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Heartburn is a problem looking for a cure. With that comes choices: Do I take antacids and ignore it or stress over it until something gets done. Actually the answer is neither. What it takes is enough focused energy to think of it as a project. A rather simple project with as many steps as you thing are necessary. Making it a project means making a list. In one column there should be list of what is causing heartburn and in the other column, a list the things you can do to correct the problem. Since food and portion size are two of the most common reasons for heartburn then a cure can be made from the items listed on this project sheet. To keep this manageable, use this project list to make a second list - an action list. This would be detailed steps that you can take to get to a heartburn cure. Breaking a project down into a list of action steps eliminates the stress and indecision of what to do next. You don't need to repeat all the mental work to keep the project on track, so getting off course is less likely with this approach. How this makes life better - if you don't do it... So you probably already have a list of to-do's with competing priorities. This is what makes action steps work. You've already done the thinking, now it's just a matter of picking an action step to put into play. For instance, one of your action steps is probably to put more calcium into your body. So one step would be to have a list that includes calcium rich foods that can be plugged into daily menus. When you have your list of action steps there less opportunity to lose momentum. There is always one from the list that will fit you effort level. It's not necessary to make all the changes at once. In fact it is better to gradually make changes so that the body can adapt. how to apply this - step 1, based on time One way to apply these steps is based on time you have available right now. There are odd blocks of time that happen in each day. This is the time activate one of your heartburn cure steps. An example would be a short, brisk walk to elevate metabolism and use sunlight to metabolized the calcium. There are many simple things that are helpful and take only a little time. Other choices in your heartburn cure project can be made based on priority. These are actions that are most important to you, since they have the potential to lead to the biggest results. Changes in diet and portion size are examples of how to go about this. These quick results steps are what get you going on a new menu. One that aims at reducing heartburn causing food and

begins to introduce foods that are big on alkaline goodness - vegetables and fruits. The goal, or big picture is, of course, a cure for heartburn. And the natural, most sensible, way to remedy heartburn is as we've just gone through: This project approach has a much higher success rate if you put effort into it and put it on paper. Another success factor is your choice to take a natural, preventative approach, to heartburn rather than a short term solution. Having a game plan and choosing a natural way to go about a heartburn cure has a high potential for heartburn success.

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Planning A Successful Heartburn Cure  

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