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It was yet another normal day. Class was just as it had always been. To think that one man could talk for three consecutive hours every week for sixteen weeks about something he had not been present to witness baffled me. Nonetheless here he was again rattling off dates and names of figures long since dead and forgotten. I never really cared much for history and he was doing a very poor job and changing my mind. Stupid mandatory class. Yet another pointless waste of my time. Oh well might as well take a nap; I have a long night ahead of me.

It was dark and damp. I was awoken by the dripping from the ceiling. Between the daze in my eyes from just waking up and the dim lights in this tunnel I could barely see anything. Slowing rising from the ground using the wall as a support I rub my eyes to try and focus to little avail. Slowly I walk down the dark wall with my arm still braced against the wall. For some reason my legs are feeling really weak and walking is quickly depleting my energy. Before long I find myself collapsing back to the floor with my vision fading to black.

“Class has been over for quite a while sir. Did you enjoy your nap seeing as you obviously did not enjoy my class?� Startled awake by this sudden line of questioning I quickly grabbed my bag and apologized and hurried out the door. I do not ever remember being this embarrassed ever in my life. I will have to email and tell him that I wasn’t feeling to well. That will surely get him to overlook this incident. Strangely as soon as the thought crossed my mind a weird sensation ran over me. I think I am actually getting sick. With little more to do until later on that evening I might as well go and take a nap in my room. I could use the rest.

My body felt extremely heavy. Trying to pick my body up form the damp muddy floor was a battle I was losing. With every bit of progress I made to lift myself up more and more of the little strength left in my body eroded away. Laying there face first in the mud I felt defeated. With the last bit of will I could summon I began trying to drag my body along the ground. My arms were to weak to defeat gravity but maybe they could take advantage of the slick mud to get me going. The noxious smell of the feces laden mud filled my nostrils as I slowly inched myself down this cold damp hall. Before long it had become too much to bear. With the last pull my body gave way and my face crashed to the floor followed by a deep darkness.

I got up from my bed as if an air horn had been sounded inside of my ear. For some reason I awoke in a cold sweat gripping my head. What was this strange dream that I kept having and what did it mean. Feeling on my head I felt a lump on my forehead. It was coincidentally at the same exact place the man in my dream hit his head when he collapsed in my dream. Scanning the room I see my roommate starring at me as if he had seen a ghost. Appearance-wise I would soon find out was not far off. “ Thinking in my mind yes my mouth spoke, “I don’t know.” I sat there perplexed as to why I thought one thing and said another. Not waiting for me to respond again he decided to speak again. “What’s going on with you? You have been acting weird all day. Matter of fact get up and go look at yourself in the mirror.”

Slowly rising from the bed I walked slowly across the cluttered floor over to the one mirror that hung on the back of the door to the room. Looking at my own reflection in the mirror I could barely tell that it was me. My skin had appeared pale as if I had been drained of the all the color in my body. That coupled with the dark circles that bordered my eyes gave me an appearance of a man that had recently woken up unnaturally from a long stint in the county morgue.

His mind began to race with countless thoughts and possibilities but he could not pinpoint the cause of this drastic change. As far as he was concerned he had been totally normal leading up till the time he took a nap in history class. As if written in the air in front of him the words appeared before his very eyes. Something must have happened during history class that was to blame for this most improbable change in his disposition. He raced over to his roommate as if wasting one second would cause is immediate demise and demanded to know what had happened in history class.

“What happened today in class after I fell asleep?” he exclaimed. “For the most part it was a normal class. He talked for hour upon hour about the same pointless stuff. To be honest I almost fell asleep myself. Well at least that is before he got to something interesting.” “And I thought I was crazy. Don’t tell me you are starting to like that old crap he talks about all the time?” “Don’t get me wrong now. I still can’t stand 99% of what he talks about but he got me this one time. You know how I like puzzles right?” “How could I forget? There are completed pages from puzzle books taped all over the walls of this freaking room as if they were trophies of some kind. But what is your point?”

“First of all they are trophies. I’d like to see you try one sometime and see how good you do. But he started talking about this old emperor that went mad almost bankrupting his empire to finance the development of the massive hedge maze. He was talking about how to date everyone who has gone inside has never returned. One day I’m going to be the first to figure it out.” “You said that nobody has ever returned after going in?” “Yeah. They say as a punishment for failing the maze the victim is forced to wander a system of underground tunnels never to see the light of day again. I don’t know how true that last part is but how cool it would be if it was.”

Were his crazy dreams a result of what the teacher was talking about during class? It made sense at least on a basic level though it did not explain his drastic change of appearance or why he kept having a dream about it. Maybe he was just having a bad day and was extremely tired. No use in panicking with no evidence to go off of. Lets see the lack of color could be attributed to the lack of nutrition in my diet as of late and my refusal to drink water. That it I am just a little deficient is all. The semester is almost over and I will be able to start eating better soon. As for the bags under my eyes that just means I haven’t been getting enough sleep. That happens all the time close to the end of the semester. Just have to wait it out and I will be fine.

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Project #4  

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