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Blackboard Collaborate Phone Bridge Setup Before you begin, check the participant dial-in number, organizer pin, and access code provided to you by your Collaborate administrator. Note: This information may be different for each session. Example: Dial-in number: 1-626-677-300 Access code: 1910141 Organizer pin: *1601997

STEP 1 To set up the phone bridge, go to the options menu to the right of the audio setup wizard shortcut.

STEP 2 Select Configure Telephone Conference. The teleconference connection window will then open.

STEP 3 The Teleconference Connection will open and the session information will already be saved once you enter the configuration settings. If not, type the dial-in number and pin number into the Session Information field. Note: This is the only field that requires updated information to connect. Now click Connect.

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The following notifications will appear in the center and the lower right-hand corner of the room.


Right-hand corner

The confirmation window will then appear. Wait for the system announcement before selecting an option. Select Reannounce if you are unable to hear the first announcement. STEP 4

If the connection is successful, you will hear the following message: “Welcome. You will now enter the conference….” Click Confirm from the confirmation window. If the connection is unsuccessful, you will receive the following message: “Your access code is not correct. We received [1601997]….” Listen carefully to the number that was received. The system was unable to verify the full pin number. In most cases it will not identify the asterisk (*) preceding the pin, or it may exclude the asterisk along with the first digit of the number. Click Disconnect and return to the Teleconference Connection window. Depending on what the system calls out, alter the pin number accordingly: [1601997] The full number was called, so add an additional asterisk [**1601997] [601997] The 1 was excluded, so delete and retype the entire pin using one asterisk [*1601997].

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Click Save & Connect. Wait for the confirmation window to appear and listen for the announcement. If the connection is successful, select Confirm in the confirmation window. If the connection is unsuccessful again, repeat step 4 until you are successful. If the problem persists, contact your Collaborate administrator for assistance. STEP 5

Once connected, Teleconference will appear in the Participants window. Music will automatically play until participants call in.

To mute/unmute the Teleconference:

X indicates that the Teleconference is muted.

The phone bridge is now set up for your Collaborate session. Please contact with any additional concerns regarding a phone bridge or Blackboard Collaborate support.

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Blackboard Collaborate: Phone Bridge Setup  

Tutorial on setting up a phone bridge in Blackboard Collaborate.