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little Davide Cali

Vincent Pianina

Oh yes, me!

Tortoise Island! Anyone for Tortoise Island?

Tortoise Island


Oh, looks like I’ll have to walk the rest of the way.

Sorry, my mind was wandering.


Oh, dear ...

Where are you going? I’m going to Tortoise Island

Me too!

Tortoise Island


Johnny Nail. Nice to meet you. I’m an impressionist.

I’m a doctor. I’m on my way to a medical conference.

The ticket inspector’s coming ...

Your ticket, please.


And your ticket, sir?

Here. I’ll do my impression of a stick.

I’m getting off here too!

Well, the stick is my speciality, but it only works under certain controlled conditions ...

You’re going to the island as well?

Ah! Tortoise Island! My stop.

Tortoise Island

Yes, to the impressionists’ festival.

How strange ...

A medical conference and an impressionists’ festival at the same place on the same weekend ... What?

Perhaps the festival’s to entertain the doctors!


I’m a country musician. I’m on my way to the island for an audition.

Why don’t you put the top up if you are cold?

Do you like country music?

Oh no, it’s not the cold, it’s an allergy ...

You’re allergic to apples?

Yes, just one would be enough to kill me.

There must be apple trees around here.

And you, why are you going to the island?

A singles weekend.

But each time, they died.

You’re single? I can’t believe a girl as beautiful as you isn’t married!


Oh, I’ve been engaged three times!

By accident, of course!

Of course!

Goes without saying!

... is this the right way to Tortoise Island?

Excuse me ...



OK. Thanks!!

Think he’s on his way to the singles weekend or the audition?

Audition, audition!

Tortoise Island

Excuse me, but are you really an athlete?

Tortoise Island

You bet! Hehehe

You see before you the National Dog Biscuit-eating Champion!

That’s why they’ve invited me to be the guest of honour at a competition on Tortoise Island.


I’m the one who ate 125 of them last year!

Me? I’m a Champion Marathon Swimmer ...

! T O TO

I’ve come here to collect a prize and I’m astonished to see ...

You’re a skinny fellow, what record do you hold?

Ah! At last! TOO


Hey! Excuse me!

Isn’t it a bit small?

No, it’s just far away.

Has the boat left already?

No, it’s on its way.


Tort nd


Duchateau. Nice to meet you.

He must have run into some dung and decided to stop for a snack!

Evening, the name’s McFly.


Hey, that’s the fly from before.

But he passed us ages ago!


Mr Krikkit.

Gracey Gold.

I didn’t have time to do my impression of a ...

I thought I might get out of paying by pretending to be a stick, but ...

Yes, yes, I know, I know, but it only works ‘under certain controlled conditions’ ...

That’s okay.


The boat for Tortoise Island leaves in five minutes!

Tortoise Island

Everyone here?

Yes. Yes.

Yes. Yes.

Good. Yes.



Let’s go then!



Apologies for the slightly abrupt arrival, Ladies and Gentlemen ...



Ladies and Gentlemen: Tortoise Island!

Why’s he call it that? It doesn’t look anything like a tortoise!

Quiet, Lelarve!

But it’s true.

There are politer ways of saying it.

His tortoise still looks like a pear ...

I think if it looks like a pear, it should be called Pear Island.

Maybe, but then the boatman wouldn’t be able to sell his tortoise keyrings anymore.

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