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Dear Alumni and Friends, Excellent teaching has always been the hallmark of Willamette University. This has not changed, nor will it. What has changed is the increasing expectation that, in addition to being good and caring teachers, our professors must be productive scholars, contributing their fair share to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. Simply put, this is our obligation to the legal profession. Its fulfillment does not at all detract from our continuing obligation to give our utmost in the classroom. Great teaching and strong scholarship are Dean Symeon C. Symeonides

not mutually exclusive; in fact, they go hand in hand. Research and publication sharpen a professor’s knowledge and dexterity in the classroom. This is not an “either/or” proposition. We refuse to choose between being fine teachers and productive authors. We can and must be both. As this issue of Willamette Lawyer illustrates, our faculty has met and exceeded this expectation: In the last seven years, the total number of books, articles and other academic writings produced by our faculty has increased by 98 percent over the previous seven-year period. (See page 5 for more details.) Among these publications are seven national casebooks used for teaching in other law schools, 25 treatises or monographs for judges and practitioners, and 180 scholarly articles in law reviews. Through these publications, our 25-member faculty has had a much more influential voice than our numbers might suggest. During next year’s celebration of the 125th anniversary of the College of Law, we will honor the past contributions of Willamette’s master teachers — among them Isaac Homer Van Winkle, Roy M. Lockenour, John C. Paulus, Edwin W. Butler, Ross R. Runkel, Claudia Burton, Robert Art and Carlton Snow — who, since 1883, have helped produce some of the best lawyers in the region and the nation. While we honor these great professors, we also should recognize the multiple accomplishments of the master teachers and scholars currently serving on the Willamette law faculty. This issue of the Lawyer is a small testimony to their accomplishments. With my best regards,

Symeon C. Symeonides Dean and Professor of Law

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4/10/08 10:30:51 AM

Willamette Lawyer | Spring 2008 • Vol. VIII, No. 1  

Recent Law Faculty Publications: Willamette’s law professors prove they are accomplished and productive members of the academic community.

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