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Interpersonal communication Instructor: Kris Gerhardt Class: 0L109: Interpersonal Communications in Contemporary Society Description: Exploring how traditional operations of business have been affected by the abundance of information.

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This course provides an introduction to research and theories in the field of interpersonal communication and how it has a drastic effect on our relationships in contemporary society. Kris Gerhardt, assistant professor of Leadership on Laurier’s Brantford campus, says his goal is to get students to think about communication ability as a skill and not something they are born with. “As with any skill, we need to practice and receive instruction to get better,” he says. “My primary focus is to get students to start recognizing how much their own perceptions feed how they think and communicate with others. Our hope, in making this a firstyear course, is that most students will be exposed to this information before we require them to work in groups, make oral presentations and represent the university in our community.” By Mallory O’Brien Kris Gerhardt teaches students that communication is a skill that must be practised, rather than an innate ability.

Community Campaign kicks off over coffee

Each year faculty and staff generously support the university’s internal campaign to help enrich the lives of Laurier students. In celebration of this year’s launch, nearly 200 faculty and staff at Laurier’s Waterloo and Brantford campuses, Kitchener location, and Toronto office came together for a complimentary beverage. Last year, 500 donors contributed to the Community Campaign, raising more than $300,000.


This year’s goal is to raise $350,000 with the support of 550 donors. Every donation enriches the Laurier experience for students by providing vital enhancements that otherwise would not be possible. Clockwise from top left: the Waterloo campus, Brantford campus, Kitchener location and Toronto office.

October 2012 - InsideLaurier  

The October 2012 edition of the InsideLaurier newsletter.

October 2012 - InsideLaurier  

The October 2012 edition of the InsideLaurier newsletter.