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Creating a Dream File By Heidi Powell

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You’ve been dreaming about your remodeling project for years. Some of your friends may have undertaken home improvement projects, but your ideas are entirely your own. You want your home to be a reflection of how you live and what you love. Before you meet with a design professional, create a clipping file of pictures of houses and rooms that you like. You can do this with pages torn from magazines or you can do it online. Houzz. com is a wonderful website where you can research ideas and styles and then set up ideabooks for different rooms in your house. You can later share your ideabook with your designer and swap ideas back and forth. Whether doing it online or the old fashioned way, once you have all your

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ideas in one place, then try to choose a few photos that best convey the look you are trying to achieve. Think about why you like the images that you have chosen. When the design on your project begins this will help to convey to the designer the look that appeals to you and help the designer recreate the “feel” for you.

Now that you have your list of priorities and your dream file, it’s time for that first meeting. If there’s more than one person involved in the decision-making it’s ideal to have both people present at the initial design meeting. Each of you will bring different “wants” to the table and these should all be considered from the outset.

A successful home transformation is partially about the look and feel of the new spaces and partially about which spaces will be impacted. Walk through your house and make a list of the things you want to change. Prioritize them into those with which you can live and those that absolutely must be changed. This narrows the scope of what you really most want to accomplish. While planning and budgeting, a clear list of priorities is essential to match the scope of the project to the desired budget range.

Your home remodeling project starts long before the first workman shows up at your home. It all begins with your dreams. By creating a dream file prior to meeting with your design professional and prioritizing your wish list, you will help your designer to work with you in establishing both the scope and style of your project. Ultimately this will maximize your design investment and give you plans that truly represent your vision.

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Willamette Living Feb / March 2016  

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Willamette Living Feb / March 2016  

Our first issue of 2016! Local art, food and fun. Enjoy!