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Class of 1972 Gathering The Class of 1972 met at Salishan Sept. 7–8, 2007, for a weekend of reminiscing and great activities. Friday night kicked off with an informal happy hour, and Saturday evening featured a wild salmon potlatch barbecue and a slideshow assembled by Norman J. Smith JD’72. Charles G. West JD’72 did much of the legwork for getting the group together and asked members of the class Clockwise: Charles G. West JD’72, coordinator of the weekend events

to bring the ties made for them during school by their classmate, Paula K. Casey BA’69, JD’72.

D. Michael Mills JD’72, Gary D. Allen JD’72, Carol Allen and Leslie Mills James L. Sellers JD’72, David A. Hilgemann JD’72 and Dennis G. Corderman JD’72 John K. Hoover BA‘69, JD‘72 and J.P. Harris II JD‘72 John O. Linde JD’72 and Ronald L. Coleman JD’72

Reno Reception Feb. 27, 2008 Silver Peak Restaurant and Brewery Clockwise: Joshua P. Gang JD’04 and Richard P. Schulze JD/MBA’94 Jack S. Grellman JD‘70 and Bonnie Grellman Severin A. Carlson JD’04; Katheryn L. Yetter JD/C’97; Robert J. Simon JD’04; Michael T. Greene BS’96, JD/C’04 Phylis Myles, director of Career Services at WUCL; Connie J. Steinheimer JD’79; Jeffrey A. Ostomel JD’79; Michael Bennett BA’70, director of Development and Alumni Relations at WUCL

Boise Reception Feb. 13, 2008 Bardenay Restaurant Clockwise: Edward G. “Ted” Chester BS’80, JD’86 visits with Stephanie N. Guyon JD’99 A. James Balkins JD/MBA’79 and Henry C. Rudolph JD/MBA’03 D. Dale Mammen JD’67; R. Thomas Gooding BA’55, LLB’58; E. Gene Stunz BS’57, JD’59 David P. Claiborne JD’02; Nicole C. Trammel BA’03, JD’07; Phylis Myles, director of Career Services at WUCL; Brent T. Wilson JD’02

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Willamette Lawyer | Spring 2008 • Vol. VIII, No. 1  
Willamette Lawyer | Spring 2008 • Vol. VIII, No. 1  

Recent Law Faculty Publications: Willamette’s law professors prove they are accomplished and productive members of the academic community.