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alumni events

WUPILP Auction and Alumni Reception April 4, 2009 Mission Mill Museum, Salem Clockwise from top left: Margery S. Schweitzer JD’96 and Nancy Langford Shannon A. Terry JD’05 and Heather A. Vogelsong JD’05 Michelle L. Vlach-Ing JD’01 and James S. Davis JD’98 Gary E. Lockwood BA’57, JD’60; Gayle M. Lockwood BA’57; Lois M. Cole JD’94; William Brandt

Honolulu Alumni Gathering March 13, 2009 Oahu Country Club Clockwise from top left: Peter T. Kashiwa JD’79 and Gary W.K. Au Young JD’82 Kenneth T. Goya JD’81, Adrian Y. Chang JD’82, Professor Yvonne A. Tamayo David A. Webber JD’72 and Susan Webber Keith S. Agena JD’95, Stephanie J. Matsumoto JD’95, Gilbert C. Doles JD’83

38 | Willamette Lawyer

Willamette Lawyer | Fall 2009 • Vol. IX, No. 2