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Women of Willamette Law Events We had an excellent turnout at each of the Women of Willamette (WOW) Law events held last spring. Our alumnae gathered in three cities to celebrate how far our women graduates have come over the years and to jump-start the new Women of Willamette Law Scholarship Fund.

WOW at Twist in Portland April 17, 2008 Top left: Liani J. Reeves BA’98, JD’01; Jodee L. Jackson BS’83, JD’07; and Rachel A. Arnold JD’06 Top right: Kelly R. Tilden JD’01 and Kimi Nam JD/C’96 Bottom left: Brenda Peterson Rocklin JD’81, Michelle-Shari Kruss JD/C’95 and Vesna O. Dodge JD’02 Bottom right: Judith G. Hudson Matarazzo JD’84, Bonni C. Canary JD’77 and Linda C. Love JD’81

WOW at Wild Ginger in Seattle April 24, 2008 Top left: Jana L. (Drajpuch) Holler JD’04, Misty M. Willits JD’04, Janet L. Hill JD’86 and Barbara L. Buck JD’94 Top right: Lori A. Oliver JD’95, Dana Kapela JD’95, Tsering Yuthok Short JD’95 and Anne E. Senter JD’95 Bottom left: Stephanie P. Dikeakos JD’97, Catherine E. Kvistad Christensen JD’97 and Elise F. McClure JD’84 Bottom right: Heather K. Van Nuys JD’80, Sheena Aebig JD’76 and Faith Ireland JD’69

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Willamette Lawyer | Fall 2008 • Vol. VIII, No. 2  

Justice Ginsburg Visits Willamette: Willamette welcomed U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to campus on Sept. 12 and 13 for nume...

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