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WATER DELUGE SYSTEM for safe and reliable protection

A water deluge system is used to protect high hazard areas, where there is a potential risk that a fire could grow faster than a ordinary sprinkler system or a set of monitors can control.

In the event of a fire, THE UNITOR DELUGE SYSTEM rapidly discharges large amounts of water directly onto the protected area or object, providing effi cient protection for the crew and the equipment The solution is being widely used to protect fi re risk areas and is ideal for dedicated coverage of critical equipment such as tanks, well heads, pumps, valves, etc. It can also be used to shield off areas or equipment from potential fi re, and is suitable for escape route protection. The Unitor Deluge system is designed for offshore and marine applications and main components are approved by class societies.


CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions has extensive experience with water based fire protection and offers customised solutions suited to your needs. In compliance with the rules, our engineering exper ts design the system and calculate the water fl ows necessary for reliable and effi cient fi re extinguishing on your vessel.

ADVANTAGES • High quality products • Approved documentation and components • 50 years’ experience in offshore and marine application

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The Unitor deluge system is based on a dry pipe network and open nozzles or monitors. If a fire is detected, the deluge valve opens, releasing water out of the open nozzles or monitors, flooding the protected area.

DELUGE VALVE UNIT A deluge valve is a normally closed valve. It can be operated electrically, pneumatically or mechanically. Activation can be automatic or manual.

Certified Deluge valve unit

The valve is typically activated by use of a sprinkler pilot line permanently charged by air. In case of a fi re, the sprinkler head bulbs breaks, the sudden pressure drop activates the deluge valve diaphragm, and the deluge valve opens automatically. The valve will remain open when first activated, latched in position. On the standard type, the valve must be reset locally. For special confi gurations the valve can be non-latching or have remote resetting. The deluge valves come in different versions, from the basic open/close to valves controlling pressure or fl ow.


NOZZLES The nozzles are of the pigtail type and are available in brass and stainless steel. The nozzles are positioned directly above or adjacent to the protected area or object. Flow range is from 10 to 1,700 liter/min. MONITORS In vessels where installation of nozzles is not practical, monitors are used. These deploy large fl ows of water to the area or object of protection. The standard monitors has a fl ow range from 1000 to 20.000 liter/min.




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Standard configuration

Unitor Water deluge system  

a Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions safety solution

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