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PLANNING AHEAD=PRICELESS GIFT During this season of giving, consider a non-monetary gift that is priceless. Make things easier for you and for your family by taking these steps to be prepared for the future. At some pint, you may need help with your financial affairs. Your family may become overwhelmed with the management of your finances or administration of your estate. Some planning now can help facilitate a smooth transition, make sure things don’t fall between the cracks, and ease anxiety for everyone involved. 

Sign a durable power for attorney, living trust or other document naming who is to handle your financial affairs upon your incapacsy and stating how your affairs are to be handled at your death.

Complete an Advance Directive naming a Health Care Power of Attorney stating who will make health care decisions if you become incapacitated. Discuss your wishes with your family and physician. Provide a copy to your doctor and to the Willamette View Health Center to be included in your medical record.

Create a will naming a personal representative and an alternative or create a trust identifying a trustee and a successor trustee.

Locate and review your documents of title. Review account statements and car titles to make sure ownership coincides with your estate planning documents.

Review all of your legal documents to be sure they reflect your current wishes.

Prearrange and pre-pay (if possible) for your funeral and burial. Prepare a written list of your funeral and burial wishes and share it with your family and personal representative.

Discuss your portfolio with your financial adviser to make sure that the allocations are appropriately balanced based on your current circumstances, investment goals, and acceptable risk level.

Prepare a net worth statement.. The federal estate exclusion is $5,490,000 however the Oregon estate exclusion is $1,000,000. Consult your tax advisor if you are interested in ways to minimize taxes on your estate.

Review primary and contingent beneficiaries of life insurance policies, IRAs, annuities and other beneficiary contracts to make sure they are current.

Make a list of all your important documents and their locations.

Prepare a list with current contact information for your family members and beneficiaries. Also prepare a list with contact information for your lawyer, tax preparer, and financial advisor.



LETTER FROM DIANE Watching the news certainly increases my feelings of gratitude and appreciation. We are lucky to be where we are, surrounded by those who care. I recently had a conversation with a stranger who shared her life motto; “I’m happy wherever I am”. I wanted to share it with you, it’s simple, but can make a huge difference in our outlook. Thanksgiving is a good time to be grateful and reflect on all the things that make a difference in our lives. Every year at this time, I start looking toward the Christmas season which always sneaks up so quickly once the turkey is cleared from the table. More and more, I value family, relationships, time and experiences. It’s not the usual wish list of “things”. Often, we get too busy or distracted and miss the “good stuff”. I’ve been starting each day by thinking of one thing, even a little thing, that I appreciate. It sets a tone and gives me a brighter outlook. It directs the focus on what is important. I wish you peace and happiness as you reflect on the blessings in your life and wish for each of you the brightest possible outlook every day all year long. Gratefully,


Open House Please join us as we celebrate the

Foundation’s 50th Anniversary! November 8, 2017 from 1:00pm-4:00pm 11226 SE 21st Ave. Portland OR 97222 For more information please call 971-233-8956 *Shuttle service on the half hour at Manor Reception*

Thank You For Your Continued Support As Thanksgiving approaches and we pause to take the time to appreciate our blessings , the Foundation reflects on the generous donors who sustain our programs. We offer sincere appreciation to all of our donors and express deep gratitude on behalf of the many residents who have received assistance in the past, those currently receiving assistance, and those who will receive assistance from the Foundation in the future.



Financial Assistance 101 is coming your way! The Foundation is bringing back a most useful series. “Financial Assistance: 101”. Over the next year we will be sharing with you the application process, our eligibility standards, and going

over the “Couples Policy.” This series has gotten great response in the past

What you can do now to prepare for filing your Tax Returns in 2018 While you will not start filing your tax returns for a few months, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier next year. Start to collect your tax documents and receipts. Identify a place to collect all of your tax return support. Watch for any 1099 forms that you should receive. Gather medical and pharmacy receipts and support from your doctor visits,.

and we are hoping it will be just as helpful to you. We invite you to contact the Foundation office anytime to get a copy of the Foundation’s Eligibility Standards for Resident Assistance. As always, if you have any questions or need to apply for assistance, do not hesitate to contact Diane Wernli at 971.233.8958 for a confidential conversation.

Make sure you have acknowledgements for all charitable donations. If you plan to claim a charitable deduction on your tax return, make sure to get a written statement from the charity for any single donation of $250 or more. If you’ve miss placed your receipt, contact the charity now to get the documentation, they won’t be as busy if you request a duplicate early. Planning ahead or even doing this throughout the year makes getting ready for filing your tax return much easier.



Willamette View Foundation 11226 SE 21st Ave Portland, OR 97222 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

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Open House-Join Us

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Thank you for your continued support

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THE FOUNDATION’S MISSION is to help qualified

971-233-8956 Diane Wernli, Executive Director diane@willametteviewfoundation.org Christy Noble, Administrative Assistant christy@willametteviewfoundation.org

FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Christie Geiger- President Bill Spooner- Vice President Ron Gustafson- Secretary/Treasurer Carol Cameron Jon Coney Thomas DeSouza Jonathan Enz Pat Fisher Robert Potter

residents of the Willamette View Retirement Community maintain their dignity and independence through assistance in satisfying their need for housing and financial security. Aid is provided through resident assistance and financial management programs, educational seminars, financial information service, publications and grants to Willamette

Always Believe in the Beauty of Your Soul‌ Each of us is beautiful. Each of us has worth. Each of us deserve love and security. Each of us have capacities within us we never knew we had. Each of us is strong enough. Each of us is good enough. Each of us is unique, special and wonderful. Each of us have goodness in our hearts. Each of us is beautiful. ~Sia Jane