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Hear What You’ve Been Missing

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• Easy To Fit • Comfortable To Wear • Reasonably Priced

Over 40 of Mid-Willamette Valley’s finest restaurants, caterers, breweries and wineries under one roof.


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You’ll SEE… exactly what we SEE. We’ll look into your ear canal with our New MEDRX Video Ear Camera. You’ll watch the TV screen and we’ll explain to you what you’re seeing. We’ll do a complete inspection of your ear canal and your ear drum. If there is any amount of wax blockage you’ll know immediately.

Find out what you’re hearing and what you’re not. The benefits of hearing aids vary by type and degree of hearing loss, noise environment, accuracy of hearing test and proper fit. That’s why it’s important to have a thorough test to measure what you’re hearing and what you’re not. FREE adjustment to maximize your hearing aid performance.

Custom Full Shell

Custom Canal




Save 50%

Save 50%

Retail price $1,190 each.

100 Digital Simplex I.T.C.

(up to 35db loss)


Retail price $1,390 each.

100 Digital Simplex I.T.C. (up to 35db loss)

Purchase online at www.chefsniteout.org or 503-581-3855 Annual benefit for Marion-Polk Food Share

www.vtgolden.com • www.salemcremations.com

Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service Oakleaf Crematory

Each Introductory offer.

Reciever in the canal hearing aid

Advanced Hearing Services 3856 Center Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301 Stephanie Eddy

Hearing Aid Specialist

Call For Appointment 503.589.9844 or 800.589.9892

Tom C. Golden, Tom P. Golden Virgil “Tommy” Golden (1895-1990)

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