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ME XPLORE - CONSULTANCY SHEET METAL NESTLE - 07852968005 - @willbarkerdesign

Will Barker, 19 years old from Nottingham. im intereseted in all things design from furniture to graphics. I am organised, always on time and determined. Proficient in free hand sketching and a range of CAD software including, the Adobe package, Microsoft oice, Solidworks and Keyshots. My claims to fame so far would be being shortlisted for the Deadgood Pendant light, as well as being commisioned to create the live edge wood coee table.

Concept one of the consultancy poject, we created a design specifaction and created a range of products suited for the military which tackled dierent aspects of army life. this particular concept was designed for battlefield use. using Gorilla Glass 6, lightweight titanium for the body and an external aerial the phone would stand up to the harsh conditions of the battlefield. I wanted to tackle the idea of battery life so I used external batteries which mean the phones can stay charged for as long as the batteries last.

Concept two was surrounding fitness within the army so we created a wrist mounted screen which would give live fitness updates, maps, heart rate etc as well as doing the usual functions of a mobile phone.

The third and final concept was a phone designed to connect people in the military with their families at home, the use of an app would give signals to either party to express feelings without the traditional phone call or text message we felt as though the ambient light could give a better feeling than a few words on a message


My final product. which has been developed to be as cheap to manufacture as possibile whilst maintaing, form, function, ease of use.

This project was based around manufacturing a piece of homeware out sheet material, informed by a cosumer persona. This project for me ended in a very dierent way to how it begun, I changed my design thinking halfway through into focussing on simplier, cheaper production, higher profit, whilst also maintaing form and function product

More influence in my design looking at existing products, with lots of use of curves, block colour, sharp edges, quite bold forms, this informed my design process.

My research and moodboards which inspired my final deign was heavily influeced by, architecture, nature, oragami and most importantly simplism. I feel it is quite clear with my work that the pictures to the left have informed the solution.

A small insight into the journey from sketching to concept, it was around the concept stage when i relaised i needed to slim the whole thing down to save weight and production cost, as well as consider dimensions so that the product would work how it is supposed to., also considering a hanging mechanism.


Using models was a key part of the development within this project, It helped me make decisions to fix problems which in turn ended up making a better developed product.

CAD and sketching where very large sections within my design development, Sketching was done using just a pen, CAD was all done on Solidworks..

@willbarkerdesign 07852968005

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