work and home you desire to create. Don’t wait for change!

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VIENNA TENG – Inland Territory Zoe–Female Adult Contemporary Pianist Cynthia Yih Shih, or Vienna Teng, remains one of the best-kept secrets to modern music. She is nothing shy of an exceptional talent backed by a willingness to create intimacy and detail that actually feels pure. On her fourth album, the San Francisco native has finally found a canvas that isn’t marked so prominently by familiar fingerprints. There are hints of Tori Amos’ debut here and there, but ultimately Teng shines on her own two feet.

PLACEBO – Battle for the Sun Vagrant– Pop/Rock Fiery. Theatrical. Brash. Provocative. Placebo has been nothing short of sophisticated and stylish in their homage to the musical fore. Their raw guitar, loud angles, and credibility are buoyed by the simple fact that they capture a sound like no other. On their sixth-release the trio continue to push androgyny into their sound redefining their neo-glam roots.

WILCO - Wilco Nonesuch– Pop/Rock Wilco return once more, but this time with feeling. On their 7th outing, the rock-androll lifers audibly take stock with where they’ve been and reintroduce us to where they ultimately started. As one of their more cohesive albums to date, the band consolidates their collective history into one tight, likeable record that is the most straight-ahead rock and pop collection yet. Capturing the ensemble’s craft and allowing them to settle comfortably, Jeff Tweedy’s shrewdest stroke is reminding us that his take on alternative pop/rock with hints of alt-country are unique like no other out there.

PAULO NUTINI – Sunny Side Up Universal – Male Contemporary, Folk, Roots On his second album, the gloves finally come off. In this instance, Nutini is slugging it out for himself, minus the corporate calculation of his debut and the glistening pop that only paralleled his youth not sound. On his triumphant return, the Scot with the Italian name has pulled the ultimate bait-and-switch proving he is not only wiser but also most comfortable in the styles of a young Jackson Browne, Neil Young or Paul Simon. With a bit of reggae here, a nod to New Orleans there, Nutini’s greatest strength is cutting ties with the shore and searching for new lands. [NOW!]

Invisible Décor When it comes to decorating a film, the Oscars like to recognize the kinds of art direction that are lavish, extravagant, and sometimes bombastic. But, did you know that some of the best film art directions are those so subtle, ordinary, and even invisible, that they sometimes escape the eyes?


ooking at the Oscar winners for art direction over the years – from 1928’s Tempest to last year’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – almost all boast loud and showy art directions. So much so that they’re almost the second stars of the films. The gorgeous turn-of-the-century buildings of Howards End, the comic book realm of Batman and Dick Tracy, the meticulous reinvention of a masterpiece in Titanic, to the fantastic Pan’s Labyrinth and the futuristic wonder of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Also, period films almost become a default: A Room with a View, The Last Emperor, Amadeus, The Madness of King George, Dangerous Liaisons. Not to mention Cleopatra, which ranks among the most expensive films ever made – and its massively majestic set decoration no doubt contributed significantly to the sum. It’s understandable, and these films certainly deserved their accolades. We all know the level of difficulty and imagination it takes to build and craft those sets. Although some also earned their Oscars with their meticulous observation of ordinary living rooms – like in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, The Apartment, and The Diary of Anne Frank – we know that it’s only so because the art directors had to build the set in a soundstage. From scratch. Again, it’s all about the level of difficulty. However, some films’ art direction achieves its artistic significance when it shies away from the attention-grabbing nature of Oscar-worthy designs. There’s nothing special, for example, about the look of American suburbs that American Beauty

presents: the common orderliness of the exterior and the normal, American taste of the interior. But this generic set enhances the essence of the story and becomes the perfect playground for the extraordinary tale of damaged characters decaying beneath the perfect façade. This ordinariness of American suburb also adds some new levels to Robert Redford’s Oscar-winning classic Ordinary People. The elements of design play a little more important role than meet the eyes. Imagine, would the awkward conversation between Conrad and his mother achieve the same effect had it been done in any parts of the house other than the hallway near the staircase? Or would Mary Tyler Moore’s breakdown be as surprising and devastating if it hadn’t involved a kitchen sink and a set of dishes? Another perfect example would probably be David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. We might not have put any attention to this before – mostly because we are already lost in Lynch’s cerebral bizarreness and too busy trying to keep track of what he is trying to say with this captivating albeit totally wacko tale of hopes and heartbreaks in Hollywood – but the film’s art direction is the key that generates the narrative. The seemingly unimportant inanimate objects in the film’s ordinary decoration actually provide the clues to understanding and interpreting the story. To elaborate would be the same as letting out the worms in the spoiler can for those who haven’t seen the film, but notice how the same red lampshade and


ashtray keep appearing in different scenes, even when they’re on different sets. And adding to Lynch’s mad genius eye for details, the lampshade is always turned on and positioned in the same way, and there’s always the same number of cigarette butts on the ashtray. Lynch also employs art direction to indicate flashbacks. Instead of using editing as the device, objects that weren’t there before are positioned back in their place, ever so subtly that we might have thought the characters are still in the same scene. The colours in the film are also there for a reason, not too explicitly as in walls or the general mood of the film, but more mildly depicted in lights, the characters’ clothes, even their hair. All are so subtly incorporated that at first viewing, they’re practically invisible. Speaking of invisible, some directors go so far as to take it to the literal sense of the word. Lars von Trier shoots his film Dogville and creates an American mining town in a completely empty soundstage whose props are literally nonexistent. What stands for houses is chalk drawings sketched on the stage floors, to which Nicole Kidman and the other actors come and go by opening an invisible door. The lack of realism brought by this radical art direction is compensated with a stark and completely undistracted look at the characters and their conflicts. The invisible walls also magnify by a hundred times the disturbing effect in one scene where the town’s inhabitants just go about heedlessly while Nicole Kidman’s character is being visibly abused inside a house. We all know what a good direction does is to complement a film and lends a physical believability to the story. Some shout out their grandeur – and are usually awarded for it – but some prefer to do their job in whispers. Nice and quiet. [NOW!]

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Indira Gandhi’s last written words, so says a TV documentary I watched recently, were about how she could not understand anyone who was an Indian and yet not proud of it. Well, I feel the same way about Indonesia. How can anyone not be proud of being Indonesian?


rom a musical perspective, even as far back as a century before the musicians below had ever even heard of Indonesia, Claude Debussy was already composing works inspired by his unforgettable encounter with the Javanese Gamelan, one form of Indonesian music which has inspired so many other composers since. And as any ethnomusicologist will tell you, there’s still so much more to the rich musical heritage of Indonesia than gamelan. Ensemble Selisih, comprising talented musicians who have in common that they all did some part of their extensive music studies at the Musikhochschule in Freiburg will present a refreshingly unusual music formation as well as repertoire. The group consists of flautist Elizabeth Farrel, pianist Mathias Trapp, as well as saxophonists Daniela Wahler and Marcus Rombach. The works they will be performing at this concert were all composed in this century, at least two of which were composed this year, so you can expect to be hearing everything for the first time. Dieter Mack’s composition titled Selisih, for alto and baritone saxophone is also a part of the concert to anticipate. Dieter Mack had made ethno musicological journeys to Bali since 1978 and even formed a gamelan group called Anggur Jaya in the 80s. I especially look forward to hearing ensemble selisih’s performance of such young composers’ works like Robin Toan’s Twitter, and Dylan Lardinelli’s Two Bells. 2 August 2009, 08.00 pm. Salihara Art Centre, Jakarta. For reservation, contact (021) 96192632. 48 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

It seems all the concerts I recommend this month present music that is new and or has something to do with Indonesia. Oh right, Independence Day is this month! No wonder I’m nationalistic all of a sudden. Happy Independence Day Indonesia. Merdeka!!! Swara Sonora trio is also another fresh group that will be performing in Jakarta this month. In fact, this Peace Tour that the concert is a part of is also their international debut; and it’s worth knowing, I suppose, that this tour will raise funds for UNICEF and foster international collaboration between musicians. The concert’s repertoire will largely consist of a brand new work titled Love and Variations. The 8 songs contained in this work are musical settings of poetry by writers from around the world including Indonesia, Spain, Mexico, the US, and the UK, and in three languages. Each poem, and therefore each of the eight songs, depicts a different aspect or “variation” of love. Some of the great poems that have inspired this work are Walt Whitman’s Hours Continuing Long, Lord Byron’s So We’ll Go No More a Roving, and Sapardi Djoko Damono’s Kukirimkan Kepadamu. The Swara Sonora Trio commissioned this work from renowned Indonesian composer, Ananda Sukarlan, who we can’t seem to get enough of this year. 7 August 2009, 07.30 pm. Erasmus Huis, Jakarta. For reservation, call (021) 750 3729, Yayasan Musik International. Last but not least, I want to make sure you get enough notice for a concert in early

September. Capella Amadeus String Chamber Orchestra from Indonesia will collaborate with 16 musicians from the Tuebingen Chamber Orchestra of Germany to present classical masterpieces by W.A. Mozart and Felix Mendelssohn. They will also then accompany the Batavia Madrigal Singers as they perform Dixit Dominus, by George Friedrich Handel. 1 September 2009, 08.00 pm. Usmar Ismail Hall, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. C-22, Kuningan, Jakarta. For information, contact (021) 2355 0208 -- Goethe Institut Jakarta, (021) 526 5493 -- Gedung PPHUI. [NOW!]


Talking About in the Post Post-Modern Times


Chivalric love is long dead, buried along with the chauvinistic male armour since women’s lib. Chivalric love is allowed to reappear only as the metastasis of female fantasy: the secret reverie now and then allowed to let slip through a modern female’s fortified systems for a forbidding momentary satiation of the native desire for protective love. Richard Oh looks at love from both sides now.


omantic love fares much better. It has been, of course, greatly overhauled since the sense and sensibility of Jane Austen’s days. The ideal love is still in the horizon. It, however, cleaves to the Platonic ideal with sense and sensibility thrown out of the window. It’s no longer about finding and waiting for the right love for a happily ever after ending, but a constant arbitration of love until the right one sticks around. Virtue, morality and self-devotion are no longer the main issues. Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks and the whole Danielle Steel’s oeuvre clearly pertain to the notion of love as having a better shot at it in the second act. Such portrayals of love are unquestionably atrocious when presented in their total maudlin self-absorption –as discerning arbiters of modern love would be the first to attest– without the necessary ingredients of comedic interludes to rupture the repeated cycles of failure in relationships. Humour is then the indispensable partner in the modern drama of love. Hollywood seizes on this truth better than any psychoanalysts. Their comedic love stories –There’s something about Mary, Me, You and Duprey, The Wedding Singer, and the recent He’s Just Not That Into You – are the models. They suggest aptly that the best way to deal with the waywardness of love is to laugh off the pains and stalwartly take another shot. Albeit, we detect behind the shrugging façade hide the implacable longing for the ideal love. Erotic love is without a doubt the most uncompromising depiction of modern day’s disillusion with the ideal. If God is dead, as proclaimed by Nietzsche, then why should love still have an altar? In this harsh reality, in which redemption is man’s bygone contradiction, there is either tragedy, for the incorrigibly pining subject, or jouissance (pleasure), for the undaunted individual. Desire replaces the sacred alter as the new idol. The elaborate works of André Breton, Georges Bataille, and JeanPaul Sartre clearly show their radical resistances against the remaining relics of faith: i.e conscience, scruples of virtue, and any misconceived notions of good. Their thoughts reconstitute love in a new paradigm. Love is no longer the governing Venus of desire, but rather its docile sidekick. This notion of love as the unleashing of desire, disguised in philosophy as the radicalization of the will, has left a trail of wrecked relationships. The wreckage is still on display till now: we are informed that over the last decade, the divorce rate has reached one in every four marriages. While empowered with all conceivable equalities, the modern female is nonetheless just as confused when trying to find a solid foothold on a relationship. There are no rules that apply any longer. Faithfulness lasts as long as desire is still in its thrall with the Other.

Lucky for the flabbergasted modern lovers, Aids arrived on the scene. Its heralding presence has certainly put a sting on unwieldy desire and turns the beckoning desire into an ogre. This situation forces the modern lover to rethink about commitment as the inevitable necessity, which invariably gives a new meaning to sticking it out. In this desolate landscape of love, a French thinker called Alain Badiou appears with a new concept of love. He puts love back to her rightful place by stating that any intercourse not based on an amorous liaison is by necessity masturbation. This notion is not founded upon any moralistic consideration, but on set theory’s axioms of empty and infinite set, which posit that nature, beings, and the world are intrinsically multiple. Desire is homoerotic because of its one-directional aim to subjugate its own object, whereas love is heterosexual: it’s without an object. Love is the production of Two. In love there is no possibility for Two to merge as One, both because of a sexual disconnection between male and female, and the impossibility of knowledge, and the third person to enter into the Arena of love, thus the most often heard question in a domestic squabble, “Why can’t you understand me?” The Two remain in this way as two individual markers in the Arena of Love, unable to become One and unable to understand the Other. This leads Badiou to conclude that love is a sword. And to love well is to understand poorly, which describes fittingly the irony of modern love. [NOW!] NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 49



Painting the Disappearing Interiors of the

Rimba People’s Homes


he spaces in which people live, our homes, have provided inspiration for many artists. Van Gogh’s Bedroom at Arles, for example, is an important painting that is so telling about the artist’s life. In The Dessert: Harmony in Red, Henri Matisse paints the preparation of dessert on a table covered in red table cloth with floral patterns within an interior of a room, with a view to the outside... The table is set against a wall covered in red wallpaper with ornamentation that matches the table cloth, turning the threedimensionality of the room into flat planes of colours and motifs. The painting is considered by some critics to be one of the artist’s masterpieces. Recently, “Beverly Hills Housewife,” David Hockney’s 1966 painting of Los Angeles arts patron Betty Freeman standing in the patio of her home, sold at auction for a record $7.9 million. Works of the Indonesian artist Oceu Apristawijaya has also been inspired by the spaces in which people live. However, the people that he discusses in his works do not live in ordinary spaces with which we are familiar. While the spaces in which we live are defined —or perhaps more fittingly: “confined”— within the boundaries of walls, windows and doors, none of those elements of architecture can be seen in the artist’s most recent works. In the paintings, he depicts the life of the people with whom he has been interacting in the past seven years: the indigenous tribes in various parts of the country who consider the tropical rainforests of Indonesia as their home, as well as the inhabitants of the impoverished fishing villages in the country, whose environment and livelihood are disrupted and threatened by ensuing development. Born in Jakarta in 1975, Oceu became familiar with art when he joined Sanggar Garajas, a local community art studio in South Jakarta, and pursued his interest in art at the Universitas Negeri Jakarta (previously known as the Indonesian Teacher’s College Institute). During his years in college he became involved with the Sudar Fine Art/Kraan Graphic Studio, which was established by the late Sudaryono Sudarso. He also won the “People and Environment” art competition held by the Indonesian Fine Art Foundation in 2001. Upon graduation in 2002, he became a volunteer with the Warsi Indonesia Conservation Community working with the indigenous peoples inhabiting

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the Bukit Duabelas National Park in Jambi, Sumatra. There he met renowned Butet Manurung, who since 1999 has braved the forests working with the Orang Rimba (“Forest People”) nomadic tribe inhabiting the forests of Jambi. They decided to each teach in different areas of the forest, so that more children will benefit from what they were doing.

When Warsi’s conservation agenda came in conflict with their education agenda, due to some issues in Indonesian law (which does not recognise the rights of mobile groups and prohibits people to live in National Parks), Butet decided to resign from Warsi. Keen to stay true to protect indigenous rights and the approach of empowerment, she established her own Sokola program, which attempts to reach communities in Indonesia which have not been accessed by formal education, to assist and share with them knowledge or life-skills in order to face their daily real-life problems. “We call it ‘School for Life’” she said. Oceu provided full support and became a co-founder. He observed that children found it fun and exciting to be able to express their thoughts and dreams through drawings and paintings, and it also stimulated them to learn more. He included his alternative art/visual education approach

in teaching the indigenous communities of the forests of Jambi and Bulukumba and the poor fishing villages of Flores and Makassar. His experiences living and working with the indigenous peoples inspired him to express their concerns about their environment in his own artworks. “I have learned a lot from the Anak Rimba (Children of the Rimba People),” he said, “I did not expect that their art would be very different from the artworks that children commonly created: the typical landscape that includes two mountains with the sun setting in the middle. They showed me their drawings of ‘the guardian of that tree’ showing a large tree with many roots. They depicted their closeness to the nature and surrounding by painting the animal around them, and even the illegal loggers with their chainsaws.” Often times, he had to allow them to use various drawing and painting techniques and materials which were not conventional. The children were

free to use methods other than single or double point perspective, proportions, and so forth. Also, when conventional art supplies became scarce, they often used soil that they molded like crayons or pastels, or even the tinted sap of certain plants to create their art. Most importantly, perhaps for Oceu, is learning about differences and how to accept and honour those differences. “The Anak Rimba has a very different perception of happiness. The Anak Rimba become unhappy when something from their forest disappears,” he told. Indeed we become happy when we are able to acquire more personal possessions. Meanwhile, the indigenous peoples of the forests of Jambi have no such possessions and could care less about them. However, if trees are cut and animals leave, it will cause deep sorrow in their hearts, just as we would if our personal possessions are taken away from us. They consider the entire forest and the natural environment as their communal home and their source of happiness and pride. Last year, Oceu had a wonderful opportunity to become an artist-inresidence at Rimbun Dahan Malaysia, a centre for developing traditional and contemporary art forms established by architect Hijjas Kasturi and his wife, the conservationist Angela Hijjas. Set in an indigenous forestal garden environment in Selangor, the grounds of Rimbun Dahan estate and the fellow artists who were also doing their residencies there, inspired and stimulated Oceu’s thoughts and ideas further. At the end of his residency there in November 2008, he exhibited his works. Although Oceu’s works have been collected by art enthusiasts from Australia, Germany, The United States, South Africa and Indonesia, after the exhibition in Malaysia his paintings attracted the attention of an even wider group of art collectors. Once again, we learn that our differences does not always cause conflict. Hopefully, more art collectors will be interested in purchasing Oceu’s works, not only for the sake of collecting, but also to help spread the awareness of the existence of the Orang Rimba and other indigeneous tribes and marginalized communities, respect their way of life, and help advocation for their empowerment. Hence, by so doing, we also help the conservation of our rain forests, which are not the personal property or any corporation, nor merely the property of a country or nation, but should be considered as belonging to everyone in this planet. The forest is not only the home of the Anak Rimba but also our home which we need to cherish as our own possession and pride. [NOW!]

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“Man, this is really livin’,” said a certain bear after telling us what the “Bare Necessities” of life are. He was more than content with a few ants, a prickly pear, a back scratch and a cool dip in a jungle stream. Perhaps our necessities aren’t quite the same but here in Jakarta we can satisfy most of our physical and spiritual needs. Alistair Speirs explains why.

irst of all, old Baloo, the loveable bear from Jungle Book referred to above, was completely happy with his home: the jungle. He didn’t need the comfort of four walls, hot and cold running water, A/C, and ample parking, but we do! Fear not. Jakarta has now got excellent apartments which we feature later on in this section, which will satisfy the most discerning resident, and I mean discerning. When I was young, not so long ago thank you, there was no such thing as “Branded Apartments” or “Designer Flats”, we lived in No 50C Gloucester Road or whatever, an

52 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

address. Now all that has been changed and we have places with an “a”, palaces, in multi storey comfort, under the exacting standards of Shangri-La, Four Seasons, and Kempinski, under the brand names of The Peak, The Capital, Executive Menteng, Aston, Kristal and Aryaduta. Things are not the same –they are better– much better. So while you may have thought you were coming to mud huts and jungle drums, take a look around –Jakarta is five star living at prices you can afford. There is just one anomaly that needs correcting, the fact that foreign nationals cannot buy property here, which seriously limits the

development of an international standard housing and apartment market, such as Singapore, where prices are four to five times what they are here. (But perhaps that’s a good thing?) Just why you can buy property in Bali (as constantly advertised and promoted) and not here is a serious question. Can someone help me with the answer? Either what’s happening in Bali is illegal (or very unsafe for investors) or surely we can do the same thing here? Lawyers, please clarify? Then once you have your beautiful house or apartment, it’s time to decorate, furnish and put your personal touches

JAKARTA to it. Part of this process is getting the lighting right and later in this section Rob Doddemeade introduces us to a genius of lighting design and shows us what can be done to make your home ultrachic. Furnishing may look easy but it isn’t. Fortunately the furniture stores have improved out of sight since I first attempted to furnish a house in 1979. Back then you had the choice of bamboo, rattan, very basic wood or absolute monsters of neo-classical Louis XIV gilt and velvet, imported from God knows where! I settled for bamboo and rattan and amazingly still have some to this day. (Buy the rattan with the skin on and it will last forever!) All around you in Jakarta are great furniture shops, many concentrated in South Jakarta which are a pleasure to visit.

Susanna Tjokro takes us on a tour to find out what’s hot and what’s even hotter! The final touch for anyone’s home is not the hi-fi or the bar, but a pet. Yes folks, listen to your children, forget the Bose speakers (but not the 42” flat Screen TV) and the case of Cabernet Sauvignon and get a soft cuddly animal. Dameria takes us on an exploration of the world of pets in her article. Just one thing though, please be very careful not to buy endangered species while you are here. Yes you heard me correctly, in many bird and fish markets you will find many seriously endangered species on open sale and while it may be a great talking point, please don’t indulge, this only fuels the fires of this horrifying illegal trade. And no orangutans, chimps or spider monkeys either please! Their

home is (what’s left of ) the jungles and primary forests. So that’s it. Just call up the household staff agency and select a cook, housemaid, laundry maid, gardener, houseboy, night guard and a few more, and the house is done. There may be a few slight hitches but nothing serious. The lights will go off when the fridge door opens, the a/c will heat up your bedroom, the pool will go down 10cms every day, the roof will leak directly into your wardrobe, the gardener will pull out the plants and leave the weeds, the maid will burn your extra special do-not-iron silk dress and the procession of local gentry requiring donations for roads, flags, mosques, schools and security will go on forever. But that’s Jakarta. It’s really living. [NOW!]

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WHICH WATT & WHY? In this month’s Living, Interiors and Furniture issue Rob Doddemeade shines a light on Tim Hakfoot, a specialist lighting designer who can shed some real light on the pros and cons of lighting-up your little corner of the world.


im Hakfoot needs little introduction to many businesses, hotels, restaurants and bars in Jakarta and Bali. As a professional lighting designer with more than 15 years experience in lighting and electrical engineering, Tim knows just how important lighting is to creating the perfect ambience for business or leisure. As the in-house lighting specialist for Icon Illumination (previously trading as NTS Lighting), Tim has been responsible for lighting-up more malls & retail shops, hotels & villas, bars & restaurants, offices, embassies and private residences than we could possibly list here, and the names and brands of most of his clients represent ‘the who’s who’ amongst Jakarta’s 5-star establishments. Add to this an array of industrial projects, hospitals, international schools, cinemas, airport lounges, fitness centres, sporting complexes and art galleries, and it’s not surprising that Icon Illumination has become quiet an icon in the lightning world. Tim: It’s all about delivering innovative design with the latest and most advanced technology, and of course meeting the most stringent international standards. We offer a comprehensive lighting design service from concept development to fixture specification and construction drawings. All designs are drawn using AutoCAD programs with 2 or 3 dimensional graphics for easier visualization. These designs embrace everything from the concept itself to completing the most intricate details which will ultimately light-up a lasting experience…one that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing! Rob: Today more than ever, architects and interior designers recognize the importance of lighting in creating an environment that pleases all the senses. This is particularly important for entertainment venues wishing to create a special mood or unique ambiance for their patrons…but where does one start? Surely one must have a total design concept which allows lighting to accentuate or highlight special features i.e. paintings, wall hangings, objects d’art in recessed alcoves, ceilings, etc…or is it possible for the entire concept to be based on lighting itself? Or is that a bit like putting the cart before the horse? Tim: No not really. A theatre, concert hall or nightclub for example should consider lighting and acoustics first and then design everything around it. After all, the ancient Greeks built outdoor amphitheatres to allow the moonlight to illuminate the centre stage. However, generally speaking, we ask our clients what their most important needs are before we start developing any concept i.e. how conventional or unconventional should the lighting be to satisfy their target market or functional needs? How “cutting edge” and surprising do they want to be? We provide a full technical consultancy covering lighting survey and existing system analysis, energy analysis and cost effective solutions. And we have wide access to the latest trends and styles in lighting. These days the

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only limitation to the lighting concept is really one’s imagination. And yes, sometimes, the entire concept can stem from the lighting installation. To be perfectly honest, I’ve seen some places go overboard with their lighting. Too much of anything can cause agitation and be a real turn-off! As you mentioned, lighting is often best employed when it allows appreciation for a few well selected pieces to be admired and enjoyed, and to become the focal point of the room. A simplified example of this would be how a single spotlight illuminates a grand piano on the stage. A good commercial example would be the way in which Indochine lit their club lounge with rows of illuminated Buddha’s. Other fine examples that we have lit would include the recently renovated Grand Kemang Hotel, Losari Coffee Plantation Resort in Central Java, Melt Restaurant and Bar, Kinara Indian Restaurant, The Ritz Carlton Bali and the garden lighting in Grand Hyatt Jakarta. Rob: New lighting technology has opened up new “eco-friendly and cost efficient opportunities. Can you expand on this and explain how these innovative products can give us more for less. Tim: Yes, there has been a big expansion in technology as far as energy saving is concerned, which is generally based around LED lighting (Light Emitting Diode also known as solid state lighting) and fluorescent lighting. These days we are all more concerned about conserving energy and reducing our carbon footprints, and there are many places where LED lights or fluorescent lighting can replace halogen or incandescent lighting. Recently, many people have grabbed hold of LED lighting and started marketing it as the saviour of the lighting world. However, it is still very early in the production and technology stage and what LED lighting can actual achieve is not always up to scratch. It is a good energy saving tool because the illumination output per watt is a lot higher than incandescent or halogen lighting and the lifetime is more than 10 times longer, however, it needs another 5 or 10 years before we can use it for full illumination purposes. At present there are no LED fixtures that are really appropriate for lighting a large room unless you want to put hundreds of lights in it. Having said that, they are fantastic for little niche lights, indirect lighting and colour changing effects. Mind you, within a decade it is more than likely that LED lights will be the main illumination source for all new installations. Rob: What new lighting dimensions are now available in the form of fiber optics, laser technology or whatever, and apart from commercial application, how can they be utilized in the home environment to create a unique experience? Tim: Fiber optic has limited scope in terms of where it can be used. It can’t be used for real illumination purposes and should only be

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used as a highlighting feature around a frame or bar or as indirect lighting…little dots of light which can be used to create a star ceiling effect or possibly sparkles in a wall or flooring, if one wants to get really creative. Fiber optic can also be used for colour changing effect. So yes, it has its place but only as a design aspect. Laser is very popular in nightclubs but unless you’re installing a home disco or throwing a big party in a big yard on a cloudy night, it has its limitations in the home environment. Rob: Colour therapy is one of the fastest growing areas of natural health. This is due to scientific developments in the use of coloured lights which vibrate at different frequencies and when exposed to our eyes, trigger hormone production which influences our complex biochemical system. According to the scientist this can affect our whole physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Do you agree with this? Or do you think that they are getting a little bit carried away with the power of light? Tim: No. That’s totally correct, different colours create different moods. Fortunately, living here in the tropics we have lots of natural daylight, generally around 12 hours a day, and there’s no better light for our health than sunlight. Thus, we don’t really encounter depression as a result of little daylight but for many people living in Northern Europe where they have only 3 or 4 hours of sunlight a day, depression is common and it’s well known that daylight helps revitalize and regenerate the body. Coloured lights can also affect how we feel. Yellow candescent lights make us feel warmer. Florescent lamps which are more to the blue spectrum have a more cooling effect or at least psychologically, we have the perception that we are in a cooler environment. Rob: Many people have asked me for advice on outdoor lighting…how to bring a backyard or outdoor alfresco dining

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area to life without making it look too much like Disneyland? Of course one’s preference for minyak (oil), candles, obor (outdoor flames), strategically placed spotlights or strings of fairy lights is purely subjective. What advise can you give here and what recommendations would you make? Tim: Landscape lighting should bring out the key features of the garden itself…a particularly lovely tree, sculpture, waterfall, whatever…that is what you should focus your illumination on. Also strategic up-lighting and under-lighting can create interesting shadows and create and entirely different atmosphere from daytime. The other trick for garden lighting is to create a sense of space by focusing on the further most features rather than those in the foreground, close to your house or balcony or whatever it may be, because the eye is attracted to where the lighting source is. If you illuminate close to a terrace or balcony you basically create a wall of light and you don’t see the whole garden. Rob: Any final tips on lighting one’s home…the most important dos and don’ts?” Tim: Firstly, consider colour temperature – most air-conditioned houses in Jakarta have cool florescent tubes usually installed by contractors but these lights create a very stark atmosphere. For a cosier, more homely ambience, consider installing warmer lights. Consider spotlights and down-lights for artworks and special features or furnishings in the house and even some of the high-tech lighting we’ve discussed...and of course, good lighting in study areas to reduce eye strain. Consider lighting control systems to conserve energy. This can be as simple as a dimmer system or as technologically advanced as a smart home operation, where you can simply snap your fingers to turn off the lights or even ring home to instantly turn on the driveway lights when coming home late. What a pleasure! [NOW!]



Leo steps into fame with his award-winning “Accupuncto” chair design (it even won him a prestigious Wallpaper Design Award in 2009 for his collaboration with Michael Young in Accupuncto), now he shares his tips on picking the right furniture and interior design for those of you who are busy building the perfect nest for the family, predicting future design trends along the way. by: AYUDITA C. AJANI, photo: ADHA TOGI

Firstly, can you please describe your current profession? I must say that my biggest passion is product design, but nevertheless I enjoy working on projects that also involve interior and graphic design. Currently, I’m building my own furniture showroom under the label Accupuncto that specialises in high quality chairs and beds. The designs will emphasise on the originality, practicality, and the quality of the materials. I want to create a simple and humble experience for everybody to enjoy. Hopefully, these products can transcend any social status, age groups, and satisfy different people’s characters. For NOW! Jakarta readers who just moved in to the Capital for the first time, what is your best advice in choosing the right interior for their home? First of all, it is wise to always respect the environment of your new house. For example, Jakarta’s climate is hot, humid and pretty dusty, so make sure you are aware of these facts when decorating the house. Secondly, never settle for less in terms of finding the right furniture. They are many good shops in Jakarta and you can also go furniture hunting in Ciputat and Kemang Utara. But also, if time permits, go out and explore other cities in Java, such as Yogyakarta, and Bali to find valuable ethnic furniture. What is the most important thing to look out for when choosing furniture, in term of quality and design? The furniture you own must possess a strong character, whether it’s brand new or an antique piece. Don’t ever rely on the brand’s image only. You have to find furniture that can represent your personality. The only thing you can do is learning by doing where you will develop a stronger character by understanding your mistakes along the way. How do we elaborate the perfect mix and match interior style, for example combining contemporary with ethnic? You can only achieve the perfect mix and match interior style through a long and thoughtful process. The main recipe is to never be afraid of combining any furniture style you like in one room or under a single roof. But remember, you have to always discuss everything and be open with your spouse or partner about this matter. The first step of searching for the perfect mix and match is to only buy furniture that can make you feel truly happy and satisfy. It is okay to follow the current trend but don’t ever get swallowed by it. Just follow your heart! What is the most essential thing that everyone should have in his or her home? I would say there are three essential things that we should always have at home: a good bed, a reliable and multifunction sofa which you can use it as a place to relax, sleep or just hang out with your family and friends, and good natural lighting, which creates the right atmosphere that you want in the house. [NOW!] NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 57




Unleash your creativity by getting involved in designing your home as well as designing the customized items that fill your home to express your very own style –they will set your home apart from others!


n this article, you will find places to custom-make, reupholster your furniture as well as to rent furniture –the choice is yours. Plus, I will share the information where you can frame your mementos and artworks as well as where to find an Aladdin’s cave filled with an eclectic mix of hundreds of beautiful wallpapers, happy shopping!




Baby Day Dream

Decorating the room for your little darlings can be an exciting experience and for those creative parents who want to get involved in the design process in creating their kids’ furniture, from baby crib to mini sofa to petite dressing table, just call Baby Dream (see directory).



Parents and kids alike can choose a theme to decorate the little ones’ bedrooms and let your imagination run wild! At Decorous, you can find various themes on offer. You can get fabrics (for pillows, quilt covers, lampshades etc) and matching wallpapers that related to your chosen theme, be it fairy or funky space man or other themes on offer.


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Make your old (or even ragged) furniture look â&#x20AC;&#x153;freshâ&#x20AC;? and new at a fraction of the cost to replace it. You can reupholster almost any type of furniture that has been covered in fabric. Fabrics (for sofa, cushions, curtains and draperies) are available in various luscious colours, designs and styles. At Decorous (see directory for address), you can match the colour and style of your curtain with the rest furnishing of the room, such as sofa and cushions (www.decorous. co.id). The themes can be varied from Inuit (a perfect choice for fur fetishes) to Metropolis (for cosmopolitan fashionistas) to Times Square (the splashes of luscious, bold colours in this collection will surely brighten up your day!).

Jazz up your rooms with stylish, beautiful curtains.

Bling-bling curtain and cushions Add a touch of luxury to your room with chic Swarovski crystals-beaded curtain and its matching cushions from Casamance brand, hailed all the way from France. TIMES SQUARE

Besides selling imported carpets and rugs, Decorous also offers customized ones, allowing the customers to choose the colours and styles that work best for their rooms. Groovy flower-shaped in shocking pink colour or red heart-shaped rugs for the incurably romantic; the choice is yours! INUIT


Looking for automated curtains, roman blinds and roller blinds? They are available at Decorous as well.



photo: ADHA TOGI

This place is a beautiful Javanese Joglo House that sells genuine antique furniture as well as the reproduction ones -most of its furniture is intricately carved. For those who have soft spot for traditional houses, they can order their very own Joglo House at Rumah Jawa (literally means Javanese House), completed with its impressive, and intricately carved ceiling and the beautiful gebyok. Gebyok (or gebyog) is a “wooden wall” (completes with its door), decorated with intricate carvings. Gebyok can be ordered separately and it will fit any house that bears ethnic decorating. When money is no object, you can ask Rumah Jawa to ship gebyok to your home overseas. If you like some furniture but its too big for your house, Rumah Jawa (see directory) will custom-build the exact furniture in smaller version, to make them fit the space perfectly. To make its quality furniture, Rumah Jawa uses teak, including old and ancient teakwood – thus due to their durability, as said by Pak Itang (the owner), that furniture will become family heirlooms you can pass down to generations. THE CEILING OF JOGLO HOUSE

photo: ADHA TOGI


Arbor & Troy

This company sells as well as rents furniture – you can also give your sofa or chair a new look by re-upholstering it with new fabric at Arbor & Troy (you can either buy their upholstery fabrics or bring your own ones). If you rent their furniture for long-term (minimum 12 months), feel free to custom your own size, fabric and wood finishes. You can even choose your sofa’s softness level of comfort from extra firm, firm, soft to extra soft! Plus, you may purchase your favourite items towards the end of your stay through their Lease-to-Own Option. For more information just click: www. arborandtroy.com. Thumbing through the list of Arbor & Troy’s rental items, you will find house wares (bedding, kitchenware, bathroom sets) and electronics (TV, DVD player, microwave) are on offer as well.

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Wash all chair slipcovers at once. As with clothing, some fading should be expected; separate laundering may cause colour variation. Protect your sofa from direct sunlight, as this will cause fabric to fade unevenly. Remove stains immediately, many spots are harder to remove if allowed to dry. (www.arborandtroy.com)

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Aneka Papera Indah

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Lightly vacuum your rug daily to prevent sand and soil from becoming deeply embedded. Rugs work as a sound barrier between floors by helping to block sound transmission to the room(s) below. (www.anekapaperaindah.co.id)

Its showrooms (see directory for address) are Aladdin’s caves for wallpaper lovers, as they display stylish, colourful and beautiful wallpapers, which come in a very wide range of colours and designs – there’s something for everyone, with hundreds of choices for every budget. The eclectic mix of those fashionable goods comes from various countries, including Italy, Belgium, Japan, Korea and China to name a few. One of the company’s best-selling items is Scarlet wallpaper from Korea. The health conscious will be delighted with Scarlet collections, as they have anti-bacterial coating called Photocatalyst TI02. Titanium Dioxide (T102) works as a bacteria killer with 99.7% success rate in combating bird flu, SARS infection, plus it purifies the air in the room (www.anekapaperaindah.co.id). Carpets, laminate wood flooring and installation accessories (like wallpaper adhesive, gripper, heat bound tape, seaming iron and knee kickers) are also on offer.

Glory Frame and Gallery

Be dazzled by hundreds of various frames - from simple, minimalist to carved and ornate ones. Whether you need to frame your paintings, holiday photos or your kids’ artworks and mementos, Glory Frame can help you. They frame various items, such as mask, baby shoes, vinyl record (LP) etc – you name it. Here, you can buy various framed old LPs and their covers too. While you’re there, pop into the gallery and feast your eyes on the distinctively beautiful photos (mostly in black and white) taken by the owner of Glory Frame, Simon Kristiandi (www. gloryframe.com). You can see the fascinating stories in the daily lives of Indonesians through his pictures. [NOW]






From classic, modern, contemporary, Indonesian ethnic, Chinese antique to rattan furniture, Jakarta is bursting with lots of interesting home-furnishing stores that will tickle your desire to shop, shop, and shop for your home. This following directory is your instant guide to hunt for so many valuable items this town has to offer! While it’s not comprehensive by any means, we think you’ll find it useful. by: AYUDITA C. AJANI

House of Quality

Lifestyle Adoration

“Nobel Carpets is second to none in its ability to produce carpets of world-class standard,” explains Maureen T. Rustandi from PT Nobel Industries. As a pioneer in quality carpet manufacturing and supported by a fully qualified staff with years of experience, it is no surprise that Nobel Carpets is seen as the gold standard in the industry. Carpets made from the finest quality yarns with beautiful and elegant designs is the hallmark of Nobel Carpets. Customers can also enjoy a fully integrated service from Nobel Carpets, such as design consultancy, mock up service and technical installation supervision. It is so easy to place your trust in Nobel Carpets as they have mastered the art of carpet making. “Today, Nobel Carpets has a product range of illimitable items with thousands of designs encompassing five main categories. They are Axminster, Wilton Wall to Wall, Sisal Look, Level Cut Loop and Chromojet Printing,” explained Maureen. [NOW] Nobel Carpets PT. Nobel Industries, Penthouse, 29th Floor Menara Karya Jl. HR Rasuna Said Block X-5 Kav. 1 – 2, Jakarta 12950 T: +62-21 5794 4577 F: +62-21 5794 4677 E: sales@nobelcarpets.com, www.nobelcarpets.com

The whole store concept of Vivere is about lifestyle. Here you will find an extensive selection of furniture, complements (accessories), culture (artworks) for living room, dining room, and bedroom. Vivere endorses modern, contemporary designs, expressed by clean, simple lines and embellished with a light Asian touch. There is no second guess for the product quality in Vivere. All the furniture and wardrobes are locally manufactured by Vivere group subsidiaries using advanced manufacturing facilities which comply with international standards which have been ISO certified since 1999. Shopping at Vivere is such an enjoyable experience since the staff also act as personal consultants that will happily share interesting ideas about their products which may suit the customer’s needs. Starting this August, in celebrating their 25 Years anniversary, Vivere has created a meaningful social program which concentrates on education. Based on a direct contribution from each item sold in the Vivere stores, the funds collected will be put towards enabling poorer children to get to university. Well done Vivere, a great initiative and a good reason to shop in your stores. [NOW] PT. Vivere Multi Kreasi Graha VIVERE 1st Floor, Jl. Letjen S.Parman No.6, Slipi T: +62-21 5365 1568 F: +62-21 5365 1609

photo: ADHA TOGI

Celebrating Self Expression

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One can expect a juxtaposed style of exceptional goods coupled with a perfect balance of quirky style and elegant chic in LIVING @ The Papilion. As a purveyor of innovative style, the store cultivates a culture of opposites which goes beyond the criteria of taste and devotion to style as customers are encouraged to compile, collect, and sample –quintessentially enjoying a little bit of everything in the store and not only a single object. The products have been personally chosen by a creative team of well-travelled individuals who have searched the globe to compile and edit a collection of inspirational objects as miraculous finds. Here, you can find plates and cutlery from France, wallpaper from England, cabinets from Belgium, and much more from many corners of the globe. LIVING @ The Papilion also provides many services, including interior design and colour palate consultation, personal home styling, customization of furniture, and special bespoke orders upon request. Bottom line, LIVING @ The Papilion offers shoppers the choice to explore the highest quality interior furnishings in an eccentric and creative manner. [NOW] LIVING @ The Papilion, Jl. Kemang Raya 45 AA, Jakarta 12730 T: +62-21 719 0756 F: +62-21 719 2736

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Natural Selection

Fashionable Functionality

At CV Jaya Rattan Furniture, you will find a myriad collection of the best of Indonesia’s natural furniture, be it pieces made from rattan, bamboo, hard wood, and many other materials in the highest quality possible. “Our collections offer many different styles with endless combination and ways that natural material can be used, imagination is our only limit. Most of our furniture is traditional in style, but many are also contemporary and even unique that they have to escape labelling,” explains Adrian Wonoto, owner of CV Jaya Rattan Furniture. Most of the products here are manufactured in their own factory and even though the store also carries items from other producers, they are still focused on local products. In addition, the “lifetime” warranty for the furniture is a valuable advantage for the customers. “As long as you are not tired of having our furniture decorate your interiors, you can ask us to make repairs as necessary, but of course, until you want to purchase new furniture from us,” says Adrian. Basically, if you are searching for lasting, natural materials furniture, now you really know where to go! [NOW] CV Jaya Rattan Furniture Jl. Kemang Raya 78A Jakarta 12730 T: +62-21 719 2878

Don’t ever expect iwannagohome! to be a typical furniture store. As explained by JS Gill, Chief Executive Officer of PT Shopping Bag Indonesia, iwannagohome! is more of a home fashion concept store that provides enviable style, unparalleled comfort, and most importantly, affordable luxury right in the heart of your home. You will be proud to showcase any iwannagohome! products in your homes. Friends and family will envy the brilliant design, elegance, and uniqueness of iwannagohome! products. With some of the most avant-garde names in decor, glassware, art and design, iwannagohome! aims at presenting collections that speak volumes on style and yet maintain a high level of practicality. The range of products showcased at iwannagohome! include SIA and Guy Degrenne from Paris, Phillips Collection, Art Dreams as well as Lam Lee from USA, Christopher Vine Design from Australia, Kare, Bretz, and Eurographics from Germany, LSA from UK, and Incanto from Italy. The store also features a range of contemporary art pieces in its gallery section. [NOW] iwannagohome! Pacific Place Mall Unit #01 – 02/03/06 and #02 – 02/03/06 Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52 – 53 South Jakarta 12190 T: +62-21 514 02718

All About Carpets and Antiques Three Collections, One Identity Kinara Art Gallery features classic and ethnic handmade carpets from major carpet producing countries all over the world as well as high quality antiques and artefacts. Items in Kinara’s collection, which encompasses tribal and antique carpets and rugs as well as Indian ethnic and antique furniture, are not available anywhere else in Indonesia. Kinara’s exquisite carpets are mostly imported from Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, Kashmir, the central Russian states and India whereas the furniture is mainly imported from Rajasthan, India. Kinara’s well-trained, English-speaking staff are always willing to provide any assistance and experienced consulting staff can also provide advice on interior design for your home. With its ethnic Indian look and unique products, shopping promises to be an unforgettable experience at Kinara Art Gallery. [NOW] Kinara Art Gallery Jl. Kemang Raya No.6, South Jakarta, T:+62-21 719 4350 F:+62-21 719 4360

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You will certainly be amazed and intrigued each time you look at an Alessi design piece. Whether it’s for their out-of-the-box design style, bold colours or the finest quality materials they use for the products, Alessi is definitely a company unique in its ability to create the finest products. Described as usable art, Alessi’s products come in various designs and styles and with a wide range of prices. Alessi has three different brands reflecting three different expressions of the Italian company’s identity. There is Officina Alessi which features products that are refined, expensive, experimental and innovative. The items are usually produced in small numbers and limited editions. Then there is Alessi which expresses the finest manufacturing quality and design for house ware products. Lastly there is A di Alessi which presents what the company calls “democratic” design. This simply means products that are best in design at affordable prices. [NOW] Alessi @ La Flo, fX Lifestyle X’nter 5th fl T: +62-21 25554026, 70906560

Defining Contemporary

Precious Oriental

The new Vastuhome showroom in Jalan Pakubowono was created by Peter and Gerald Tay, high profile interior designers from Singapore. It has a simple but strongly redefined architecture by using simple materials dominated by black and white colour highlights and furnishings. Moving onto the collection, Vastuhome projects European contemporary style that represent simple, minimalist, and unique design. Vastuhome proudly hosts 13 of the most beautiful European furniture collections with many imported from Italy. You can indulge yourself with the latest collection from Flos, Zanotta, Fiam, Living Divani, Slide, Acerbis, Palluco, Studio Art, Sitia, Former, Kose, Gandia Blasco (Spain), and the latest to join the crowd, Moooi from the Netherlands. Free installation and technical guidance are two of the many services provided at Vastuhome. Creatively unique combines with the easy access showroom make Vastuhome a definite stop-over in your furniture hunting. [NOW] Vastuhome Jl. Pakubuwono VI No.79, Kebayoran Baru South Jakarta 12120 T: +62-21 725 7979

Among very few stores that carry Chinese antique furniture in town, Kayu Ayu Gallery should definitely be in your must-go list. Their collection is so special with pieces of Chinese antique furniture directly imported from the Mainland China which are dated from as long as 200 years ago. “Kayu Ayu Gallery is different from other stores, because we only offer good quality Chinese antique furniture that carries unique design, and once they have arrived here, they will be nicely refurbished, including being repaired for any small damages,” explains Indrawati Soedarji, owner of Kayu Ayu Gallery. Indrawati guarantees that all the excellent furniture in Kayu Ayu Gallery is genuine and not being produced in Indonesia at all, so you don’t have to worry about any replica pieces. The staff will also be glad to assist you with any interior decoration advice regarding your chosen Chinese antique piece, so that you will go home knowing how to put the fabulous furniture in the right place. [NOW] Kayu Ayu Jl. Benda No. 16 A Kemang, Jakarta T: +62-21 781 2444

Bold Combinations Strike A Balance

Fantastic Semi Classic

Mien combines unique Chinese antique furniture in a modern interior setting, both for private homes as well as commercial spaces for people who want to create a striking balance between antique and modern furniture in an East Meets West style. Mien also provides the perfect finishing touches with its original, creative accessories. Mien provides a total look for your interior space in their showroom where both furniture and accessories are on display, so you no longer have to search for them separately. Except for the Chinese antique furniture which is imported from China, all of Mien’s sofas and modern furniture are designed and produced in their very own workshop. Mien also carries imported luxury leather sofas as well as many other artefacts and lifestyle items that are sourced from all over the world. Mien furnishes and creates design concepts for homes in Singapore and Bali. [NOW] Mien, Jl. Benda Unit 98 E - F Cilandak, Jakarta 12560 T: +62-21 780 2483

Joop! Fine Living is the only furniture designer of semi classic style in Indonesia which is guaranteed for its originality and quality. Every year, Joop! only makes 50 designed items which are only be reproduced up to a limit of 100 pieces each. The products are manufactured locally and composed of 80% local and 20% imported wood combined together with fully imported fabric from France, USA, and Thailand. Every Joop! Piece holds a 3-year warranty which includes repairing for any factory damages or defective materials. Also, being a wellreputable interior firm, Joop! provides a design consultation service which specialises on fusing different kinds of design styles. It is their forte to formulate a eclectic mix of interior style into one’s home, for example, mixing American semi classic with contemporary design. On top of that, Joop! is linked with many international networks for well-known brands in Chinaware, lamps, and lighting. That way, Joop! can easily deliver unique, rare, and even limited edition home accessories to your doorstep! [NOW] PT Joop Fine Interiors Jl. Kemang Raya Selatan 107A, Jakarta 12730 T: +62-21 781 3374 / 5 F: +62–21 780 5748

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Luxurious Comfort

One Stop Shopping With 15 years experience in the furniture business, Cellini not only brings you a broad selection of superfine quality products but also a variety of other top range interior furnishings such as lighting, curtains and a high-tech kitchen system. With a focus on modern contemporary design, Cellini continues to be a dynamic trendsetter with its up-to-date products at competitive prices. Cellini also established an interior consultancy service under the name Trend Interiors four years ago to complement its core business. Trend Interiors will provide all you need for a more personalized custom-made interior design. Trend’s professional consultants will enhance the function and aesthetics of your interior spaces by doing all the design and build process under one roof. Try them out and you may even become one of their many loyal customers. [NOW] Cellini, Jakarta Design Centre, 3rd Floor # 10 T: +62-21 572 0365 Trend Interiors, Jakarta Design Centre, 7th Floor SR 06 – 08 Jl. Gatot Soebroto Kav. 53, Jakarta Pusat T: +62-21 530 4710, 530 4720

Looking for the best solutions in modern furnishing for your stylish residence? Then head out to one of Jakarta’s Melandas Lifestyle Furniture outlets. Melandas offers only selected brands with top-notch craftmanship in trendy designs. Established in the early 1980s the company started out as a franchised furniture store in Singapore and has since spread its wings by opening 11 showrooms in Indonesia alone. At Melandas, there are many different styles of furniture to satisfy anyone’s tastes. From sophisticated fine Italian contemporary furniture, semi-classic leather sofas and modern dining tables and chairs, to the famous La-Z-Boy recliner --there is something for everyone. The stores professional staff provide timely delivery and installation and a reliable repair and maintenance service to all customers. Melandas even teach customers how to use and maintain their products to ensure maximum enjoyment. [NOW] Melandas Lifestyle Furniture G r a n d Indonesia 2nd Floor & 3rd Floor T: +62-21 2358 0628/38

Bali: Jl. Petitenget 198x Unit 3-4 Tel/Fax: 0361 - 735 964 Email: mien@dps.centrin.net.id www.mien-design.com Jakarta: Jl. Benda No. 98 Unit E-F, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan Tel: 021-780 2483 Fax: 021-780 1541 Email: mien.kemang@gmail.com

Custom order, Villa styling, Bed and bath, Lamps, Floor rugs, Candles, Glassware, Silver jewelry 66 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

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sellers, it means you are supporting the industry and creating a demand. There will be then be more people capturing wild animals and selling them illegally. Wild animals should stay in the wild. That is where they belong and are happy.

Karin Franken, Co-founder of Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) and Animal Clinic, answers frequently asked questions from expatriates in Jakarta about adopting and caring for pets as well as transporting them from abroad.

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Q: I have decided to get a pet. Should I buy it from a pet shop or adopt it from an animal shelter? It is better to adopt a pet from a local shelter or domestic animal welfare center. I know the process of adopting from a local shelter may take time if you are looking for a specific animal for a pet. If you come to the shelter and say, “I want a white, Pomeranian, female puppy.” Then, it may take more than a week or so to find the right dog for you. But the great thing about living in Indonesia is that there are many varieties of animals here. You can get almost anything you want. However, if you just want a dog who is sweet and good with your kids, the process will be much faster. Buying a pet from a pet store is another alternative. However, there are some pet stores that inject animals with hormones to encourage them to breed. The offspring are sometimes separated from their mother too early, so they get sick and easily die. Some pet shops claim they have vaccinated the animals, but there are cases where the information is not valid. Many expatriates buy wild animals, such as Orangutan or rare birds, because they feel sorry to see the animals kept in a pitiful condition. However, if you do buy from the

Q: What do I need to pay attention to if I have a pet in Indonesia? When you have a pet living in your house, make sure you choose staff who are comfortable with animals and kind toward your pets. Be wary if you notice your dogs keep barking at your staff. This could mean that they are not kind to your pets when you are away from home. Also, do not place rat poison in your living area. Your dogs or cats may eat the poison and die. [NOW]

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Q: My family wants to bring Spikes (my fierce Bichon Frisse) to Indonesia but I am afraid he will not be able to adjust to a new environment. However, my kids are really attached to our dog and the thought of losing Spike makes them sad. Should I adopt a new dog in Indonesia or should I bring him over? KF:! Whether you bring your pets along with you to a new place or not is really a personal decision. But, if you can afford it, please do bring him. A pet is not a piece of furniture that can be disposed of; he is a part of the family. Some expats worry whether their cats or dogs will be able to adjust to the new habitat and Jakarta’s hot weather, but they do have the ability to adapt. You can either bring your pet with you when you travel to Indonesia as excess baggage or by cargo. The first option is actually better, since it will be less stressful for your pet. However, not all airlines will permit transporting pets as excess baggage. But in my experience, KLM and Lufthansa do provide this service. When you arrive in Indonesia, make sure you bring the vaccination book, the health certificate from the country of origin, and an original import permit to be shown at your destination. The health certificate should be made five days prior to the animal’s departure and it must state that your pet is in good health and has been vaccinated against rabies within the

last 30 days and not more than one year before departure.

Q: Is the process of adopting an animal from a local shelter complicated? The local shelter will screen the future adopter. In JAAN (the domestic animal welfare center that I founded), we ask our future adopter to fill out a questioner so we know whether the person is serious about adopting a pet and is willing to commit to caring for it. If the person does not have enough experience in the past of taking care of an animal, we will make sure that we give enough information to him or her. We also conduct a home visit to find out if the future pet owner has a suitable place for his or her pet. Say, for example, the future pet owner wants to have a hyper golden retriever but the person lives in an apartment, we will recommend the person considers a smaller dog. They also have to sign a contract and promise to take good care of the pet. JAAN usually keeps in touch with the pet’s owner and checks up on the pet’s welfare. We also make sure that the animal is vaccinated before it is given to their future owner.

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STYLISH TRAVELLER Going out of town with your “best friend” this weekend need not be a hassle. Bring along the following items to make the journey a pleasant one for you and your dog and so both of you can travel in style. t "TL ZPVS WFU UP TVCTDSJCF a happy traveller pill for your “bundle of joy” if you are going to take him or her for a long drive. Give your dog a stressfree ride. t 5IF TNFMM PG B EPH DBO MJOHFS on your body and in your car. To avoid any unpleasant “doggy” smell, spray his or her favourite dog cologne. t 'FFE UIF IVOHSZ QVQQZ XJUI the food he or she is familiar with while travelling. Bring dry dog food and a handy dog bowl$to keep your dog full and content all day. t 1VU ZPVS EPH PO B bright coloured leash whenever you take him out of the house. t -FU ZPVS EPH IBWF JUT CFBVUZ TMFFQ CZ DBSSZJOH B DPOWFOJFOU and comfortable portable dog carrier whenever you go out of town. t *G ZPV IBWF B TNBMM dog, grab a sling dog bag of a style, colour and shape of your choice and carry your miniature pride and joy in it. Just make sure you select a bag that is big enough to give the little Chihuahua space to move inside. t :PVSEPHXJMMMPPLHMBNPSPVTXFBSJOHBfaux leather collar with his or her initials on it.

A HOME AWAY FROM HOME FOR FIDO The best way to keep your dog safe and entertained when you are out of town is to put them in a day care facility or dog hotel.


“Having a dog stay in a day care facility will help him or her to learn how to socialize with other dogs and other people,” said Dog Paradise Proprietor, Ricky Harjanto. In Dog Paradise’s day care center, every dog has a chance to meet and mingle with other dogs of a similar character and size. “Small dogs will play with other small dogs. An active dog will be allowed to mix with other active dogs. We would not mix the little, quiet ones with big and boisterous dogs. They would feel uncomfortable,” said Ricky. Dogs in Dog Paradise day care also have the opportunity to swim in their spare time. The playground features a pool of 2 ½ x 8 meters and almost 1 meter deep. Snacks will be given during play time. At the end of the day, you can ask the day care center to bring your dog home for free if you live within 30 minutes of Dog Paradise. An additional fee of Rp 10, 000 to Rp 20,000 will be charged for extra travelling time. Dog Paradise Day Care is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. RATE: Rp 30,000 - Rp 50,000 per dog depending on the size of dog and day.

Dog Hotel

Checking your dog into a dog hotel is really worthwhile. You can enjoy your holiday knowing that your dogs are being well taken care of. The hotel feeds each dog twice a day, in the mornings and evenings --breakfast and dinner. During the day, they will be taken to the day care area to play with other dogs and enjoy the swimming pool. Snacks will be given between breakfast and dinner. At night, each dog will be taken to the room the owners have chosen for them. There are three categories of hotel rooms in Dog Paradise: Economy (1 ½m x 1 ½m), VIP (2 ½ m x 2 ½ m), and Penthouse (3 m x 4 ½ m). The hotel provides beds and sofas for the dogs in the VIP Room and the Penthouse. Each room has stairs to take the dog to the second floor so they can have enough space for privacy. Dog Paradise Hotel Rate: Rp 70,000 - Rp150,000 per day. For more information about Dog Paradise, please contact: Dog Paradise, Jl. H. Samanhudi No. 15C, Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar, T:+6221 350 4053, E: ricky@dogparadise.net, www.dogparadise.net [NOW]

t Pick the right outfit for the right occasion: Kimono style for fashion show, tuxedo or formal dress for weddings, and casual cotton material for garden party. Source: Virlia Sandra, Marketing Manager of Petstyle by Woof!, Rukan Permata Senayan Blok D12, Jl. Tentara Pelajar, Jakarta 121210, Indonesia, T: + 62-21 70788788, F: +62-21 57940803, petzgear@ yahoo.com *Please see the Directory for our lists of pet shops. NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 69



Outdoor activity is a perfect way to get kids off the couch or away from the computer and video games. Find this outdoor playground and encourage your kids to play outside and have an active lifestyle.

Beyond The Fun Ride Teaching kids about leadership, responsibility, and to love nature is not an easy matter. This weekend, bring your kids to Arthayasa Stables and Country Club to learn how to ride a horse while enjoying nature in the country side. When you are there, an instructor can take you for an adventurous but safe ride in this 14 hectare land. Kids who are interested to learn more about equestrian skills can book a lesson and learn the basic techniques such as walk, trot, and canter. The process will enhance the kids’ concentration, balance, and awareness. To take a more advanced class, students of the club should compete and receive a report of what skills they have accomplished in the past. Not only competing among their students, Arthayasa Stables and Country Club also holds competition against other clubs nationally and internationally. Here, kids are also taught how to take care of the horses and the equipment. By joining the pony club, a child will learn skills, such as, how to take the horse out from its stable, grooming, how to use saddles, bridles, and boots, how to take off the equipment after practicing, and how to take the horse out for a walk to cool down. These things are important for both horses’ and kids’ safety and teach kids about responsibility. It is recommended for a student to use different horses in different sessions of the lessons. Every horse has its own character, and in order to give an instruction to a horse, a child has to be aware and sensitive to the horses’ attitude and reaction. This way, a child will be challenged and get used to lead different characters. During the holiday season, Summer Camps and Christmas Camp are also held at Arthayasa. Each camp is usually organized for four days. Children will be taught how to feed the horses, give the horses a bath, clean the stables, and learn more about riding techniques. Educating and

The “Green” City Playground The lack of public area and park in Jakarta may cause some difficulties for parents to find a safe and unpolluted place for children to play freely in an outdoor area. However, this month, bring your kids to Prefere 72 Playground, a playground and coffee shop which provides both indoor and outdoor family recreation facilities.

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fun, the experience will stay in the children’s memory throughout their lives. [NOW] For more info about Arthayasa and Country Club, please contact PT. Arthayasa Sporthorse Equestrian Services Blok Tengki, Desa Grogol, Kec. Limo, Cinere-Depok 16512. T: +62-21 7547024, E: info@ arthayasa.com www.arthayasa.com. Located at Kemang area, Prefere 72 Playground has 8 different kinds of playing facilities. Kids from age one to twelve can enjoy the flying fox, super sliding, big trampoline, kora duck which are available on the area. Here, kids do not have to worry about Jakarta’s hot weather. On a sunny day, bring some swimsuit, clothes for change, and towels then let your children take pleasure playing with the water fountains located at the Wet Water Play Facilities After a great time enjoying the facilities, kids can climb the Rumah Pohon (a tree house) located at the playing field. From the top, they can enjoy the Prefere 72 Playground green and cheerful scenery while talking some rest. Parents or child’s guardians can watch the children while dining at Prefere 72 Cafe. The cafe serves Indonesian, Chinese, and Western food along with various healthy drinks for both adults and children. Amusing and refreshing, many loyal guests of Prefere 72 use the place to hold birthday parties, family gatherings, field trip, and photo shoots. [NOW] Operational Hours: Wednesday-Monday, 10:00-18:00; Tuesday, 14:00-18:00 Ticket Price: Weekdays: Rp. 50,000/child*; Weekend: Rp. 80,000/child*; *from age one to twelve For more information about Prefere 72 Playground, please contact Prefere 72 Playground, Jl. Kemang Timur No. 72, Kemang T: +62-21 98270825 (Shanti) 081999976669 (Gerina).


This time, NOW! Jakarta, check out two “playgrounds” in the malls where your child can have a blast playing with other kids while learning new things from the experience.

Time To Play, Time To Learn Located in two places, at Senayan City and at Mall of Indonesia, My Playmall provides various facilities for your kids to play. The place is divided into several areas. Step into the Girls Area of My Playmall, for instance, in this area, girls can amuse themselves in a dressing room, have a great chat in a living room, and read books in a library. Meanwhile, in Boys Area, there is a sandbox where girls and boys, can play with sands and build sand castles without having to go to the beach. If your kids love to build things, go check out the Workshop Area that provides toys and mechanical tools. Activities, such as, workshops and seminars are regularly held in My Playmall. Take a look at the Kitchen Area, for example, where kids

can learn how to make a simple dish like sandwich and a glass of orange juice. They will also learn what kind of vitamins and nutrition contained in the food they are making. Other interesting workshops to try are the Art workshops, such as, colouring or making a telescope by using plastic, papers, and aluminium. In Broadway Area, performances such as singing, dancing and other talent shows are often held. Many parents use this area as a place to hold their children’s birthday parties and other gatherings. Children’s curiosity in science and health are also in My Playmall’s concern. This year, My Playmall at Mall of Indonesia is presenting their various scientific visual aids and displays which can be used to increase kids knowledge in science. Coming soon, there will be sports area where kids can use sports equipments and increase their health awareness while playing. [NOW] Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00-21:00; Monday, 12:0021:00. Ticket prices at My Playmall Senayan City: Monday-Thursday, Rp 50,000; Friday-Saturday, Rp 60,000; Sunday, Rp 75,000, Free walking in for one adult/guard, additional adult will be charged Rp 25,000/person. Ticket prices at My Playmall Mall of Indonesia: Monday-Friday, Rp 50.000/2hour; Saturday-Sunday, Rp 75,000/2 hour; each adult will be charged Rp 25,000/2hour. For more information about My Playmall facilities and activities, please contact: My Playmall, Senayan City, 4th Floor, Jl. Asia Afrika No. 19, T: +62-21 72781501 F: +62-21 72781502 or My Playmall, Mall of Indonesia, Ground Floor, Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya,Kelapa Gading, T:+62-21 45868210-12, F:+62-21 45868212, www.myplaymall. com

Teaching Kids The Real World Ask your kids what they want to be when they grow up. The answers can be more than just one occupation. They may want to be a doctor, an actor, a police officer, or even a pilot, but whatever it is, in the area of KIDZANIA town, kids can freely choose from 100 role-plays and enjoy the scenario, technology, and the environment that imitates the real workplace of the professions that they choose. In every role play, a supervisor will guide the kids to experience their dream jobs. In KIDZANIA, everyone will also learn about the value of money. KIDZANIA has its own economic and currency called Kidzos. Every time a child is visiting the place, he or she will get a check worth of 50 Kidzos. Then the child has to cash it in the bank in order to buy products or services such as renting a car, going to a salon, or spending the money in KIDZANIA department stores. If a child is running out of money, they have to work as a professional. To save some money, a child has to open up a bank account in the KIDZANIA’s bank. What a great way to teach about the real world. [NOW] For more information about KIDZANIA, please contact: KIDZANIA, Pacific Place L6-601, Sudirman Central Business District, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53, T: +62-21 5154888, F:+62-21 5154777 E: info@kidzania.co.id, www.kidzania. co.id.

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Choosing the right apartment is really a personal decision. People want different things. What makes an apartment great to live in anyway? Is it the 24 hour maintenance, its steadily increasing value, or is it simply just the apartment’s strategic location that makes you fall in love and convinced to buy or rent the residence? Whatever it is, do read our reviews on the apartments in Jakarta before choosing the right one for you.

All-in-one Residence

Luxury Is In Details

Due to its homey and safe atmosphere plus its perfect location Hotel Kristal has been a favourite residence complex for many long-staying expats, especially for those with families. Standing right next door to Jakarta International School (JIS), this locally owned but expat managed hotel is situated in a prestigious residential area in South Jakarta, yet you still come home to a quiet and peaceful environment. It is only a stone’s throw away from the South Jakarta Business District, two famous hyper markets (Carrefour and Giant), the biggest shopping mall in town (Pondok Indah Mall I and II), and a reputable hospital. What’s more, you will never get enough of the thorough service and complete facilities that Hotel Kristal provides for its tenants. As for the ladies, Hotel Kristal houses a brand new lingerie shop, Benestante, with its to-diefor sexy collections. Every guest room was equipped with state-of-the-art, large screen Plasma TVs for more entertaining viewing pleasure! [NOW] Hotel Kristal Jl. Tarogong Raya, Cilandak Barat, Jakarta 12430 T: +62-21 750 7050 F: +62-21 750 7110 www.hotelkristal.com

Designed in the classic Dutch colonial and art deco styles, the apartment is offering a five star modern living in its four elegant towers. When the residents go inside the unit, they are welcomed by parquet floor in master bedroom, ceramic tiles in the kitchen, terracotta tiles for terrace/balcony, and hardwood with melamine finish floor skirting. Fashion lovers will find the walk-in wardrobe made from hardwood frames is satisfying. Classy and detailed, the wardrobe has enough space to keep everyone’s favourite fashion collection. Before you leave the apartment step out to their garden and you will be surprised how green the area is. [NOW] Executive Menteng Apartment Jl. Pegangsaan Barat Kav. 6-12, Menteng, Jakarta 10320 T:+6221 3149916 F:+6221 3926168 E: menteng@pacific.net.id, www.executivementeng.com

Family Living At Bumimas Designed mostly in minimalist style, Bumimas Apartments are comfortable and a convenient place to live in the city. Each unit has a modern kitchen, bathroom, and is fully furnished. Choices of furniture are divided into three categories: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Complete and standardized furniture will be provided in Silver Category. Meanwhile, the Gold Category will provide brand new electronic utilities such as television, microwave, water dispenser, and stove. In the Platinum Category, all of the facilities that are provided in the apartment are brand new. In addition, platinum residents have more freedom to choose their own favourite design for their sofas, dining tables, beds, wardrobes, and curtains. TV Cable, NHK Channel, and Free unlimited internet access are also available in every units. Residents can also use the facilities such as swimming pool, fitness centre, sauna, tennis court, children playground, Starmart Minimarket, and Papaya Fresh Gallery. Located at Jl. Terogong Raya No. 18, Bumimas Apartment has easy access to the Toll Road and areas such as Pondok Indah, Cilandak, Kemang, and Blok M and business districts areas such as Sudirman, Kuningan, Thamrin, TB. Simatupang, Jababeka, Bogor, Karawang, and Cikarang. Many expatriate families choose to live at Bumimas Apartment since the location is close to many International Schools, such as, Jakarta International School (JIS), The Lycée International Français (LIF) , Jakarta Japanese School (JJS), Singapore International School (SIS), and Australian International School (AIS). Children, who study in Jakarta Japanese School (JJS), can enjoy the shuttle bus services to take them to the school and get them back to the apartment.[NOW] Bumimas Apartment Jl. Terogong Raya No. 18 (Near JIS, South Jakarta, 12430 T: +62-21 750 3951, 766 9928 E: stay@bumimas.com www.bumimas.com 72 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

Affordable Trendy

Luxury at Its Peak

The Aston Rasuna is situated within Taman Rasuna Apartment Complex Area of Towers 3 and 4 which is one of the most preferred residential areas in the city centre. The Aston Rasuna provides a business centre, a mini market, a chemist, two gyms, two swimming pools, tennis courts, a jogging track, and a basketball court. In addition, you can also arrange an important get-together with your clients in one of the four meeting rooms with a capacity starting from 12 up to 30 people. There are several apartment types at The Aston Rasuna, from one bedroom suite (Executive Suite and Penthouse), two bedroom suite (Superior Suite and Deluxe Suite) to three bedroom type (Deluxe Suite). Every unit is suitable for corporate and leisure travellers, either for short or long stay accommodation. [NOW] The Aston Rasuna Tower A – Kompleks Apartemen Taman Rasuna Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, Jakarta 12960 T: +62-21 8370 5555 F: +62-21 8378 6244

The tallest twin tower residence in Jakarta was selected as one of the world’s best 50 apartments by Image Publishing, Australia. This spectacular apartment complex consists of four towers –two 35storey towers and two semi-detached 55-storey towers with modern and vertical lined architecture to accentuate its spectacular height. The safety of the Peak structure is undoubtedly well-executed in the most advanced construction techniques. “We specially used facade and wind tunnel consultants from Canada to ensure that every detail in the building construction is well planned, such as eliminating the heavy sound of the wind which usually occurs on high rise buildings,” explained Very Y. Setiady, Executive Director for The Peak at Sudirman. The Peak at Sudirman reserves one tower for short and long term lease with a minimum of one month stay. You can choose a fully furnished or fully serviced package deal with competitive rates. These smart condo units have modern and contemporary interiors with warm colours, wooden floors and natural stone walls. [NOW] The Peak at Sudirman Jl. Setiabudi Raya No. 9 Jakarta 12910 T: +62-21 526 5555 F: +62-21 526 6555

Classy Beauty In the midst of Jakarta’s booming residential property market, the charming Borobudur Garden Wing Residence still claims its place as one of the primary choices for a total home-away-from-home comfort in the city. The Garden Wing Residence sets in 23 acres of landscaped garden with an Olympic size swimming pool, 8 tennis courts, a complete fitness club and spa and a 700-meter jogging track. The apartments are also part of the hotel complex, giving the residents full use of all hotel facilities, restaurants, bars, express laundry service, and business centre. Lastly, we must mention the security aspect. The Hotel Borobudur Jakarta and the Garden Wing apartments are extremely secure due to our location and very limited access to the hotel, but they also have specially treated windows and a large security force. There is only one way to enter the hotel, and cars, trucks, and motor cycles, are all checked thoroughly. In addition, they have recently ordered X-ray machines for all entrances, which will supplement the existing metal detectors. For families with children, it is comforting to know that there is also only one exit from the hotel, and the security staff are very alert to supervising children not accompanied by their parents or nanny. [NOW] Borobudur Garden Wing Residence Jl. Lapangan Banteng Selatan, Jakarta 10710 T: +62-21 380 5555 F: +62-21 380 9595 www.hotelborobudur.com

Warm and Friendly Hideaway You only find friendly and warm five star hotel service at The Residences at The Park Lane Jakarta. Strategically located in one of the busiest commercial districts in the capital, these exclusive residences offer a cosy and relaxed environment for super busy business professionals who are longing for total leisure. With only 36 fully furnished units, all the staff will meticulously take care of each individual needs in all-around 24 hour service. Fully equipped with high speed internet access in every unit, The Residences at The Park Lane Jakarta is indeed an ideal nest for corporate business travellers with short term (of minimum 14 days) and long term stay period. You can choose either from one, two or three bedroom units. [NOW] The Residences at the Park Lane Jakarta Jl. Casablanca Kav. 18, Jakarta 12870 T: +62-21 828 2000 F: +62-21 828 2222 www.parklanejakarta.com NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 73

LIVING IN JAKARTA / APARTMENT DIRECTORY Aditya Mansions Jl. Adityawarman Raya No. 38A Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan T: +62-21 7206747 E: adityamansio@cbn.net.id www.adityamansion.com

Eksekutif Menteng Apartment Jl. Pegangsaan Barat Kav. 6 – 12 Menteng, Jakarta Pusat T: +62-21 3149916 E: menteng@pacific.net.id www.executivementeng.com

Allson Residences at Mitra Oasis Jl. Senen Raya No. 135 – 137 Jakarta T: +62-21 3523379 E: armo@allsonresidence.com www.allsonresidence-jkt.com

Four Seasons Residences Jl. Setiabudi Tengah, Jakarta 12910 T: +62-21 57901888 / 1770 www.fourseasons.com

Amartapura Kondominium Jl. Sultan Syahrir 50, Lippo Karawaci Tangerang T: +62-21 5475817 E: amarta@cbn.net.id Ampera Town Houses Jl. Kemang Raya No. 2A, Jakarta T: +62-21 7807033 Aston Rasuna Residence Tower A, Lower Ground Komp. Apartment Taman Rasuna Jl. HR. Rasuna Said, Jakarta T: +62-21 9391000 / 83705555 Aston International Wisma Staco, 3rd Floor, Suite 100 Jl. Casablanca Kav.18, Jakarta T: +62-21 8318800 Batavia Apartment Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur Kav. 126 Jakarta T: +62-21 5749760 E: batavia@cbn.net.id www.bataviaapartment.co.id Bona Vista Apartment Jl. Bonavista Raya, Lebak Bulus 1, Cilandak, Jakarta T: +62-21 7658888 / 7692595 Brawijaya Aparment Jl. Brawijaya XII/1 Blok P, Jakarta T: +62-21 7220214 E: apt.brawijaya@yahoo.com Bumimas Jakarta Apartment Jl. Terogong Raya No. 18, Jakarta T: +62-21 7669928 E: stay@bumimas.com www.bumimas.com Casa Royal Town House Jl. Asem II, Cipete Selatan, Jakarta T: +62-21 7511038 www.casaroyal.co.id Casablanca Apartment Jl. Casablanca Kav. 12, Jakarta T: +62-21 8314881 E: ptsrp@indo.net.id www.apartemen-casablanca.com Cilandak Apartment Jl. TB Simatupang, Cilandak Barat Jakarta T: +62-21 7504963 www.cilandakapartment.com

Garden Wing Service Apartment (Hotel Borobudur Jakarta) Jl. Lapangan Banteng Selatan No. 1 T: +62-21 3805555 www.hotelborobudur.com Golfhill Terrace Apartment Jl. Metro Kencana IV No. 7 Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan T: +62-21 7655972 E: golfhill@cbn.net.id www.braselireality.com Istana Sahid Apartment Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 86 Mezzanine fl, Jakarta T: +62-21 573 9428 www.sahidhotels.com Kedoya Elok Apartment Jl. Panjang Kedoya No. 1, Kebun Jeruk T: +62-21 823 501, 823 503 E: ga_ake@yahoo.com Kemang Club Villas Jl. Kemang Selatan I, Jakarta T: +62-21 719 8383 www.kemangclubvillas.com Kemang Jaya Apartment Jl. Kemang Selatan VIII, Jakarta T: +62-21 719 0001

Pasadenia Apartment Jl. Pacuan Kuda Raya No. 27 Pulo Mas Jakarta Timur T: +62-21 4703616 Park Avenue Suites Setiabudi Apartment Jl. RS. Aini Karet Setiabudi, Jakarta T: +62-21 5221978 www.parkavenueintl.com Park Royal Executive Suites Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto Kav. 35–39, Jakarta T: +62-21 5717200 www.parkroyale.com Pavilion Executive Residence Apartment Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 24 Karet Tengsin, Jakarta Permata Gandaria Apartment Jl. Taman Gandaria No. 88, Jakarta T: +62-21 7257686 Plaza Senayan Apartment Jl. Tinju No. 1 Pintu Satu Gelora Bung Karno Senayan T: +62-21 5725353 www.apartemensenayan.com Pondok Klub Villa Jl. TB Simatupang Cilandak, Lebak Bulus T: +62-21 7505402 Puri Botanical Residence Mainsonette Mega Kebon Jeruk Unit 1-4 Jl. Raya Joglo No. 48, Jakarta Barat T: +62-21 5870077

Kempinski Apartment Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta T: +62-21 2358 7000

Puri Casablanca Apartment Jl. Puri Casablanca No. 1, Kuningan T: +62-21 3003 8888 F: +62-21 30038999 www.puricasablanca.com

Kintamani Kondominium Jl. Prapanca Raya No. 1, Jakarta T: +62-21 719 0585 E: kintamani@hotmail.com

Setiabudi Apartment Jl. RS. Aini Karet Setiabudi, Jakarta T: +62-21 5228522 www.parkavenuesuite.com

Mampang Arcadia Jl. Loka Indah Kav. 1 Warung Buncit Raya, Jakarta Selatan T: +62-21 7971434 E: aptark@cbn.net.id

Setiabudi Residence Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. 62, Jakarta T: +62-21 57946464 www.setiabudiresidence.com

Marbella Kemang Residence Kemang Apartment Jl. Bangka Raya No. 7, Jakarta Selatan T: +62-21 7179 3238 Margot Apartment Jl. H. Batong Raya No. 4 Terogong Cilandak Barat, Jakarta Selatan T: +62-21 751 0461 Menara Budi Apartment Jl. H. Cokong Setiabudi, Jakarta T: +62-21 526 0210 E: marketing@menarabudi.com

Emerald Apartment Jl. TB Simatupang Kav. 20, Cilandak Jakarta T: +62-21 7658968

Menteng Prada Apartment Jl. Pegangsaan Timur 15A, Jakarta T: +62-21 392 9060 E: menprada@uninet.net.id

Essence on Dharmawangsa Residence Jl. Dharmawangsa X No. 86 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta T: +62-21 7251118

Menteng Regency Apartment Jl. RP Soeroso No. 10-12, Gondangdia Lama, Jakarta Pusat T: +62-21 315 5655, 315 5657 E: regensi.menteng@farpoint.com

Executive Paradise Jl. Pangeran Antasari, Cilandak Jakarta T: +62-21 7504174 / 64 E: bin525@cbn.net.id www.binamega.c.om

Oakwood Premier Cozmo Apartment Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Blok E 4.2 No. 1, Jakarta Selatan T: +62-21 25542300 www.oakwood.com

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Palm Court Apartment Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto Kav. 26-27, Jakarta T: +62-21 5205945

Shangri-La Residences Kota BNI Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav.1, Jakarta T: +62-21 2511888 E: residences.jakarta@shangri-la.com www.slj-residences.com Sommerset Grand Citra Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 1, Jakarta T: +62-21 5225225 E: enquiry.jakarta@the-ascott.com www.somerset.com Simprug Indah Jl. Teuku Nyak Arif, Arteri Simprug Jakarta T: +62-21 72696868 Slipi Apartment Jl. Letjen S. Parman kav. 22 – 24, Jakarta T: +62-21 5326910

Taman Anggrek Condominium Mall Taman Anggrek 6th Fl. Jl. Letjen S. Parman kav. 21 Jakarta Barat T: +62-21 5609898 Taman Puri Permata Hijau Town House Jl. Biduri No. 1 Blok P Komp. Permata Hijau Jakarta Selatan T: +62-21 7942021 E: apt_tamanraja@korindo.com The Ascott Jakarta The Golden Triangle Jl. Kebon Kacang Raya No. 2 Jakarta Pusat T: +62-21 391 6868 E: enquiry.jakarta@the-ascott.com www.the-ascott.com www.somerset.com The Bellagio Parkway Residence Kawasan Mega Kuningan Kav. E4 No. 3, Kuningan Timur Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio, Jakarta Selatan T: +62-21 576 4314 E: leasing@centralingga.com www.thebellagio.co.id The Bellezza Permata Hijau Arteri Permata Hijau Jl. Letjen Soepono No. 34, Jakarta T: +62-21 53671717 www.thebellezza.com The Capital Residence Sudirman Central Business District Lot 24 Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Jakarta T: +62-21 515 0188 The Kuningan Suites Jl. Setiabudi Utara, Jakarta Selatan T: +62-21 5260260 F: +62-21 5260285 E: info@thekuningansuites.com www.thekuningansuites.com The Mayflower Jakarta Marriott Executive Apartments Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 76-78 Jakarta T: +62-21 57897888 www.marriott.com/jkter The Pakubuwono Residence Jl. Pakubuwono 6 no. 68 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan T: +62-21 27505000 E: bm@pakubuwono-residence.com www.pakubuwono-residence.com The Peak Residence Jl. Setiabudi Raya No. 9 Jakarta T: +62-21 526 5555 E: marketing@thepeak-sudirman.com www.thepeak-sudirman.com The Plaza Residences Hotel Intercontinental Midplaza Lower Ground Fl Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 10 – 11 Jakarta T: +62-21 570 7555 E: apartment@plazaresidences.co.id www.plazaresidences.co.id

Spring Hill Golf Residence Jl. Benyamin Suaeb Blok D7 Kemayoran, Jakarta T: +62-21 6549999 www.springhill-residence.com

The Residence at Sultan Hotel Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Jakarta Pusat T: +62-21 570 7070 E: sales@theresidence-jakarta.com www.theresidence-jakarta.com

Somerset Berlian Jakarta Jl. Permata Berlian V, Permata Hijau Jakarta T: +62-21 53668888 E: enquiry.jakarta@the-ascot.com

The Summit Apartment Jl. Boulevard Sentra Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara T: +62-21 458 53999 www.thesummit.com

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Another Little Haven… For those of you who know Bali, Bali Deli is probably more than just a name, it is a haven of supplies, a meeting place and a convenient lunch and dinner spot. It even has a street named after it! Tucked away at the end of Jl. Bali Deli is another little haven, this time for sleeping and relaxing, Kamuela Villas. by: ALISTAIR SPEIRS


t’s important for villas, in this crowded and competitive market, to create their own individual identity and Kamuela has achieved this with distinction. Based around a good sized personal swimming pool (you can actually swim!) of sparkling blue water, each villa has a “semi open” living/dining area concept which combines the convenience of a compact kitchenette, complete with a two door fridge, microwave cooker, coffee maker, kettle, toaster and most of the basic items you will need for a bit of self catering, with a comfortable sofa and major flat screen TV. The talking point however has got to be the eccentric full sized carved tree which serves as a dining table! You may have seen designs like this in various trendy furniture shops around the island, but Kamuela has them as standard items in each villa. Fun! The bedrooms are comfortably appointed with king sized, firm double beds given a splash of colour with a pile of throw cushions. There’s a handy writing desk, open shelving and hanging space for convenience and another large screen flat TV for more intimate in-room viewing.

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The bedrooms are big, bright and fresh with full sized baths and separate shower areas and great blasts of hot water to wash away the beach or shopping sprees. All the expected amenities are available for brushing, shampooing and so on. One highly convenient idea which I haven’t seen anywhere else is the remote light control which turns everything off with one switch from your bed. Hurray! No more scampering round looking for switches when you are ready to snooze. Well done Kamuela. The final point is service, and the staff, including 24 butler service, is attentive, friendly and efficient, and when you can literally walk to 20 or 30 restaurants on Jl. Kunti or Jl. Legian you are pretty well spoilt. Perfect for a family getaway or two couples sharing. Happy Holidays. [NOW] Aston International Hotels, Resorts & Residences Wisma Staco, 3rd Floor, Suite 100 Jl. Casablanca Kav 18 Jakarta 12870 T: +(62-21) 831 8800 F: +(62-21) 831 7180 www.Aston-International.com

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the 14th century at a time when the spice trade between Java, Sumatra and Yemen was flourishing. To this day Java annually still exports thousands of tons of sarongs to Yemen. And to this day the fine silk sarong manufacturers of Gresik, East Java send their best pieces to the royal houses of Saudi Arabia. One can easily recognize the descendents ! Sleeping out is a big part of daily life for

Last month I discovered some very interesting facts about Gujarat in India, a state I’d always wanted to visit. I learned that Gujaratis have been trading textiles with Indonesia since the 12th Century. (The double-ikat gringsing cloth of Bali is descended from the Paola cloth of India for example). In the 10th century the Parsees come to Gujarat from Persia, bringing trading skills which enhanced the already skillful trading populace. The campaigns of Mahatma Gandhi, a Gujarati, were sponsored by Gujarati traders as were many of India’s finest construction projects—moder-n buildings by International architects such as Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier.

many poorer Gujaratis!

grand indeed (an Indian friend once called the Kraton Hamengkubuwono in Yogyakarta an haveli). The M.G. House had an intriguing Indian restaurant on the roof terrace, a lavish lotusthemed indoor pool, vast Belgian Belle Époques suites and the best vegetarian food I have ever tasted. From the hotel one can take a ‘Heritage Tour’ of the old city (and iPod guide is supplied) which includes the old citadelfort—of which, sadly, only a corner remains—and an intriguing cavalcade of mogul-era lanes and bazaars, mosques and mausoleums. ! A small ancestor shrine at M.G. House hotel, Ahmedabad.

of Yemeni traders in the Arab quarters of major cities like Surabaya and Jakarta. ttt Southern Indians affect a dislike for the Gujaratis’ vocal volume surges (they can talk!!) and nouveau riche behaviour. But on the whole I found the Gujaratis civilized and warm and very vegetarian. In Ahmedabad I stayed in a brilliant boutique hotel, M.G. House, opposite the old mosque. It was a former haveli, a merchant’s mansion, of which many still survive in Ahmedabad; and many are very " A column base at the beautifully detailed Siddi Syed Mosque.

! Corner of the exquisite 14th century Siddi

! Front façade and (below) ceiling detail of

Ahmedabad the capital, is well laid out and relatively unchaotic for an Indian city. Despite the desert climate, the roads are lined with Neem and Tamarind trees; water is diverted from Maharastra in the South to keep full the wide river which dissects the city (In this way it resembles Isfahan in Persia). The old walled city and the original Moslem citadel date from the 13th century. The old city contains some exquisite mosques (many in the open, Persian style) and mausoleums. The most celebrated mosque, the Siddi Syed, was fashioned from local sandstone, by Yemeni slaves in

For architecture voyeurs Louis Kahn’s Indian Institute of Management on the outskirts of the city is a must visit: Kahn’s take on the boxy medina-style, flat-roofed houses of Gujarat is a poetic masterpiece, all in local brick. He is the 20th century master of low-rise, low-rent brick clusters. The campus is set in a huge woodland of Eucalypts and Acacias. The highlight of any architectural tour of Ahmedabad is a visit to the Calico Museum on the estate of the owners of the legendary Calico Cotton Mills, one of Gujarat’s oldest. The sprawling museum is housed in compounds of traditional Gujarati

Syed Mosque in the walled city, Ahmedabad.

78 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

the Siddi Syed Mosque.

I tell Amit about the ancient textile links between Bali and Gujarat and he brings out a 13th Century (carbon-dated) piece of Gujarati block-print textile found in Makassar and gifted to him in Bali, last year.

houses, naturally ventilated, with cow dung floors. It is set in a large garden with a fine collection of palms and water plants. The textile collection is extraordinary—featuring tents, costumes, banners and saris from all over India. The museum is run with an iron first. As our small group was being herded around the halls with military precision I was

19th June 2009 : To Hyderabad to visit my three Balinese Supervisors slaving away in the gardens (mostly ! Death of Vali; Rama and Laksmana Wait

Out the Monsoon. From the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas (1532 – 1623). Courtesy British Museum.

Is it possible that this is a Mughal Indian motif and not a Tibetan or Chinese one, as has always been presumed?

17th June 2009: A living treasure I visit the studio of Ahmedabad’s top artist Amit Ambalal who last year spent two weeks painting in Ubud, Bali. His Bali canvases are vibrant and very Balinese—playful, colourful, mystical—and he remembers his time in Indonesia with great affection. “What do you think about Indonesian painters?” I ask him. ! The suicide-bomber-on-a-Vespa look, so

! Amit Ambalal’s paintings of Bali.

popular on the streets of Ahmedabad today.

dust) at the Falaknuma Palace (The former palace of the Nizam)

reminded how chintz and supplementary embroidery often attract the most Valkyrielike matrons!!

Projects in India take soooo very long that one’s clients undergo complete life changes. My dream client in Hyderabad Andra Pradesh—the sister city of Ahmedabad— has, in the five years we have worked on her haveli style home, undergone quite a transformation from being local darling, to full blown International Fashion Goddess (see photo). A learned Indian scholar once told me, “‘Andra’ lips were mentioned in the Mahabaratha,” as we were admiring PinkyMadam’s classic Andra visage.

15th June 2009, To the British Museum for a exhibition of Rajastani Art: Garden and Cosmos: the Royal Paintings of Jodpur. At this extraordinary exhibition I discover one painting with clouds painted just like the mega-mendung motif in Cirebon paintings and batik (see image this page). " Artist Amit Ambalal in his studio in

Ahmedabad. Behind him a row of his crow statues.

! La Golconda.

“Indonesian art is where Indian art was 40 years ago” he answers, “still struggling with the ‘shackles’ of strong local traditions; still trying too hard to be ‘modern’.” Art critic Gayatri Sinha writes in his book on Amit Ambalal about Amit’s experience in Bali: “Bali with its petrification of the past, its thriving tourism and its residual atavism provides Amit with fluid frames of time. Hinduism in Bali has some archaic manifestations; the Hindu Majapahit Empire (1293-1520) on eastern Java founded a colony in Bali in 1343. In times of war, it was to Bali that artists and intellectuals, poets and artisans fled, creating a fecund kingdom of performance and ritual sites.” NOW! Jakarta - August 2009 | 79


Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink What is Jakarta’s biggest problem? Most people’s top answer would probably be either the traffic or the pollution. Those might be the biggest problems for the city’s inhabitants but the city’s biggest problem is, in my opinion, the lack of a piped water system.


nly about 10 per cent of the city draws its water from the mains supply and the consequence is that, in two or three decades much of Jakarta will almost certainly be underwater. The link between the two statements is that the vast majority of the rest of the population sucks up its water from the ground. If only one or two per cent of the population did this it would not be such a disaster. But with 80—odd per cent of the population doing it (the rest pay for trucked-in water), the result is subsidence on a scale that, according to infrastructure expert Hongjoo Hahm from the World Bank, is far worse than any other city on earth. Some places in North Jakarta are sinking between five and eight centimetres a year

80 | NOW! Jakarta - August 2009

while I recently visited a bridge in North Jakarta that was deliberately built too high so that it would still be high enough for fishing boats to pass under it after a few years’ subsidence had taken its toll. Until it moved, the biggest culprit was the beer factory. Now the biggest sinners are the large hotels, followed by office blocks and shopping centres. Individual houses are pretty angelic in comparison – except that there are so many of them. If you wondered, particularly if you live in North Jakarta, why your water might have started tasting a little odd recently, the answer is because so much groundwater is being sucked out of the rock, the water table has become disrupted and saltwater from Jakarta Bay is seeping in. The result is not just yucky-tasting water; it is also corroding pipes thanks to the salt and a timebomb waiting to explode in the form of costly repairs. So, in the interests of Jakarta’s long-term sustainability I implore all of you to stop using a well/groundwater pump and get in touch with the local water company. OK, it might cost a little bit more, but access to water at the cheapest possible price is not a right. Do your bit for the environment. And ask your office managers where the building’s water comes from. If the answer’s the ground, start kicking up a fuss. Considering that you’re unlikely to start leaving your cars at home and riding public transport to work, this is the least you can do for the environment. The last really devastating floods, in 2007, were caused by a combination of heavy rain both in the Bogor catchment area and the city, a lack of flood prevention measures (such as dredged rivers, the East Jakarta Flood Canal, and overpopulation, particularly too many squatters on river and reservoir banks), subsidence caused by depleting groundwater and a tidal surge that occurs every 18.6 years. Mr Hahm reckons Jakarta is sinking so fast that unless dramatic remedial action is taken, the presidential palace on Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara will be “a seafront property” when the next surge comes along in 2025.

If the recommended remedial work had been done only about a quarter of the 2.6m people who were affected by the floods – thousands of people saw their homes disappear under more than four metres of water – would have had unplanned swimming pools in their living rooms. To be fair, some remedial work is being done. River dredging is underway in certain key areas, such as the Ciliwung but it will count for nought in a few years unless some serious education work is done to teach people that waterways are not the same things as rubbish dumps. Or public lavatories. The East Jakarta Flood Canal is also making progress. But construction is unlikely to be completed by the December deadline because there is no such thing as a compulsory purchase order and so recalcitrant landowners who are not happy with the price being offered for their land on the canal’s route are able to block purchases. Evicting the squatters is going to be a more highly-charged issue. City officials estimate there are about half a million people living illegally on river banks and other water catchment areas. Low-cost accommodation has been prepared for them and these people will be given a choice: move into the flats provided and pay minimal rent or go back to the villages whence you came. Considering some people have lived in these villages for decades, I’m glad I’m not in charge of the eviction process. There have been several false starts as to when this operation will get going; the current best guess is shortly after SBY is inaugurated for his second presidential term but nothing is fixed. Ending millions of people’s lifelong habit of throwing rubbish into rivers is, arguably, the hardest challenge. A carrot-and-stick approach is crucial; namely alternatives must be provided and stiff penalties for offenders must be enforced. I must confess that I’m not very optimistic about much movement on this in the next few years. Experts say it will cost billions to “sort out” Jakarta. But if the required action is not taken promptly, the bill will be several times that amount. All I can say is I’m not holding my breath waiting for concerted action. [NOW]

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