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Dean Curtis Bridgeman

Raising the Bar Award

Editor Karen McGlone

Two ’97 grads share a name, an avocation and now, an award.


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Cover Section Willamette University College of Law Home of the Northern Lights 8 On the path of whales


Educating Alaskans


Willamette trustee, Mary Hughes 16 From DC to El Paso


Alaska’s U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski


Alumni Nicole Nelson and Nikole Nelson: Raising the Bar Award 24 Student Heather Parker: Loving a job and leaving it


Faculty Professor Rick Martson: Tools of the trade


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Correction “An Up-Close View of Immigration,” published in the fall 2013 issue of Willamette Lawyer, incorrectly identified an employer for Teuta Norman JD‘98. Norman worked for HRCentral Corporation, a human resources outsourcing firm, from 1998-2001. She started practicing immigration law with the firm now known as Hecht & Norman, LLP in 2001, becoming an owner in 2004. We regret the error.

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