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Aaron Skipper

Steph Bourne

+44 (0)7540 894 550

The main focus of my practice is illustration based for editorial and publishing with a huge interest in designing for the music industry.

+44 (0)7899 811 601

Placements The Beautiful Meme The Vast Agency

I enjoy subjects of a contradictory matter. The two most prominent being analogue versus digital and sneakers verus suede shoes.


+44 (0)77 9452 0951


Meryem Meghraoua

I aim to produce intelligent, simple and effective design solutions which explore the relationship between typography and layout. My work often results in editorial, identity and publication design for print.

Elliot McKellar

+44 (0)7411 775 405

Placements Elmwood The Beautiful Meme

Keen interest in Illustration and bespoke typography which aims to communicate. Love investigating print processes backed up by vivid colour combinations. Provoking mentality change through creativity.

Jo Oates

+44 (0)7817 146 979

I am an ethically driven graphic designer who focuses on print, colour and craft. I am passionate about the resolution being a result of a conceptual and research based investigation into the subject.


Liz Ibbotson

+44 (0)7714 689 321

My practice involves creating colourful hand drawn illustrations that are Inspired by fantasy and fiction. I create these images so they can be used for publication and merchandise.

Ailsa Marrs

+44 (0)7788 573 491

Placements Qubik Thompson Brand Partners

I really enjoy playing with layout with a strong use of typography in my work, which focuses on publication and print.


Chris Anderson

+44 (0)7955 935 687

Placements Tigerprint ISC Sports CPL Training

Ben McKean

Simplistic illustration and hand crafted design is the focus of my practice. I like my work to entertain so if someone finds humor in my work then I’ve done my job.

+44 (0)7525 436 350

Typography, layout & editorial form my areas of exploration. Out of the studio I enjoy cycling, long walks on the beach and dinner in front of an open fire.



Robyn Makinson

+44 (0)7971 046 190

The thing that inspires me the most is Popular Culture. Combining my love of television and film with my penchant for colour, vector illustrations and packaging helps keep my work culturally relevant and visually stimulating.


William Skane-Davis

+44 (0)777 57 277 57

Placements ISC Sports

Niall Hargrave

When designing, my main focus is to find that clever aspect in a project. The brilliance of a concept is what makes great design stand out from the rest, rather than becoming ubiquitous.

+44 (0)7722 22 1060

Type led editorial and publications form my design practice. Attention to detail, bespoke letterforms and contemporary layout make my work.

Ceara Elliot

+44 (0)7954 582 838

Placements Imagination Empire Design

+44 (0)7970 449 918

I like to approach my design work through the use of a variety of media, particularly the layering of photography and type. I specialise in publication covers and design for print whilst focusing on subjects within the culture sector.

Placements Logistik ISC Sports

Typography, print, colour and shape.

Naomi Farrar



Jack Neville

+44 (0)7525 255 762

Placements Elmwood Big Fish Harrison & Co

Kim Sandford

I want to design things that makes me and others go “Oh Sheeeeeeet�.

+44 (0)7715 655 137

Placements M

My design practice is driven by a creative concept, mainly focussed within branding and promotion, with the use of my own photography.

Robyn Russell

+44 (0)7711 884 585

Placements Popcorn The Beautiful Meme Creative Design ISC Sports

Stephanie Oglesby

My design practice revolves around branding, and the focus on using experimental print techniques and finishes. As well as having well thought out concepts, which are appropriate to the client and brief.

+44 (0)7792 979 245

Placements Gratterpalm The Vast Agency

Creating an experience for the consumer is key within my work, I love storytelling and communicating the philosophy of the brand through creative promotion.


Charlotte Warren

+44 (0)7859 059 097

I love everything to do with packaging design, particularly when it’s related to food! My work primarily focuses on the surface design of packaging and strongly branding it with the application of type and layout.


Alice Vine

+44 (0)7525 422 944

Nat Jackson

Placements Hallmark

My design practice allows me to be a professional kid. From toothbrushes of the young to book shelves of the old, I combine image with imaginative ideas and apply them to commercially driven briefs resulting in a wide range of deliverables.

+44 (0)7939 254 677

Placements Punch Creative

A print based investigation into surface pattern, focusing on contemporary culture and brand and identity.


Matt Khan

+44 (0)7908 321 395

Placements Definitive

My practice is driven by branding and typography with a focus on print based media. I have a love for contemporary design that is juxtaposed with commercial artwork.


Brian Cantwell

Josh Dazeley

+44 (0)7786 655 208

Placements Coolpink

A lovable rogue with a devilish charm, with a keen eye for branding and information graphics. Loved by women & feared by men, I always demand the highest quality from myself & others.

+44 (0)7765 167 969

Placements ISC

One thing these three years has taught me, you can teach an old dog new tricks.



Rebecca Tipping

+44 (0)7842 790 422

My practice is influenced by colour and image, focussing on illustration techniques and these being applied to a range of products. I am concept driven and enjoy playing around with ideas to make a fun and enjoyable project.

Gemma Byrne

Paul Brandeth

+44 (0)7526 597 249 +44 (0)7738 876 954

Placements Urban Feather

My work looks at branding, identity and promotion with a focus on print and motion.

Placements Linney Design

The area of design I specialize in is using digital and image based typography for editorial purposes with a focus on experimental 2d formats.



Pawel Adamek

Will Duffy

+44 (0)7816 263 266

Placements Hallmark

I like working primarily with illustration across a range of applications. I also like dogs and cats.

+44 (0)7856 797 072

Placements Creative Spark Creative Lynx Big Fish

The past three years of my life have been; graphic design, music, guitar, books, snooker/pool, good ale, thought-provoking conversation and more graphic design. I will take these things with me wherever I go.



Emma Cooper

+44 (0)7870 534 137

Placements Design by Day

Tom Cummings

Hello everyone my name is Emma, This work reflects my practice and the 3 years spent on this course. I love typography, editorial design, print and the different techniques and methods that are used to create publications I used to like laser cutting. That was a long time ago.

+44 (0)7528 060 342

I mainly use illustration in my practice to solve problems and enjoy working with content heavy publication design. The driving force behind my work is anything nerdy: science, videogames and sci-fi.


Sean Perkins

+44 (0)7595 625 849

I could say a lot but they won’t let me, so if thats funny then it fits the brief. Im from Wigan and thats not very funny.



Arthur Carey

Chris Starkie

+44 (0)7769 948 026 Placements The Consult Elmwood My practice outputs a diverse range of work, underpinned by resolving issues concerning identity and promotion for the culture sector. Eclectic working methods coupled with enthusiasm for the inane are what I consider to be my practice’s defining characteristics.

+44 (0)7784 484 456

Placements Brand Four

My world consists of football, travel & lots of rum, I also like to design stuff and when I do it’s type, editorial, print & promotion.


Nick Morgan

+44 (0)7947 182 392

Placements Qubik

+44 (0)7765 418 755

Modernist inspired delivery of type, photography and layout across publication and web design for the culture sector.

Throughout my design practice I’ve wanted to challenge myself to find my own style of illustration. The work I aim to produce is all about branding and identity with a secondary focus on promotion.

Richard Robinson



Kirsty Hair

+44 (0)7947 801 193

Placements PAB Studios

My practice is a focus on high end type and layout for branding, primarily for print. I am particularly interested in design within the luxury and culture sectors.


Maya Srivastava

Amy Leigh

+44 (0)7718 286 335 Placements Promoseven 360 (Dubai) ISC Sports My work is mainly based around branding and creating a brand experience. I love having a problem to solve within a brief.

+44 (0)7413 276 960

Placements SAICA Creative Spark

Human behaviour and language are the two overarching concepts within my work, which manifest themselves in the form of independent publications. My work is very conceptual and heavily research driven, ensuring that I am always connected to what I produce.


Sam Wallbank

Nick Lovegrove

+44 (0)7743 064 625 I have hype for type. This is one of my main focuses, exploring typography within identity, layout and editorial design I also enjoy getting my hands dirty crafting and printing, but don’t shy away from the screen.

+44 (0)7952 757 272

Placements Elmwood

A committed and highly ambitious perfectionist with an eye for commercial design and love of all things colourful, geometric, sophisticated and refined. I have a keen interest in launching innovative products to market through the medium of graphic design.


Sophie Herring

+44 (0)7545 370 676

Placements Box-head

I enjoy creating identities and exploring how this can work across a range of products, mainly print, to create a personality. I am influenced by the past and experiences, language and words, fashion and humour.



Brady Miller

Sarah Frackleton +44 (0)7825 729 551 My focus lies within typographically driven designs for branding and identity. I enjoy working across a range of media and experimenting with formats and layout.

+44 (0)7983 515 096

The main focus of my design work is packaging and the formats used. Clever folds and stocks are a few things I am passionate about. I am also highly interested in bespoke typography and letterforms.


Jonathan Finch

Rob Green +44 (0)7878 761 434 Placements Warp Records My practice revolves around a screen-based investigation into interactive design with a focus on user experience. I have applied this to a range of platforms to create unique interfaces for specific audiences.

+44 (0)7850 981 901

Placements Reef

I enjoy designing simple aesthetics that are carefully considered and well executed through print-based design. Different places I’ve visited have informed and influenced my design practice that is centered on identity and promotion.



Dutch Holland

Hazel Gage

+44 (0)7875 074 858

Placements Boxhead

My design practice revolves around a print based investigation into publications and identity for the culture sector with a focus on bespoke typography.

+44 (0)7534 281 563

Placements The Beautiful Meme

My work gravitates towards the fashion and creative industries where I design for publications and brands. I enjoy designing and working in creative collaborations where I seek influence from inspiring creatives in the culture sector.


Roz Stoughton

+44 (0)7504 133 350

Publication and editorial design for the culture and arts sector that tries to reflect good ethics and a social awareness, using recycled and sustainable materials and innovative processes wherever possible.

Sai Uennatornwaranggoo

+44 (0)7525 344 120

Placements Siam Toppan Packaging Co. (Bangkok) Brass Agency

A concept driven investigation into branding and promotion with a focus on the use of typography and image within printed media, supported by an understanding of social and environmental responsibility.

Polly Williams

+44 (0)7875 636 416

Ellis Thynne

Placements Jelly Tigerprint

Applied custom lettering and illustration with a focus on surface application, promotion and identity.

+44 (0)7966 705 652

Concept driven type, layout and print finish within the luxury retail market, with a focus on branding, publication and packaging.


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