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Friendships for More Than a Lifetime Judy and Joe lived in Asheville, NC and often came to Oregon to visit Judy’s parents who regularly shared the comfort and security they felt knowing that as they got older and needed assistance, the Willamette View Foundation was all set up to help out. As the years went by, Judy’s mother passed away, and her father was having trouble with day-to-day things, like paying bills, remembering when tax payments were due, and just recalling where he had placed his checkbook. Her father decided it was time to turn to the Foundation to take on those burdens that were weighing him down.

and his needs, we didn’t have to worry about his money. You were a support system for Dad.” Not only that, Judy marveled, “You were also a support system for us, for his family. The Foundation took care of the hard stuff.” “Sometimes residents don’t have any options, they need the Foundation. The Foundation is always there for them, and that is a blessing.”

Judy’s dad passed away in 2010. The Foundation handled the post death administration of all his financial affairs. “We were blessed that Dad had done all the preplanning, and until he needed help, we didn’t even realize how blessed we were,” Judy said. She and Joe still vacation annually in the Northwest and always make a point to stop by The Foundations office to say hello, have a piece of chocolate and reminisce. “We always knew that the Foundation was there, we just didn’t realize how much support we would feel until we needed you.” Judy said they were relieved and thrilled that they could keep their “focus on taking care of Dad Joe and Judy on their travels to the Northwest


LETTER FROM DIANE It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over, it’s been spectacular. I’ve had fun with my 4 ½ year old granddaughter Lilly. I made a promise to her that we’d spend time outdoors doing things she loves. We’ve spent hours swinging, playing hopscotch, and picking blackberries, her face beaming with joy. The other day, she said to me “Nana, promise we’ll do it again!” Her request made me think about the importance of a promise. We make many promises throughout our lives: to God, parents, spouses, children, our career. We strive to keep these promises we make; they uphold our integrity. It’s been rewarding being a part of the Foundation’s Promise for 15 years. Our promise to each resident at Willamette View, is to help when you’ve outlived your resources. I was recently told by a newer resident that she, and her fellow newcomers, didn’t know about the Foundation. We will be working hard to reach out to all residents in the months ahead. Keeping enjoying the summer. Lilly and I will be seizing each beautiful day! Warmly, Diane Wernli and Lilly

Beware of Scams! According to Ellen Rosenblum, Attorney General, “every year thieves and con artists cheat thousands of Oregonians out of money and valuable personal information.” When this happens it can make you feel ashamed, dejected and reluctant to tell others of what you have gone through. The Oregon Department of Justice Consumer Protection Office is there to help you anytime you feel as though you have been scammed, taken advantage of or misled. They rely on calls from the public to alert them to possible fraudulent activity. It is people like you and me that can help stop these activities and save others from experiencing devastating losses. By visiting their website at you will learn that there are six tell-tale signs that it is a scam. 1. Scammers contact you “Out of the Blue” This could be a knock on the door, a phone call or even a piece of mail. 2. Scammers claim that there is an “Emergency” If you get an email or call that somone is stuck in a foreign country or that you need to respond immediately in order to collect a prize or it will be lost. Be cautious. 3. Scammers ask for your personal information Never give out your personal information to people you don’t know. This includes but is not limited to: Bank Account Info, Social Security Number, Financial Information or even your health care provider’s info. 4. Scammers want you to wire them money Once the money leaves your bank it’s nearly impossible for you to get it back! 5. Scammers tell you to keep it “Secret” If someone is asking you to keep the knowledge of a transaction away from your loved ones it is probably because they don’t want to be questioned about their actions. 6. Scammers make it sound “Too Good to be True” As the adage goes… It probably is. Join the Oregon Scam Alert Network by going to their website and follow them on twitter @oregonscamalert for the latest on scams that are happening in Oregon. Source: Oregon Attourney General


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Our current space is a bit larger than our previous one, because of this we are able to offer our conference room as a meeting space for residents to use for weekly, monthly or sporadic meetings. We can comfortably seat 12 at tables and have extra chairs if need be. The room is private and can completely be shut off from the rest of the office. Our screen has an HDMI hook up so that you can connect your laptop to show any sort of meeting

visual aids. Please contact Nora at either or at (971) 233-8956 and she will be happy to schedule something with you. We are conveniently located directly across the street from the Milwaukie / Main Max Station and there is ample parking behind the building and we are lucky enough to have entrances on both sides of the building. We look forward to providing this space for your group to meet.

The Foundation has served the Willamette View Community in providing financial security to residents for nearly 50 years.

Almost $9.5 million has been paid directly to Willamette View, Inc. in resident assistance all thanks to donations and investment earnings.

Our board is comprised of both community members and residents. We are very privileged that our board comes from such a knowledgeable and diverse background.

We appreciate the tremendous generosity of residents and their families throughout the years.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

-- Warren Buffett


THE FOUNDATION’S MISSION is to help qualified residents of

971-233-8956 Diane Wernli, Executive Director Nora Ard, Executive Assistant

FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dave Louthan - President Ron Gustafson - Vice President Christie Geiger - Secretary/Treasurer Carol Cameron Jon Coney Thomas DeSouza Pat Fisher Robert Potter Bill Spooner

the Willamette View Retirement Community maintain their dignity and independence through assitance in satisfying their need for housing and financial security. Aid is provided through resident assistance and financial management programs, educational seminars, financial information services, publications, and grants to Willamette View, Inc. that benefit the community’s residents.

Meet the Board We’d like to introduce you to Jon Coney, our newest Board member. Jon has been a successful public affairs practitioner in Oregon’s public and corporate sectors for more than 20 years. Jon graduated from Linfield College in 1993 with a degree in History. He went on to work with politicians on the City, State and National levels. After his run in the political world, Jon formed his own public affairs consulting practice focusing on management and media relations. Jon lives in NE Portland with his wife and daughter. He is an active member of his community, has served on the PTA Board of the Beverly Clearly School, and is currently on the Board of the Beaumont Softball Little League. We are proud to have Jon on our team.

11226 SE 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97222 971-233-8956

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