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Heartburn is a common condition that is caused by acid from the stomach coming up into the esophagus. It is often caused by eating the wrong foods. Curing heartburn can be done by a variety of means. Many people choose to avoid medications and cure heartburn by natural means. Heartburn is often caused by eating foods that are caffeinated, spicy or fatty. It can also be caused by using tobacco or be a symptom of stress. Heartburn is not a condition of the heart and it usually is not a serious health concern. That is why many people choose to try to cure heartburn through natural treatments. Since heartburn is most often caused by food, one natural conclusion to stop heartburn is to figure out what food is triggering the heartburn, and then stop eating the food. This can be done by recording every episode of heartburn with the foods ate during that day. After a few episodes a person is likely to discover what food is the culprit. They can then simply avoid eating that food. Other natural cures for heartburn include simple things you can try. You may try chewing on a basil leaf when heartburn occurs. This is a common method used in India where spicy foods often bring about heartburn episodes. Sucking on a hard candy has also been found to be great at curing heartburn. When a person is sucking on the hard candy they are swallowing more often which helps to keep the acid in the stomach. Peppermint is another herb which is thought to help some people. However, it should be noted that in some people peppermint can actually cause heartburn. Rhubarb is also a common natural heartburn cure. Chewing on some rhubarb is a Native American cure. These natural cures for heartburn all try to help you once an attack starts and are a great alternative to medications. No matter how you choose to treat your heartburn you should know that taking care of it is important. Using a natural heartburn cure is something that you can easily do without the interference of a doctor. However, if your heartburn is severe or occurs too often then you really should see a doctor. Chronic heartburn can end up running the esophagus and cause further, more difficult problems. So, feel free to try the natural heartburn cures and if they work for you then that is great, but if they do not seem to help then you really should seek medical advice.

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Using A Nature Heartburn Cure  

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