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Don't you just hate it when cold sores affect your mouth? Would you like to know how to cure cold sores with home remedies? This condition can be characterized as fluid-filled, painful, and warm blisters with rashes around them, often it is very itchy and irritating to the skin. This is a viral infection commonly triggered by stressful events, immunosuppressant, and menstruation. It can also occur because of bad diet, for example foods like chocolate, peanuts, and almonds are full of arginine. The amount of lysine in the body can be easily affected by the amount of arginine in our diet and lysine is amino acid directly responsible for natural immunity. Therefore, when suffering from this condition, lessen the amount of chocolate, peanuts and almonds in your diet. Nonetheless, you should first consult a physician regarding lysine if you are pregnant or lactating. That said there are also several very effective techniques on how to cure cold sores. Doctors often prescribe antiviral drugs like acyclovir to help our body fight the viral infection. This problem is actually caused by the HSV1 or herpes simplex virus 1. It is highly contagious and that makes it easily transmittable. Other than diet and antiviral drugs, you can treat this condition by taking nutritional supplements and trying to boost your immunity. This is best done with vitamin C and regular exercise. Take 500mg of vitamin C daily to help reduce the duration of this infection on your mouth. Cracks can occur after sores peel off, therefore you should use vitamin E and apply it to the affected area to moisturize your skin and help reduce cracks. Herbal tea is also effective in treating fever blisters, just boil one bag, wait for it to cool off and apply directly on the blister three times per day.

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==== ==== For information on how to permanently remove your cold sore, please click the following link: ==== ====

How to Cure Cold Sores