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Home Improvement With P3 International’s Power Monitoring Kit For Dummies Dummies, cut electricity costs and find out what appliances should remain plugged in. No assembly required. Simply connect to calculate weekly, monthly, or yearly costs.

Electric Guitar: Everything needed to get started playing electric guitar! Kona guitar, 10-watt amplifier, Electric Guitar Basics For Dummies book, bag, pitch pipe, strap, and chord chart from M&M Merchandisers, Inc. (US, Canada, Mexico, UK)

Acoustic Guitar: Aspiring musicians can get expert help from one complete package. Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack For Dummies includes a deluxe, 39-inch Kona acoustic guitar; gig bag; digital tuner; three picks; and a custom Guitar Basics For Dummies book offering easy instructions and an interactive audio CD from M&M Merchandisers, Inc. (US, Canada, Mexico, UK)

Home Improvement PF WaterWork’s Home Water Conservation Kit For Dummies saves water, energy, and money. Within minutes, you can easily and comfortably reduce the demand on your hot water heater, water well, or septic system. Kit includes SmartFLOW Efficient Massaging Showerhead, TouchFLOW Dual Spray Swivel Kitchen Faucet Aerator, MasterFIT Universal Dual Thread Bathroom Faucet Aerator (Qty 2), and Flow Rate Measure Bag.

No more crooked pictures with Picture Hanging For Dummies kits by Fletcher. Simply mark your wall, insert included markers, and hang your frame perfectly on the first try. Safely holds artwork, mirrors, and wall decor weighing up to 100 lbs.

Feng Shui For Dummies DVD: Wonder how you can get a handle on the complex Chinese art of Feng Shui? Then this program is for you. With Feng Shui For Dummies you get ready-to-use tips and remedies that incorporate Feng Shui into your daily living. You find out how to arrange your living space and reap the benefits of the maximum energy that Feng Shui can bring into your life.

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Wiley For Dummies Brand Catalog 2015  

Wiley For Dummies Brand Catalog 2015

Wiley For Dummies Brand Catalog 2015  

Wiley For Dummies Brand Catalog 2015