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Furness Youth Council Welcome Guide 2013 Edition

Welcome to Furness Youth Council! Your Councillors... Leadership Team Toby Riddick

Sheridan Pitts

Chair Vice Chair County Youth Council/Youthforia Representatives Will Adams Nathan McPoland

Secretary Councillor Jasmine Aldred

Nicole Macababbad

Communications Officer Councillor Elizabeth Martin

Councillor Leia Hoggarth

Councillor Chloe Johnson

Councillor Jack Malone

Councillor Stella Benson

Participation Worker Lynne Murray

Furness Youth Council – Welcome Guide (Page 2)

What on earth is Furness Youth Council? We’re an enthusiastic group of young people who are dedicated to making a difference in the area we live. We’re glad you’re interested, and over the next few pages, you will get more information on what we do and how to join! So, what do you do? Basically, we emphasise the views from young people in Furness and represent it on a local and county level. By doing surveys, questionnaires and holding ‘question time’ style sessions in schools, we begin to get a built up view about common opinions of our area from young people. From this, we can determine what we need to do. If its something local (for example a fundraising event) then we discuss and act upon this locally, as a Furness Youth Council. If we think that this may be an issue on a larger scale, then we may decide to take it to Cumbria Youth Parliament (we’ll get onto that in a minute!) Sounds interesting. What schools do you take from? We take from any schools/colleges across Furness, which are: ● Dowdales School ● Furness Academy ● St Bernards ● Walney ● George Hastwell ● Chetwynde ● Barrow Sixth Form College ● Furness College However, we don’t accept any young people from Ulverston Victoria High School, as this is not considered to be in Furness. Don’t fret - our friends over at Lakeland Youth Council are on hand to help - just speak to Lynne (she manages both Furness and Lakeland Youth Council) who’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction! Furness Youth Council – Welcome Guide (Page 3)

Cool! What is the admission process? Before you come to a full Furness Youth Council meeting, you will have a smaller meeting with Lynne and another Youth Councillor in order to discuss everything about FYC and also for you to find answers to any questions you may have. You are under no obligation to join our team if you come to one of these meetings, so don’t feel pressured! When you join, you will be on a 3 month trial period in which you will be observed on your behaviour and dedication to the set tasks. If we see you as being repeatedly disruptive, then we may ask you to leave... this helps us ensure an enjoyable and productive environment for everybody! If after this 3 month trial period we feel you are dedicated enough to join the Council, then you will be given a T-Shirt, Hoodie and we will order you a personalised name tag. You will also be given an account which will let you update the website and blog. Brilliant! What is Cumbria Youth Parliament? Cumbria Youth Parliament is like the Furness Youth Council, but bigger, and with representatives from all the constituencies across Cumbria. It incorporates young people from Furness with those in Lakeland, Allerdale, Eden and Carlisle to help make changes on a county-wide scale. Like we said before, if we find an issue that we feel (after a group discussion) may be wider-spread than just in Furness, then we may decide to bring it up as an issue at County-level. The particular focuses for 2013 at Cumbria Youth Parliament are: ● Transport ● Activities for Young People ● Youth Employment Our two county representatives for 2013 are Nathan and Will! Furness Youth Council – Welcome Guide (Page 4)

Amazing! Are there any rules? As much as we don’t like rules, we have them in order to ensure a safe, enjoyable and productive meeting environment for everybody involved. However, we don’t like to refer to them as ‘rules’, they’re more of a ‘code of conduct’. You will be provided with a printed copy of this document to read and sign at your introductory meeting with Lynne. Brilliant! How do I get more info? To get more information, we hope that you will request a meeting with us by filling in and sending the attached form. However, you can contact one of our delightful Youth Councillors by using one of the means below: Facebook - You can send us a message or write on our wall! Twitter - You can send us a message or mention us in a tweet!

Email - Send us an email and we’ll reply within 48 hours!

Telephone -

07545926673 Just ask for Lynne, or leave a message!

We hope we’ve convinced you to apply to be a Youth Councillor for Furness! If you like what you’ve read and want to get involved as soon as you can, then simply fill in the attached application form, pop it in the pre-paid envelope and we’ll get back to you within a couple of weeks!

See you soon at Furness Youth Council! Furness Youth Council – Welcome Guide (Page 5)

Furness Youth Council Sign Up Form Section 1 These are obligatory questions. Name: _______________________________________________________________________________ Age: (circle as appropriate) 11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18 School: ______________________________________________________________________________ School Year: _________________________________________________________________________ Email Address (if applicable): ________________________________________________________ Would you prefer: Meeting face to face / Meeting over the phone / Text chat Phone Number: (required if options 1 or 2 are chosen above) ______________________________________________________________________________________ Section 2 Do you use Twitter? Yes/No Do you use Facebook? Yes/No How did you find out about us? (circle as many as you need)  Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc.)  School Assembly/Events  Friend(s) from Furness Youth Council  Local Newspaper  Other Thank you – just pop this in the prepaid envelope and we will be in contact in a couple of weeks to confirm everything! See you soon 

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FYC Welcome Pack  

FYC Welcome Pack

FYC Welcome Pack  

FYC Welcome Pack