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Dagger Times Delta Company 1-167th Infantry

12 February 2013

Volume 5

A THANKS TO ALL WHO SERVE THE ONES WHO SERVE Special points of interest:  Checkout TF Centurion FaceBook Page: TaskForceCenturion  Address: (Soldiers Name) ISAF RC(S), HQ RSC-S Bldg. 170 Kandahar Air Field APO AE 09355  Yellow Ribbon I 14 – 15 July 2013 @ the Birmingham Sheraton Hotel  Yellow Ribbon II 10 – 11 August 2013 (Formal Dinning Out and Freedom Salute Ceremony Conducted) @ the Birmingham Sheraton Hotel

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Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan: Well, ladies and gentlemen, another month has past so it’s time for another newsletter from the Soldiers’ perspective here in Afghanistan with Delta Company. I have been chosen this month to write the newsletter and for the life of me I don’t know what the powersthat-be were thinking. For my own perspective I don’t have any high-speed mission to articulate about or an event that would hold the interest of you to finish this newsletter so I am at a lose. I thought about it and the one thing that I would like to convey to the friends and family of Delta Company is “THANK YOU.” I have been in the National Guard for 12 years now and have been thanked for my service on so many occasions that I have lost count. The soldiers here have received so much support from so many people and its time we say

thank you for your service. We have been mailed care packages, letters, Christmas gifts, and so much more from patriots from all over the state. The city of Sylacauga and its overwhelming support when the unit returned from The National Training Center in California was just short of an all out parade for the units return. The friends, families, schools, churches, and many other organizations down to the unknown private citizens have supported us from the beginning. The soldiers of this company are grateful for everything that you have done for us and continue to do. This letter of thanks would not be complete without thanking the network that is the Family Readiness Group. They are a group of wives, mothers, fathers, children and other family members who have come together and donated their time in pursuit of making sure that we are shown the appre-

ciation for what we do. They do much, much more than that for the unit and part of their service is to distribute information, raises money, and plan events for the unit’s families to fellowship together. So with all that said, it is understood that sometimes Soldiers don’t write to say “hey thanks for the thinking of me,” but I have seen the scurrying to get to the fudge rounds and zebra cakes in (continued page 2)

Above: SFC Childers 1st PLT

Platoon Sergeant.

Commander’s Corner

As you read this newsletter, know that we are counting down the days until our return. By now, all the Soldiers are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We had the com-

mander from the unit that is replacing us here a few weeks ago to get a look at what the mission looks like on the ground and to understand what would be required of him and his Soldiers once they hit the ground here. It’s hard to believe that almost a year ago, the new commander stepping foot into Kandahar was me. How time seems to fly. Your Soldiers continue to do great things on the ground. As we move forward with the time dwindling down, we will fight hard to maintain our focus on the mission at hand

not losing site of the reasons we are here. Complacency is my biggest worry as we move past these last few months. We will continue to drive forward and look to seeing everyone back home in the months to come! God Bless!

William J. Hurd CPT, Infantry Commanding D Co 1-167th IN, TF Centurion

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Dagger Times

A THANKS TO ALL WHO SERVE THE ONES THAT SERVE (continued) care packages and I know they are grateful for everything that has been done for them. Well I will wrap this up by saying my memory isn’t well enough to remember every single contributor but just know we here at D CO say “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN THERE FOR US”. I will close with saying congratulations to SPC Nathan Miller with a newborn son, Robert Lenard Miller, and soon-to-be father (if not already by the time you read this) Matthew Lanier. Continue to count down the days and we will see you all soon enough.

Thanks and God Bless!

1-167th Infantry’s Dinning Out — Words from the Battalion Commander Often, Dinning Outs FRG funds donated in an variety of dresses at these are an annual event and we appropriate manner to use events. The time together to may consider starting that for this event, then maybe honor our service is the only tradition at our BN. In this the meal cost can be covered important part. case, I feel it is the perfect for E4 and below. Theresa, way to celebrate and approthank you for the funding Decorations- we can keep it priately conclude what will guidelines. Keep in mind that simple and simply take up have been two years of sacri- our families could easily donations from E7s and fice by our Soldiers and their spend almost $90 for a full above to cover it. spouses. For now, I will atmeal plus tip at Outback tempt to address some conSteakhouse. Daycare- Older teenagers; cerns and I am available for volunteers; I bet something follow on questions. 3. Additional costs? can be worked out to cover Uniforms- many of our Solthree hours. Even a mini1. The Dinning Out will be at diers have been issued Dress mally priced service has been the Birmingham Sheraton on Blues, others are waiting on considered. August 10th in conjunction the right sizes. Anyone may with Yellow Ribbon 2 and wear their Dress Green uni4. Benefits: I firmly believe the Freedom Salute. I seform and it usually is worn that this event can have trelected this weekend because with a white shirt and bow tie mendous positive and lasting the rooms are already being for evening wear. No Soldier effects on our organization provided at no cost to the should buy Dress Blues and families. This occasion families. (approx $400) just for this will show our families a part event. of military life that too few 2. Attendance is not mandaGuard Spouses experience tory. I believe that most of Dresses- At the option of the and most of our non-military our Soldiers and their spouse; one they would wear friends would envy. Cyndi spouses will want to particito a wedding would work and and I always keep at least one pate but since the meal will sometimes Cyndi has borphoto from a military formal cost approximately $90 per rowed one. Our families have sitting out in our home and couple, I cannot make it a wide range of lifestyles and when friends come over it is mandatory. If there are non- budgets so I always see a often a topic of discussion. (Continued on page 3)

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Volume 5

We are military families who have made an enormous sacrifice for our country and we deserve this opportunity. I am confident that we can conduct this event within the guidance of regulations, in a reasonable manner, and to the benefit of all who choose to participate. I sincerely appreciate what each of you continue to do for the well being of our Soldiers and families! Your efforts and actions are far too numerous for me to mention specifically but I must ask one more of you. We still have three very hazardous

months ahead so please keep every Soldier in your prayers until we are all home safe. May God Continue to Bless and Protect the 4th Alabama! Respectfully, J. R. Johnny R. Bass Lieutenant Colonel Commander, Task Force Centurion Prime 1-167th Infantry Battalion "4th Alabama"

Dagger Pictures

Above: LTC J.R. Bass, Battalion

Commander 1-167th Infantry

Random Dagger Pictures

Random Dagger Pictures

I wonder what CSM Black would think about me having my hands in my pocket‌..

Yep‌.. I should have worn underwear.

Dagger Times February 2013  

Newsletter for Delta Company 1-167th Infantry

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