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e willa natural cause you already lov be ine az ag m lla wi st issue of ank you! You are holding our fir is so, so awesome. Th ich wh t… ou ab all ’re skincare and what we for our products so good es ak m at wh t ou ab e ine we’ll share mor u’ll find inside. With our new magaz e cool DIY project yo th e lik e lov ls gir s lebrate thing you, but we’ll also ce inside, post Take the willagirl quiz p? ste st fir od go A . things get involved tee you’ll learn cool an ar gu Plus we want you to I . ds en fri ur d share it with yo it on our website an never knew. about each other you aking healthy ny. It’s about girls m pa m co r ou of irit sp Matin about the you’ll meet our friend ue iss We also want to talk is th In . rs he ot as well as helping nes!) but he is choices in their lives works with Claire Da e (h er ev t tis ar p eu ation best mak work with his organiz his h ug who not only is the ro th r tte be en of so many wom o is making an also making the lives u to share a person wh yo of e on k as ’ll we ch issue Afghan Hands. In ea inspiring difference. oks you ll let us know what bo u’ yo pe ho I So . re t read” books he ose pics as well. We also share “mus So please send us th . ck pa ck ba or g ba in your are loving and what’s . we can on our website We’ll post as many as you like, what you think, what ow kn us t Le . lla wi SE connect with and do a lot of All this is to say PLEA can have a lot of fun e W g. tin ea cr e ar u d what yo what inspires you an good together.


Xoxo Willa


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urchase p 0 5 $ h it w c n i k s a l l i only at w hine s e l i m s : e cod

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natural skincare just for girls


paraben and sulfate free

love. share.

DEA and phthalate free

not tested on animals

made lovingly in the USA

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meet some willagirls

is boss nilla? Vanilla Chocolate or va Balm Go for a swim Balm or gloss? to de stress? A drawing How do you like e with your hands? cafeteria ad m u my lunch in the yo g ing pin th op st Dr La ? e er th ev t in en hil mom night? Cetap Most awkward - morning and ine ut ro re . ca ht Your skin wash at nig illa foaming face lf the fun! morning, and W ere is ha th g ttin Ge Light grey w? Life motto? toe nails right no aids ur yo e ar lor co What er, Merm mbies? Neith r? To fly Vampires or zo powe r pe su e on ve If you could ha d playbills ? Mimi Vinyl records, an r! Your nicknames ction of anything? de en lav d colle Pomegranate an Do you have a happy? u yo es ak m t What scen

Home State: CT current obsession: the 80’s and



Les Misérables!!! :)

What scent makes you happy? The smell of peaches and lake Dogs or cats? Cats I have water one named tiptoe Chocolate or vanilla? Cho colate Balm or gloss? Both! How do you like to de stress? Movies and sleep Last thing you ate? Hot coco and honey smacks Last thing you made with you r hands? A paper fortune telle r in spanish Last person you hugged? My dad who got home from a business trip Most awkward moment ever ? Its too embarassing! but the most recent one was when I called my teacher, “mo m” Your skin care routine - morning and night? Morning: splash water on face and put on concealer under eyes. Nigh t: cleanse with willa face wash, willa take action acne spo treatment for forehead (sometim es) toner, and willa moisturizer! Life motto? Still searching! What color are your toe nails right now? Red with white polka dots! Early bird or night owl? Nigh t owl Salty or sweet? Salty!! If you were an animal, what would you be? A fox If you could have one super pow er, what would it be? To be able to breathe underwater

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Anna ♥

Home State: NY ! current obsessio n:

inventing new fo

Home State: CT n: field hockey current obsessio




Right or left hand ed? Right Dogs or cats? De Chocolate or va finitely cats! nilla? Chocola te, no question. Balm or gloss? Balm How do you like to Last thing you at de stress? Take a hot bath or e? An arugula read a good book salad sandwich Last thing you m (made by moi) ade with your ha Most awkward nds? An origa moment ever? mi Oooh that’s confi crane Life motto? St dential ill searching. What color are your toe nails rig ht Vampires or zo mbies? Vampir now? Metallic silvery purple es Salty or sweet? Both, mixed If you were an anim If you could have al, what would you be? A dr ag on Last time you ha e super power, what would it on be? Shape-sh d butterflies in your stomach? ifting audition My dance compa ny Nicknames? Banana, Annam al, Anns Banans Do you have a collection of an ything? Books What scent mak and jew es you happy? Signature color Anything from na elry ? Red ture

s Garlic and clam es you happy? and salsa What scent mak Rice, Seaweed, eggs, avocado t? as kf ea br al Ide ed? Right Right or left hand la? Vanilla nil va or te Chocola Gloss ? ss Balm or glo Epsom salt bath to de stress? How do you like nate e? Pomegra bread Last thing you at e with your hands? Banana ad m u yo Last thing hugged? Mom hen someone told me 3 boys Last person you W oment ever? m Most awkward e wash, night? Willa fac liked me... - morning and pm ine ot ut sp ro ne re ac ca lla in Your sk face wash and wi u want...” lla wi , am nee willa sunscr s get what yo “You can’t alway now? Purple Life motto? ht rig ils na e to ur yo What color are t owl gh Ni l? ht ow Early bird or nig Sweet Salty or sweet?

Favorite smell? Right or left handed? Dogs or cats? Chocolate or vanilla? Balm or gloss? How do you like to de-stress? Last thing you ate? Last thing you made with your hands? Last person you hugged? Most awkward moment ever? Your skin care routine - morning and night? Life motto? What color are your toe nails right now? Vampires or zombies?

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kicks DIY as original as you 1. Start with plain canvas kicks. Lighter colors will be the easiest to decorate.

2. Gather as many sharpies as you can get!

The Stained by Sharpie markers have brush tips and are designed for decorating fabric. Rubbing alcohol works great for blending colors. Use a paint brush to apply the alcohol to areas you want softer or blended colors.


3. Put on some tunes and get carried away..

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POWER OF ONE-Matin Maulawizada

Interviewed by Willa Doss My friend Matin “pronounced “MA-TEEN” grew up in Afghanistan and went to college in California. Today he is an amazing makeup artist for some very BIG Hollywood stars. But I am telling you about him because he is doing something really extraordinary to help the girls and women of Afghanastan. HE inspires me and I hope you, too… his incredible commitment to helping those women can show each of us how we can make a difference. Q: What is it like to be a teenage girl living in Kabul? A: Sadly there is no such thing as “teenager” in Afghanistan. One day you are a child and the next, puberty hits and one has to conduct herself or himself totally different as an adult. The rules of social conduct are far more strict with girls than boys. They have to dress and be aware of their “modesty” at all times and in many cases have to be veiled with a Burka, (covering everything but their eyes). Most are pressured into arranged marriages by their families by the time they reach 14 or 15 years of age.

Q: Tell me about Afghan Hands. What inspired you to start something this great? A: I wanted to go back to Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban, but I just couldn’t go back empty handed.  I wanted to offer a little something to make life easier to anyone if I could knowing what they have been through in the 25+ years that I have been living stateside.  Widows and women were the obvious choice since they have suffered so much during the war and during the reign of Taliban.  So I took the money I had saved for down payment of an apartment and went to Kabul. Afghan Hands was born. It is a literacy program for widows or women who are the sole supporters of their families.  We teach functional literacy as well as train them in embroidery in order to make sure they are earning their own money so they can restore their pride and dignity.  We also teach them their human rights in the context of Afghan Laws as well as Sharia (Islamic laws) so no one can take advantage of them in the name of honor, law or tradition.

Q: Today in the US, we usually take education for granted. But why is it even more important to girls living in Afghanistan? A: One of my favorite sayings is, “Educate a man and you educate a person. Educate a woman and you educate

a village.” Education is KEY to freedom. A nation like Afghanistan with their infrastructure and schools destroyed for over 30 years needs bright educated people to rebuild. Girls and women are the majority of the population and if there is anyway we can rebuild the country women must play an active role in this very important process.

Q: Did you ever have any doubts about what you were doing? A: Never. I feel like I was born to do this.  It’s my life’s purpose and everything I have done prior to this, was only to  clear the path that led to Afghan Hands.

Q: I’m curious was there one young woman who touched you most deeply? Tell me her story. A:  Afghan women are very reserved by nature and will never share their hardship with a stranger, especially a man.  But through the years, they have taken me into their trust and I have had the privilege of getting to know them and parts of their past.  One of the most impactful stories is Mah Paykar’s.  She was given to marriage at age 14.  Was widowed at the tender age of 18 and left alone with her young son.  I met her when she was 24 and by this time, her mother in law had taken her son, kicked her out of the house and to this day, she hasn’t been able see her son.  She fears her in laws had told lies about her conduct as a woman so her son will turn against her and not seek her out. She is one of the first women to join our program and is now a junior in high school.  She wishes to become a doctor.  I hope we can help her to do just do that!

For more information on Matin and Afghan Hands please go to

[Share with us how you make a difference in your community at]

Q: On a different note, how long have you been a makeup artist? When did you learn you wanted to be one. A: I never knew any such job existed. I was recruited for an event by my college roommate to sell make up for a weekend. I ended up getting a job offer and sold make up at stores during my undergraduate years at UCBerkeley. I studied molecular biology and worked as a research scientist until I got phone calls from different lines to be a “National Make up Artist” I ended up working with the Laura Mercier line at its launch and I met Laura Mercier and her agent Timothy Priano.  He told me to look him up if I ever move to NY and needed representation.  So 15 years ago I picked up my bags and moved to NY to be a studio make up artist.

Q: As a makeup artist I know you work with so many famous actresses including Claire Danes. I have seen some episodes of Homeland… CLAIRE DANES IS AMAZING! SHE’S AWESOME!! A: (ok, ok. Calm down Willa. Phew. Ok.) Q: What is she like? A: Claire is a dream client.

She is confident, beautiful, modern, fashionable...And best of all she makes my work look great and she is a big fan and a part of the Afghan Hands family. She has bought more shawls made by the women of Afghan Hands for her friends and family during Christmas than what we sell in a whole year.

Q: What do you like to do when you are not focused on Afghan Hands or your work as a makeup artist? A: I like to watch people, travel, look at art and art books, architecture, but most of all enjoy the rare occasion of seeing my dear friends in NY or elsewhere. I also have 2 doggies that keep me pretty busy :)

Q: Any tips you have for girls my age on looking and feeling our best? A: SKIN CARE and yoga!!! The earlier you start with a good, non toxic regimen, the better you will look as you age naturally and beautifully.


lavender extract Antiseptic and anti-imflammatory properties. It helps with acne! Lavender oil both attacks bacteria causing acne infections and it also reduces the swelling and general skin inflammation you get when you breakout.

Your skin is basically a huge sponge that absorbs anything placed on it. And, the average woman absorbs more than five pounds of toxins from her skincare products every year. Five Pounds! Many of the chemicals used in skincare products are endocrine and hormonal disruptors. Thats why at WILLA we use only chemical free products--it is just so important for girls to go ‘natural’ since our bodies go through so many changes during our tween/teen years.

willa ♥ naturals---here are some of the naturals we love to use in our products... To see a full list please go to

green tea extract

High in antioxidants which are essential to defend against damaging free radical cells. Free radicals can lead to skin cancers, but they are preventable in most cases so you should start young using skincare products with green tea.



willa® face friendly a clear fragrance-free face moisturizer This lightweight serum is formulated with aloe, grape seed extract, green tea extract, mango and mandarin fruit extracts. key ingredients are:

7 50 ea


willa® smile butters lip butter A smile comes easy with this buttery balm formulated with Shea butter to moisturize and Vitamin E to soothe and protect lips. key ingredients are:

shea butter

Extremely high in vitamins A,E & F which provide the extra moisture, vitamins, nutrients and protection your skin needs year-round but especially during the cold season and summertime. That’s why we use it in all our lip butters.

acai berry fruit oil Acai Berry, like green tea, is a powerful antioxidant that helps eliminate free radicals. Plus it also protects collagen and increases moisture in the skin which will keep it looking young and radiant.

jojoba seed oil Jojoba oil penetrates the skin rapidly and keeps it moist and hydrated making it an excellent daily moisturizer.

8 50


willa速 smile shine lip gloss

Smile Shine is an intensely moisturizing Shea Butter formulation with a touch of shimmer and shine. Vitamin C&E fight free radicals to keep lips smooth all day. key ingredients are:

grape seed oil

12 50


willa速 born to glow spf 15 daily tinted shimmer body lotion

Vitamin E acetate moisturizes and fends off free radical damage to diminish the impact of environmental aggressors to keep your skin young and healthy. key ingredients are:

Rich in omega-6 and vitamin E, grape seed oil regenerates and nourishes even the driest skin, leaving it nourished and healthy, without irritation.


willow bark extract

Contains salicylic acid,a natural exfoliant that is used in many acne treatments because of its ability to help skin shed dead cells and clear pores; it can also stimulate new cell formation which will keep your skin looking healthy.

10 50

willa速 take action acne spot treatment

Formulated with salicylic acid to help make pimples smaller and reduce pimple redness while willow bark and lavender help calm irritated skin. Also contains added benfeits of jojoba seed oil and acai berry fruit oil. key ingredients are:


1 75

willa速 fresh face cucumber face mask pkt This velvety-textured, super gentle soothing cucumber mask removes the impurities of the day without over drying young sensitive skin. key ingredients are:

EAL! D r e p u s a SCORE


T FACEtteKI PROmeg a pale lets This endless you create ty looks!

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D SPFmer TINTEgo-to sum

t and It will be your lightweigh staple! This d moisturizer oil-free tinte skin tone and your evens out SPF 30. toff protects with get20percen


s you y box give This sunn without the a vacay glow age. dam

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broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 tinted face protection Formulated with Zinc and Titanium Dioxide which are the safest and most effective sun protection for girls. But they rarely look or feel good--until now. Our super lightweight tinted sunscreen goes on dry not sticky and blends easily.

willaÂŽ start fresh

foaming facial wash Start Fresh Facial Wash is an invigorating and gentle liquid foaming cleanser with a refreshing marine scent. Free of pore-clogging impurities it gently removes dirt and bacteria to reveal radiant skin.

r to Each bursts of colo shimmery stand out!

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2 50 10 ct $ 7 30 ct $



willa® travel kit willa® face friendly willa® start fresh

willa® on the go gentle cleansing lavender face towelettes

Girls (and their moms) love the willa® Travel Kit. It looks great and it ensures healthy skin isn’t left behind. Mini travel Start Fresh foaming face wash and Face the Day clear moisturizer are included in our signature graffiti print pouch.

Our willa® On the Go Natural Towlettes are enhanced with a hint of soothing lavender for a light, cool and refreshing clean. They are super addictive. Available in travel 10 count and full 30 count sizes.

6 50 ea


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willa® smile shimmer lip gloss

willa® be brilliant daily body lotion

A pop of shimmer and a hint of color in 3 flavors keep lips hydrated, healthy and happy all day log. Vitamin E revitalizes tired dry lips for a bigger Smile. The easy clip-on (for backpacks or bags or jeans) is chic-- if not practical-- and says something great about who is using it.

Be Brilliant is a daily body moisturizer which is lightweight yet super hydrating. Soothes dry skin fast for the girl on the move.

s e c a l p favorite st: to get lo Willa








...but back then everybody called me Callie Vee. That summer, I was eleven years old and the only girl out of seven children. Can you imagine a worse situation?

Do you know which line comes from which book?


Whatever comes cannot alter one thing. If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside. It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great deal more of a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it.

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I am proud. It will get me into trouble someday, but today it makes me brave

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