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Hobbies, Games & Music Violin Pack: Everything you need to get started playing violin. Includes Violin Basics For Dummies book and a fullsized quality violin with antique stain finish and rosewood fingerboard, extra “E” strings, replaceable fine-tuners, rosin and bow, hard-shell case, music stand with carrying bag, digital tuner, and shoulder rest. Harmonica Pack For Dummies: Dummies This easy-to-use, practice-oriented kit gives you expert instruction — and a Hohner harmonica — to get you making music in no time! An icon in the world of music, Hohner has been providing quality instruments to beginners and experts alike for over 150 years. Pick up this kit and play right away with little or no experience. Features musical notation and tablature for all of the music in the book, visuals showing how to hold the harmonica correctly, and simple songs to play along with.

DVDs and Videos: A range of titles covering some of the most popular trends, such as Guitar, Poker, and Feng Shui — from Anchor Bay and Melee (US) and Scanbox (Europe).


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Hobbies, Games & Music Songbooks: These songbooks feature great songs and include arrangements or guitar tab, notation, and performance notes in the friendly For Dummies style. The first three titles in this line were Acoustic Guitar Songs For Dummies, Rock Guitar Songs For Dummies, and Pop/Rock Piano Hits For Dummies from Hal Leonard. Five new Dummies songbooks have come to market, including Classical Piano Songs, Broadway Piano Songs, Christmas Piano Songs, Hard Rock Guitar Songs, and Blues Guitar Songs. (Worldwide)

Card Decks: Unlock the secrets of tarot with the world’s most popular Rider-Waite Deck and a custom Tarot For Dummies book from U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Electric Bass Guitar Starter Pack For Dummies Dummies: Get ready to rock with M&M Merchandisers! Bass pack includes Kona bass guitar, 10-watt amp with 5-inch speakers, Bass Guitar Basics For Dummies book with CD, guitar bag, 10-foot guitar cord, digital tuner, strap, and picks. (US, Canada, Mexico, UK, France)

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Wiley For Dummies Brand Catalog 2015  

Wiley For Dummies Brand Catalog 2015

Wiley For Dummies Brand Catalog 2015  

Wiley For Dummies Brand Catalog 2015