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For my Graphic Design practice I concentrate on Branding and Identity with a focus on typography. I have put a link to my website at the bottom of the page should you be interested and I would be happy to answer any questions. For the pitch I have concentrated mainly on the logo for the practice. I think it is important to establish that and then the rest will follow. I have come up with five ideas for you to look at, if you want to see any in different colours or with any changes let me know and I will make any necessar y changes.



William Skane-Davis +44 (0) 777 57 277 57

St Martins P R AC T I C E

Taking inspiration from the Habitat logo which was mentioned in the briefing I decided to tr y and apply that in a medical way. Using the wave created by a heartbeat I incorporated that in to a house to signify the practice. To further this idea, the outline of the new building could be used as the house to make it more relevant.

St Martins Practice

This is the closest I came to using a cross that tends to be associated with medicine. It’s simple and was just a small idea. Again the colours can be changed, these are just an example.

St Martins practice

Here I started to look at flu and common colds and things like that, I tried to not make it look too medical and wanted to form the ‘M’ to signify St Martins.


This logo is tr ying to look at the relationship and doctor patient ratio aspect of the practice. Using the ‘M’ from St Martins it was perfect to give the impression of a person with the aid of a circle on top. The colours are again just an example and can be changed to suit.

St Martins P R AC T I C E

Here I thought about DNA, and used the negative space to create an ‘S’, just another small idea.

St Martins  

St Martins