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My blog My blog has been completed in an application called ‘Day One’. The reason for this is that I found it easier, more convenient, and suited my style of both working and recording infomation. If there are any questions, contact me any time.

check the app out!

19-3-18 -- Electronics I talked with Tommy for the first time. Before this point I had no experience with using electronics in my projects throughout my education. Talking with Tommy we came to the conclusion that my concept was achievable and that we can do more. Now knowing the potential of electronics, I wanted to do more. I changed my proposition. I wanted to involve gesture-stimulated responses within the product – these gestures will be similar to what one would do when holding hands with someone. The change in design was incorporating haptic feedback that recreates the motion of a moving finger on the back of the product. The haptics would occur on the palm side of the product, allowing the user to sense the movement.

22/3/18 -- Modelling I’ve been doing modelling for the past few days to help me figure out my form. The reason being is that due to Easter holidays, I’ve had to prioritise different parts due to tutor leave. As it’s Easter, Tommy won’t be here for assisting with my breadboard. In the mean time I will be carrying on form finding as well as conducting a variety of experiments. These experiments will consist of what form appeals to people the most. Secondly is Gestures – what gestures would people want in them. With the Limited time after Easter, I will also not be doing as many breadboards as initially planned. I will be breadboarding and prototyping the gestures that people would want on this product, not all the ones that could potentially be incorporated. On the model front – a rough final form has been found that can be explored and refined over the coming days. I also talked to Ian today regarding materials. I mentioned granite and marble (as I want this product to give of a quality feel) with contrast metal. Ian suggested a material called Corian. This material is commonly used in Kitchens. From what I have read about Corian, it’ll be highly suited for my project.

9/4/18 -- Monday interim Today I talked with Ian for my usual Monday catch up. I was stuck on some of the work that I needed to do. We outlined that I needed branding, a charging dock and good story telling. This talk made me change my design thinking. The story boarding/story telling needs to be accurate and the best it can be, therefor requiring everything that will

11/4/18 -- 3D prints and electronics Got some of my new CAD models 3D printed today, although some remain in the chemical bath. The ones that didn’t require more time in the bath joined together well. The body of the model has some unrefined edges, due to the accuracy of the printer. I talked to Ian about how to improve the detail on the model. He went on to say there wasn’t anything wrong with the model, but it’s the 3D printer. He talked about car body filler and how that’ll be able to be applied to the model and then shaped with a scalpel to create the edges I require. I also suggested potentially doing a 120% model to help emphasise and show the detail of the product for the final hand in. He liked the idea, so perhaps something can be done for that later? I also talked to Tommy about electronics, all the final parts arrived this morning in the post. We’ve organised for a time tomorrow to do the circuitry. He also provided me with Arduino parts that will be required for the next day. I also talked to Tommy about charging and how he’d do it. He suggested a magnetic charge port so the charger can clip on and off. I like this it’s what I had in mind. Therefor I bought a cheap magnetic iPhone charger off Amazon, that’ll hopefully arrive in tome for tomorrows session.

12-4-18 -- electronics The charger hasn’t arrived, however good progress has been made on the electronics. The touch board has been linked up to the arduino. However, there are issues with the length of wires on the haptic motors – as they are too short, the wires need to be extended.

16-4-18 -- Planing the lo-fi For my final hand in, I’m wanting to submit a video along side my exhibition that helps tell the story of the product. I set about planning the video early, as I want firstly unsure how long it’d take to get the right shots and secondly how long it’d take to edit. I wanted to do a lo-fi version first, to help me identify the shots that I wanted for the film and learn the basic editing skills I’d need for the final thing.

18-4-18 -- Shooting and editing After planning, I managed to get some friends to help me out with the filming. I based the film on a couple who are apart due to a work life being abroad. I wanted to tell a story throughout the video, whilst also highlighting the key features that separate this product from the rest. Overall I think it all went well and that the edit is looking good. I believe I’m needing some title pages at the start to give the video context.

23-4-18 -- Talk with Neil I showed Neil my footage of the lo-fi and he suggested filtering it in black and white. He felt the simplicity of the concept was being overshadowed by the large array of colours in the shots. I changed it to black and white and it had an immediately positive impact. We also talked about involving the haptics more and trying to invoke memories as well as emotions. Neil suggested the possibility of preset patterns to help identify special geographical locations. At the same time as these patterns would play, perhaps photos of previous visits could be sent to invoke emotions and memories. This would add more use to the app as well as the pod. I like the idea of geographic related haptics. Perhaps this is something I can look into? Although I feel that there isn’t enough time left to change my concept this late on – so may be this can be used in the proposition for how the pod will evolve and develop?

24-4-18 -- After effects I’ve realised for my final video, I’ll need call out titles and animated title pages. After trying to figure out how to do them in premier pro, I realised through googling that I need after effects. Therefor I set about downloading after effects and finding tutorials. Today I managed to create a call out title, whilst also learning the basics of After Effects. I put the call out title in to the lo-fi and massively improved it. It’s time to shoot the proper footage!

28-4-18 -- Shooting the final video I used a Canon 750d and a Canon 5d miii for filming. The reason for two cameras is that I wanted to get as many angles as possible of different clips to make it feel more professional. I chose to tell the same story, but to have the couple at home. Unfortunately the charger wasn’t able to be involved with the filming as there isn’t a possibility the model will be done in time. Therefor I need to create a small emphasis on the storyboard, highlighting the addition of the charger. I feel the shooting went well today and I’m pleased that I got all the shots I needed.

29-4-18 -- Edit and photos I edited the footage and took some photos for my storyboard, that I’ll then later trace on illustrator. The video is coming along well and no scenes need to be reshot..

3-5-18 -- Talk with Gijs After waiting a while, I managed to talk to Gijs and talk him through my work. Gijs likes my concept and wants to put me in touch with the HEY! Bracelet team as they’re interested in what I’m doing. Key point highlighted was: would the Bluetooth work through aluminium? I responded that if an iphone, that uses aluminium can do it, why can’t Pebble? I also finished of the breadboard today, all working. Finely! All that’s left to do is mount it and present it.

7-5-18 -- Mounting the breadboard There were some issues with the breadboard – it turns out that I needed to order some more parts. For the motors to turn on, I wanted there to be a platform for someone to touch. I therefor purchases some metal buttons, to then place on to the breadboard, that when turned on trigger the haptic motors.. These buttons work really well and compliment the breadboard. I also bought a variable power supply that’ll feed the resistor and aid it in creating heat.

10-5-18 -- HAND IN Overall I’m pleased with the submission I have done for this hand in. I feel the strengths of the exhibition where the layout, storyboard and models. I felt the exhibition itself was strong, easy to follow and engaging. The weaknesses I feel are the last minute details – I feel I could’ve done more with the table board and made it slightly more graphical, tying it in with the upper board. But overall, I’m content with my submission today.

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