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Clay Club C h e lt e n h a m

Logo & Badges The logo here is for a small Cheltenham based clay club. The idea behind the logo was to somehow make the clay pigeon itself part of the logo. In the end I realised that a circular logo isn’t ideal but it is slightly different to the normal these days.

The other two logo’s on the right of the main logo are just other designs that I had that inspired the final design.

Badges at the club are quite important to the members, and currently most of the members of the club have either a cloth badge sewn on to their jackets or a pin badge that they put on whatever they are wearing.

Stationary The stationary is part of the brand and I thought that it was important to keep some consistency across the brand by keeping the same colours and style. Here I have produced a Letterhead (Fig. 1) Business Cards (Fig. 2) and Appointment Cards (Fig. 3). The dark blue underneath all of the different parts

are the backs of the stationary. All of these would be printed on a thick paper such like 400gsm to give it a feeling and look of quality. This would raise the price of the overall brand but I think it would be worth it.

Scorecard At present at the club they had a problem with keeping the scorecards dry as it made the ink run and caused problems with marking the cards. So I did some research in to paper and found waterproof paper. So keeping the design simple means there is less ink to run and the paper is water proof allowing the

shooter to mark the card. At the end of the shoot the cards are handed back in to the front desk in the club house and marked. The only details that are needed from the card is the Name, Date and overall score.

Signage To tell people what they are shooting at I have designed a basic set of signs to be put up at each stand. Like the scorecards they had to laminate the signs or get them printed out on to plastic which was costly. With the waterproof paper they can just print out the signs and put them up in the morning depending on

what the stand is that day.

Advert These designs for adverts are for magazines/papers. The idea behind them was to be just simple and get the point across without having pictures and over complicating them. Because it is a members club visitors are welcome but usually don’t shoot because the club doesn’t advertise. So even though it

isn’t absolutely necessary it is something that they are looking in to.

Clothing tags As part of the club house there is a shop that has some own branded items such as some clothing, footwear and accessories for your gun. These are circular tags printed on to thick card to give it a look and feel of quality.

iPhone App A major part of the club for the members are the statistics. As a member you have to hand your card in at the end of your shoot, your score is then recorded and a monthly report is printed and left in the club for the members to come and read to see how they are doing. To bring this in to the 21st century a bit I

decided that it would be a good idea to have this as part of an iPhone app. It would be mainly on their website, but for the members that have access to a iPhone they would be able to search their name and look at their overall average and previous scores. They would also be able to add their friends to

the app so they can see how they are doing and it gives it the feel of some competition.

Website The website is for the members and also as a form of distribution. It would be updated weekly with news and would have all the relevant information. For example. Where to find the club, about the club and any links that are necessary. Also a large part of the site would be the statistics page. This is so

that members can access their scores whenever they are at the computer. They can also search for other members they know to add a sense of competition between fellow friends/members.

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OUGD203, OUGD203, OUGD203