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Dummies Custom Publishing—Let Our Brand Help Your Brand.

From better pics to tech tips. A software manufacturer wanted to break out of the crowded pack in a crowded marketplace. The solution: a custom-tailored book—Roxio Easy Media Creator For Dummies—bundled with their product. How do you educate consumers while allaying anxiety about a health condition? A major pharmaceutical company found the perfect prescription: a For Dummies book. A global software company needs a way to explain its new product to users. You could spend thousands of hours creating a dense manual that your customers may never read. The preferred alternative: a custom-written For Dummies book. Want to make your product easier to use and reduce your help desk calls? It’s simple. Just add Dummies. Get the right product for the right result.

Real results from real customers “The For Dummies guide has gotten a great response!!! At trade shows, the book draws people to our booth. They feel it is very clever. We also use the guide as collateral to pass to sales people and give to the channel.” —Compaq Product Marketing “You know you’ve really made it when you achieve For Dummies status!” —Donna Dubinsky, CEO, Handspring “Addingt he For Dummies book to our cookware sets was our most successful bundle promotion—by far! It dramatically increased initial buys from our retail partners.” —Brian Bell, T-Fal

“I am pleased to report that we have distributed [thousands of] copies of Dr. Berger’s Allergic Asthma For Dummies books. It has been a real honor to work on such an eagerly received product of such high quality. At times the phones were ringing off the hook at our office. . . . We sent books to literally every state in the nation. . . . We hope that we will be able to receive additional books that we can share with a very enthusiastic and appreciative public.” —Grace Paine Terzian, Executive Director, Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics

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Wiley For Dummies Brand Catalog 2015  

Wiley For Dummies Brand Catalog 2015

Wiley For Dummies Brand Catalog 2015  

Wiley For Dummies Brand Catalog 2015