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AlternAtive Dispute resolution

WUCL Alumni Working in Dispute Resolution and Mediation Willamette University College of Law alumni are actively involved in alternative dispute resolution and mediation throughout the United States. A select few are listed below. Thomas E. Angelo BA’68, JD’71 Arbitrator, Solo Practice Mill Valley, Calif. Jeffrey M. Batchelor JD’72 Attorney; Markowitz, Herbold, Glade & Mehlhaf PC Portland, Ore. Charles S. Burdell Jr. JD’70 Owner/Partner, Judicial Dispute Resolution LLC Seattle, Wash. Larry T. Coady JD’75 Attorney/Arbitrator, Solo Practice Lake Oswego, Ore. Paul J. Dugaw JD’80 Attorney/Partner, Enbody & Dugaw Centralia, Wash. Barbara J. Gazeley JD’78 Staff Attorney, Appellate Settlement Conference Program Portland, Ore. Karen H. Green JD’77 Consultant/Attorney, Green & Associates Bend, Ore. Susan M. Hammer JD’76 Attorney, Solo Practice Portland, Ore. Megan E. Hassen JD’94 Attorney/Mediator, State of Oregon, Marion County Courthouse Salem, Ore. Alison S. Kelley BA’95, JD/C’98 Attorney, Conflict Management Strategies LLC Salem, Ore. Michael E. Kreger JD’82 Attorney/Partner, Perkins Coie LLP Anchorage, Alaska Anthony L. Larson JD’00 Professional Mediator Azalea, Ore. Susan M. Leeson BA’68, JD’81 Mediation Consultant, Mediation Plus Salem, Ore. David A. Le Master BA’90, JD/C’93 Shareholder, Porter Kohli & Le Master PS Seattle, Wash.

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Eric B. Lindauer JD’66 Arbitrator/Mediator; Clark, Lindauer, Fetherston, Edmonds, Lippold & Collier LLP Salem, Ore. Gary E. Lockwood PC BA’57, JD’60 Arbitration, Mediation, Administration Judge Salem, Ore. Travis R. Marker JD/C’03 Attorney/Mediator Ogden, Utah Elizabeth Pike Martin JD’82 Attorney; Gordon, Thomas, Honeywell, Malanca, Peterson & Daheim LLP Tacoma, Wash. William M. McAllister JD’62 Attorney, Stoel Rives LLP Portland, Ore. Kevin W. Midlam BS’61, JD’63 Mediator/Arbitrator, Judicial Arbitration & Mediation Service San Diego, Calif. Thomas Morningstar JD’87 Attorney; Parks, Bauer, Sime, Winkler & Fernety LLP Salem, Ore. Rebecca M. Picard JD’82 Mediator, Mediated Solutions Bloomington, MN George E. Price JD’85 Attorney, Price & Price Salem, Ore. David J. Reese JD’68 Attorney/Partner; Cooke, Roberts & Reese Ltd. Reno, NV Larry K. Reynolds JD’69 Attorney/Partner; Reynolds, Jensen & Swan LLP Riverside, Calif. Erin J. Ruff JD/C’97 ADR Analyst, State of Oregon West Linn, Ore. C = Certificate in Dispute Resolution from Willamette University College of Law

Willamette Lawyer | Fall 2007 • Vol. VII, No. 2  

The Honorable Otto R. Skopil Jr.: Senior 9th Circuit Judge Otto R. Skopil Jr. has been an exemplar of outstanding judicial service throughou...

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